What does it mean to see an goldenrod in a dream?

Goldenrod Dream Meaning: From 2 Different Sources


If your dream featured it growing, you are being cautioned against interfering in the personal affairs of others; however, if you picked it or it was indoors in a vase or floral arrangement, it predicts a new influential friend.

See also Colors, Flowers, Fo~ liage, etc.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams | Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett


Something or someone really getting under your skin and making things itchy or uncomfortable, like hay fever.

Folkloric: Discovering the hidden treasures within yourself. This flower marks underground springs, which on the dream plane equates to creative flow or the subconscious (see Water).

Healing your wounds. In China and among Native Americans, this plant was used regularly as a curative. What’s ailing you?

Growing near a home, goldenrod portends good fortune for the family therein.

The Language of Dreams | Patrica Telesco


lucky numbers: 10-16-19-40-41-43

acacia, smelling an: must control your passions with chaste love.

allergy to flowers, child having: wil be afflicted with skin rashes.

pollen in the air: your dreams need to be fertilized to be realized.

amaryllis: pride, a love affair that wil transform you inside out.

artificial: are astonished at the exorbitant price for services rendered.

aster, picking an: a long-awaited letter is received; be true to the end.

azalea, receiving a bouquet of: your plan wil flourish, if you use temperance.

buying and planting: expect communication from long-lost friend.

beds: al ow a cautious exposure of your talents; success soon comes.

begonia, a: wil receive criticism for your ostentation, not your dark thoughts.

blooming: a new relationship with what is latent within.

bluebells, a bouquet of: many are envious of your constancy in love.

bud, a: a love relationship is germinating; be patient.

holding in your hands: your love affair wil turn sinister.

bulb, a: the unfolding of the layers of toil, as the flower is more able to fend for itself.

buttercup: precious childhood memories of gaiety.

camellia, a: delicacy is reassuring; unpretending excel ence is intense but short-lived joy.

clematis: your mental beauty is suggesting poverty before you reach prestige, lofty goals.

cloudy sky, under a: hard work with little reward; sorrow fal s like a blanket.

columbine, having a: your youthful fol y obstructs your advancement.

cowslip, picking: a pensive winning grace before the battle is on.

crocus, giving a bouquet of: do not abuse the fresh naïvéte; mirth is not youthful gladness.

cut: artificial emotions do not make an impression, nor do they last.

daffodils, growing in the garden: your chivalry wil be held in high regard.

dahlias, in a vase: instability in financial affairs wil settle down.

dandelions fluff blowing in the wind: time to fertilize and weed the lawn; heed its oracle.

dead: regret for unfulfil ed ambition.

decorating yourself with: your relationship is deepening.

delivering: someone needs clarification of your intentions.

destruction of: expect respect for being in the wrong position at the right time.

florist’s yard full of: seek out an oracle for guidance in love affairs.

forsythia on the lawn, yellow: joy wil visit luxurious surroundings.

foxgloves, receiving a gift of: your insincerity makes you unfitted to fil your position.

fragrance, a pleasant: your lover wil be impressed with your good taste.

offensive, an: your recognition wil be formalized in the face of slander.

fragrant: festivities of the young; enticing advice best left unheeded.

fuchsia, a: need a new teacher; have learned al you can from the last one.

gardenia, a: passionate embrace of intoxicating aromas.

garland, having a: hurdles can be jumped with flying colors.

gathering: good relations with future in-laws.

gentian, a: pleasures of life are in touch with the natural; yours are unjust.

geraniums: wil be visited by a beloved person on a long stay.

giving a gift of: your passions must be control ed.

gladiolas: another’s firing wil give you added responsibility and compensation.

goldenrod, a: use precaution in meddling in other’s concerns; encouragement only.

gorse, yellow: luck and prosperity.

hawthorn, smelling fragrant: with quick-sightedness you bring accord among friends.

heather, lying in a field of: simple pleasures in succession, lasting a lifetime.

heliotope, a: quiet devotion of a sensible love is secure in the future.

hollyhock, a: happiness is fertilized even in your present state of poverty.

honeysuckles being in flower: wil move to a contented home and life with new neighbors.

hothouse, in a: an advantageous deal dependent on outside forces.

if in season: great disappointments ahead.

in the house: your sweet disposition wil make the most out of every opportunity.

iris, a: peace and plenty with a faithful mate.

jonquil, yellow: wil receive a passionate love letter.

juniper, eating blue berries of a: be cautious in al your dealings.

laburnum, of a: your forsaken demeanor has a bright yel ow glow of pensive beauty.

lavender dried, amid the linen: exciting adventures surrounded with pleasure.

lotus blossoms: wil be fortunate in gambling with an ecstatic romance.

magnolia, wearing a: wil lose your heart to a Southerner.

marigolds to others, giving: grief cannot block your giving from your frugal side.

receiving a bouquet of: wil incur debts when you overspend unexpected money.

morning glory, a: an elegant, carefree, ful energy climb to heaven.

neighbor’s flowers in blossom: vulgar minds wish to influence your failure.

nosegay, being given a: debts wil be incurred.

of: hopes wil be short-lived blossoms; take this as a suitable time to pursue courtship.

oleander, fragrance of white: a blissful marriage.

out of season: your wishes are realized.

own, in blossom: danger because of a secret.

passion, smelling a: must control your sacrifice and sorrow to inherit wealth.

peonies: an annoying suitor; anxiety from a secret admirer.

petunia as a boutonniere: a drooping emotional life.

picking: big benefit from a steady friendship.

pink: lots of party favors and good eats.

primroses, picking: a smal indication of inconstancy in your flourishing love affair.

purple, having: loss of own estate.

receiving a gift of: have a loyal admirer in love with you.

from far away: wil be an heir to a fortune.

young woman dreaming of: wil have many suitors.

red: dissolution of the family.

ripping up, plants: are the source of your own destruction.

roses: joy from an exquisite pleasure that’s not fleeting.

smelling perfume of: enticing advice best left unheeded.

scent of, coming from the yard, the: loss of friends.

throwing away: wil suffer violent quarrels from own carelessness.

trees in blossom, all sorts of: much recreation is enjoyed.

tiger lilies, a bouquet of: wil be invited to a round of stupid boring parties.

tulips, gathering: wil have a proposal of marriage.

receiving: a recurring friendship that begins where it left off, no matter how long ago.

watering: care for your beauty.

water lilies, picking: an acquaintance wil cause your desires to be out of reach.

putting in a vase: your purity of heart wil gain the confidence of others.

white: smal difficulties.

wild: an adventure with the relaxed beauty of nature.

wilted, a: break off a dead-end relationship.

withered: many suitors, al after the wrong thing.

yard full of: wil have weakness in your body.

yellow: big difficulties. ... flowers dream meaning