Fired Dream Meanings

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Fired Dream Meaning: From 2 Different Sources

To dream that you are fired from your job. suggests that you are wanting to end some relationship or situation in your waking life. It also suggests that you are repressing what you really desire most.
Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation
Author: myjellybean

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1- To dream of bullets is to be aware of aggression and a desire to hurt.

If the bullet is being fired at the dreamer, it may be considered to be a warning of danger. If, however, the dreamer is firing the bullet, there is an awareness of one’s vulnerability.

2- There is a need to understand what ammunition the dreamer has available in the sense of resources to be used.

3- A bullet can represent the need for, and control of, sexual impregnation.... bullet dream meaning


Vision: Seeing cannons in a dream: either a lot of arguments or a deception will make life difficult for you.

A cannon being fired: you have to face a highly unpleasant situation; be careful so you can avoid an accident. Hearing the sound of cannon shots: good news. Seeing a cannon ball: getting out of a dangerous situation.

See Ball.

Depth Psychology: The cannon is a symbol of male aggression and reckless sexual passions. In a woman’s dream, it means fear of sexual aggression or a sign that she lets her partner control and humiliate her.

See Weapon.... cannon dream meaning


Fire, like many familiar elements from everyday experience, is a complex symbol. It can symbolize passion, anger, the spirit, cooking, purification, transformation, illumination, and destruction. Our language contains expressions like “being fired,” “getting fired up,” “getting burned,” and “passing the torch.” The particular meaning of fire in a dream can be determined from other cues in the dream landscape.... fire dream meaning


Universal Landscape: Power over others.

Dreaming Lens: Were you holding the gun in your dream, or was someone else? Was it laying some place where anyone might be able to pick it up? Was it loaded? Was it being fired? Was it unable to fire? Was it real or fake? Was the gun hidden? Was it being brandished in a threatening manner?

Personal Focus: Whoever has the gun is in charge. Connected to the masculine principle, the gun represents male-oriented power in an extreme form. The key to understanding this symbol is that the power represented by a gun is available to whoever possesses it at any given moment. Even the most timid individual can wind up controlling any interaction if the intimidating power of a firearm is in their hands.

The masculine principle is related to action and the ability to make things happen. A gun of any type connects to this universal energy, but with an over-intensity that indicates a lack of balance or containment. While the presence of a gun may imply a sense of control in a chaotic situation, its deadly and unpredictable nature implies a breakdown of stability and the potential for lethal danger.

The type of firearm is important to consider as this indicates the amount of power being yielded. A handgun relates directly to personal power and should be interpreted as what is available to you as an individual. Something with more firepower, such as an automatic weapon, relates to the ability to express strength at a more social level.

The proximity of the gun in a dream indicates where the power currently resides. Holding the gun puts the dreamer in a position of ownership, but the level of confidence (or lack thereof) should be noted. Having a gun aimed at you indicates that some Character Aspect of your personality is demanding to be heard and dealt with. If this is the case, your interpretation needs to include working with whoever yielded the gun in your dream. Brandishing a weapon could indicate a need to be seen as powerful in some area of your life. A hidden or concealed gun indicates elusive power that is felt, though not flaunted.

Given the role of guns in our culture, how you personally feel about them must figure strongly in how you interpret them as a symbol. The more reticent you are about them, the more power this symbol may have for you. If this is the case, a gun indicates that Shadow material is being explored. However, do not be misled into thinking that the firing of all guns in dreams is murderous or even harmful—a hunter loves his gun like a trumpeter loves his trumpet. Additionally, something being killed off in a dream can actually be a positive thing, such as an old belief or pattern that no longer suits you.

Being wounded (or wounding someone else) in a dream brings us to the idea of the gun wielding great amounts of power. Where the wounding occurs will provide access to deeper levels of understanding of how this power is impacting you, whether positively or negatively. For example, being shot (or shooting someone) in the chest could be thought of as a destructive act, but this could also indicate the need for your heart to be opened up to receive love. This is especially true if there is a situation in your waking life that includes a level of intimacy that is great enough to be frightening on an unconscious level.... gun dream meaning


(Flesh; Knowledge; Money; Substance; Wealth) Cooked meat in a dream means money. Eating raw meat in a dream means illness and pain. Eating raw meat in a dream also may mean benefits. Seeing raw meat and not eating from it in a dream could have adverse meaning. Eating cooked meat in a dream means increase in one’s wealth. Eating a meat dish with an old man in a dream means becoming renowned, or entering the inner circle of a governor. Buying meat from the butcher in a dream means adversities. Tender meat in a dream mean death or backbiting. Eating the flesh of a human being in a dream means backbiting him. Eating one’s own flesh in a dream means earning money from one’s own sweat.

