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You are stifling the impulse to rid or purge yourself of an idea, habit, or thought pattern. There may be a great deal of toxicity in your environment that you are not quite ready to deal with, and the gagging reflex is indicating that your level of tolerance is nearly at its apex. Vomiting is a symbol for the process of ridding yourself of something that does not serve you. Gagging is the simultaneous presence of this impulse along with the sense that it is not quite time. Gagging in a dream is a warning that something is about to be revealed and what that is may not be pleasant or healthy.

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Material aspects: If we are being gagged in a dream then there is a strong possibility that in waking life we are being prevented from expressing an opinion over something we feel to be important.

If we are doing the gagging then we will be suppressing our ability to speak clearly or honestly.... Dream Meanings of Versatile


Dream Meanings of Versatile


This follows the pattern of most obstacle dreams; if you got rid of the gag or managed to speak in spite of it, you will overcome your difficulties.

If your dream involved gagging someone else, or others who were gagged, it is a warning that if you are not more discreet, you may have to defend yourself against damaging gossip.... The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


A dream that features vomiting reflects a need to reject and expel harmful emotions or ideas.

The body possesses a natural reflex for getting rid of something harmful that has entered the digestive system. This regulatory impulse senses the presence of toxins or poisons and triggers a muscular contraction to expel the unwanted material. While vomiting can be caused by different stimuli, from tainted food to a viral infection to self-inducement, the symbolic meaning is the same: getting rid of something that is perceived to be bad. Because of the connection between vomit and food, this image will always have something to do with nurturance and self-care.

If it shows up in a dream, there is something amiss in how you are being nurtured.

(See Gagging.)... Complete Dictionary of Dreams


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