What does it mean to see an frederick in a dream?

Frederick Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources


Peaceful, discerning ruler

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If you dream of being hunted by a savage and terrible monster of any kind, you might want to try and face it if the dream recurs. Mystery is not so terrifying once it is identified and understood, since it becomes something you can recognize and therefore deal with.

If you do recognize your personal monster, you might also want to try and engage it in a dialogue. A classic way to interpret a difficult dream such as this was devised by Dr Frederick Perls, the distinguished Gestalt therapist. Take two chairs and place them opposite each other. You sit in one and imagine your dream monster or enemy in the other chair. Move between the chairs as you first ask and answer the questions. Try asking your dream monster what it wants, why it is in your dreams and why it is chasing you. The process may take some time, but eventually you (as the dream) may deliver a message that speaks to you. When that happens, you may find it easier to face your fears and interpret your dream. By understanding nasty nightmare animals, as well as people, places or things, you may be able to harness their energy and take back into your self those parts of your personality you have been trying to disown.

Animals in dreams reflect the animal or instinctual part of your nature, so if the fierce animal terrorizing you in a dream is a tiger, lion or snake, consider what this animal represents to you and what it says about your psychological state. Are you confining, restricting or subduing an important part of yourself? If you begin to get answers to these questions, you may find that the animals in your dreams become less fierce and threatening. It might also help to draw or write a description of your animal. Of course, your personal associations to the specific animals is of great importance here.

If your shadow—the part of yourself that you keep hidden—appears in your dreams as a monster, fierce animal, murderer, vampire, werewolf, ghost or other sinister threatening being, this may be a positive thing; it is your dreaming mind’s way of reintroducing the parts of yourself you are repressing in an effort to make you whole. See also ANIMALS; SPIRITS AND GHOSTS; SURREALISM AND FANTASY.... monster dream meaning