If a woman eats the flesh of another woman in a dream, it means that they are lesbians. Ifa woman eats her own flesh in a dream, it means that she will commit adultery.

The meat of a yellow cow in a dream means illness.

The cooked meat of a snake in a dream means receivingmoney from one’s enemy.

The uncooked flesh of a snake in a dream means slanderi-ig one’s enemy.

The meat of a lion in a dream means receiving money from a ruler and the same goes for the flesh of all predatory animals or birds. Hog or swine’s meat in a dream means unlawful money. Eating sausages or dried meat in a dream means speaking ill of deceased people. Camel’s meat in a dream means earning money from a rich and a powerful enemy unless if the one seeing it does not touch it in his dream. However, touching camel’s meat in a dream means suffering from such a strong person. Eating it cooked in a dream means defrauding someone, then falling sick and recovering from one’s illness.

It is also said that eating camel’s meat in a dream means earning money from a ruler. Beef in a dream means hardships, toiling and lack of work. Holding a mutton inside one’s house in a dream means meeting with a new person, accepting an invitation, or inviting a person one has never met or known to share a meal. Seeing a whole skinned but uncut mutton inside one’s house in a dream means a sudden adversity, loss, calamity, or death.

If the mutton is fat, it means that one may receive an inheritance from a will which is left by a deceased relative.

If it is skinny, it means that one will inherit nothing from him. Eating broiled beef in a dream means standing before a judge or a ruler. Eating a chicken in a dream means receiving benefits from a woman. Meat in a dream also means forbearance and patience for someone who is hot tempered, or who gets angry easily. Eating meat in a dream also could mean recovering from an illness, an end to one’s distress, trouble and adversities. Eating the meat of an unlawful animal in a dream means receiving unlawful money. Eating a suspicious meat in a dream means earning suspicious money, or having an illegitimate marriage. Eating fowls’ meat in a dream means profits for a traveller. Eating a fish in a dream means easy, lawful and enjoyable earnings. Cooked or broiled fowl meat in a dream means profits and money earned from a woman through deception and dishonesty.

If it is uncooked in the dream, then it means backbiting or slandering a woman. Eating the meat of an unlawful bird in a dream means deceiving, defrauding, or stealing money from unjust people. Eating swan’s meat in a dream means benefits drawn from pious and religious people. Eating fired or broiled chicks in a dream means hard earned money. Unknown meat in a dream represents the hidden treasures of past nations, or buried treasures.

(Also see Butcher; Flesh; Mutton; Pot)... meat dream meaning


(Khatib; Sermon)Apreacher delivering his sermon in a dream represents purity, submission, repentance, crying, rising in station, longevity, mixing with a fellowship of believers, commanding what is good and forbidding what is evil, celebrations, weddings, or anniversary meetings.

If an unwed woman sees him in her dream, it means that she will get married through a third party involvement.

The same goes for an unwed man, or it could indicate his search for a wife. Ifa suitable person sees himselfbeing a preacher in a dream, it means that he will be appointed to manage a sensitive position of authority. Ifone sees himself delivering a sermon CKllutba)in accordance with the prescribed method and prophetic traditions in a dream, it means that he will be helped at doing his work.

If he wears a white garment instead of a black one when delivering his sermon in the dream, it means that he will rise in station and that his earnings will increase.

If one sees himself sitting down rather than standing up when delivering his sermon in a dream, it means that he will preside over his companions.

If one sees himself sitting on the pulpit rather than standing up and delivering his sermon in a dream, this maybe interpreted as afflictions and disgrace.

If an unqualified person sees himself delivering a sermon during the pilgrimage season in a dream, in this case his dream may refer to someone in his company who will do so, or it may mean that he will suffer from an illness or a mishap.

If he delivers a sermon and people hearken to his words in the dream, it means that he will become a respected and obeyed guardian or leader.

If he does not finish his sermon in the dream, it means that his guardianship will not last, or that he will resign or be fired from hisjob. Ifa woman sees herself delivering a sermon and admonishing people in a dream, it means that she will gain power, or marry a strong and a righteous man.

If she sees herself giving a sermon on Friday’s congregational prayers in a dream, it means that she will be divorced, or conceive a child from adultery.

(Also see Friday; Setting out)... preacher dream meaning

Canned Food

Stacking cans ol lood in the cupboard may suggest that you are preparing for the future or storing something for future use.

A can may also point to contained emotions. Finally, it may warn that you could be fired from your employment, as in “getting canned.” (See Can opener.)... canned food dream meaning


As the harbinger of great change, the presence of Uranus in a dream may signify that forces of change are at hand. Much like a tornado hitting your house. Uranus may initiate a crisis that causes you to reevaluate what is important in life. Being fired from your job or breaking up with a girlfriend or boyfriend may bnng about a needed change to realign the personality with more serious endeavors. Uranus may also be pan of a prophetic dream indicating earth changes or political turbulence arising out of the collective unconscious.... uranus dream meaning


In a dream, a ring represents peace, tranquility, authority, a wife, a child, or ajob, the reward of which will equal the value and size of the gemstone which is placed on it.

If one’s wife is pregnant, and ifhe sees himself wearing a golden ring in a dream, it means that she will give birth to a son.

The king’s ring in a dream represents his kingdom. Cutting off a tight ring with a pair of pliers in a dream means the end to one’s authority. Any incrustations on one’s ring in a dream represent his goals. Ifthe gemstone of one’s ring falls in a dream, it may mean the death of his child, or the loss of his business.

A broken ring in a dream means divorce. Wearing a ring made of iron in a dream means that one will receive benefits though with great strain on him. Wearing a golden ring carrying a precious stone in a dream means that such benefits will come with ease.

If it is a plain ring or a band with no stone, it means engaging in a strenuous project and getting nothing out of it. Rings made of ivory or from an animal’s horn in a dream represent glad tidings for a woman. Seeing someone in authority stamping a document with his ring as a seal in a dream means that one will receive an important political appointment. Ifone who is accustomed to wearing a silver ring sees himself offering it as a gift to whoever he wishes in a dream, it means that he will preside over an honorable post. Wearing the governor’s ring in a dream means an appointment as a dignitary, or inheriting such a rank from one’s father. Ifone’s father does not hold such a position, then it means the opposite of one’s wishes. Finding a lost ring in a dream means earning money from a foreign land, or having a new born son, or it could mean a marriage to a righteous woman.

If the stone of one’s ring seems unstable in the dream, it means that one will be fired form his job. Removing one’s ring in a dream means that one maybe removed from his job.

If a woman sees herself removing her wedding ring in a dream, it means the death of either her husband or of a close relative.

A ring in a dream also connotes a band, an encumbrance. or a shackle.

If one’s ring disappears and only the stone remains in the dream, it means that once the responsibilities are gone, good memories of the person will remain.

A man wearing a golden ring in a dream represents innovation, and the results will bring about afflictions, betrayal, or a revolt. Wearing a tight ring in the dream means that one will be let off from a vicious woman, or that he will be spared from a wicked duty.

A borrowed wedding ring in a dream represents an ownership that will not last.

If one buys an engraved ring in a dream, it means that he will own something he never owned before, such as a house, a vehicle, or perhaps he may get married, or bear a child.

If one sees rings being sold in the open market in a dream, it means that the estates of the high society are for sale or it could represent foreclosure.

If one sees the skies raining rings in a dream, it means that he will conceive a child during that year.lfhe is unwed, it means that he will marry a rich and a virgin young woman during that same year.

If they are gold rings in the dream, it means that such a woman has lost her wealth.

If one places a ring in his little finger then removes it to place it on his ring finger, then removes it again to place it on his middle finger in the dream, it means that he solicits customers for a prostituteoIfone notices his ring sometime in his little finger, then in his middle finger, then in his ring finger without his doing in the dream, it means that his wife will betray him with another man. Ifhe sells his ring for pennies or a handful of sesame, or for little flour in a dream, it means that he will separate from his wife, though they will have respect for one another, or it could mean that he will offer her a good financial arrangement. Receiving a ring that is inlaid with a precious stone from one’s son in a dream represents the good character and qualities of such a son.

A stone which is made from worthless glass beads in the dream denotes a weak authority.

A ring that is inlaid with a green sapphire in the dream means begetting an intelligent son who will become a great man of knowledge.

A wooden ring in a dream represents a hypocritical woman.

If a woman is offered a ring in a dream, it means that she will get married, and for a married woman, it means that she will give birth to a son. Ifthe ring in one’s dream is interpreted to mean money or clothing, then it represents one’s status and high esteem his field. Receiving a ring as a gift in a dream also means happy news, or a marriage to a beautiful woman. Seeingan atheist who publicly brags about his actions and thoughts wearing a ring and turning its stone toward the palm of his hand in a dream, it means that he engages in sodomy. Ifa believer turns his ring inside during prayers in a dream, then it represents his modesty. Wearing a ring that carries two gemstones, one to the outside and the other to the inside in a dream means that one may chair two important appointments, material and a spiritual ones, or inner and outer ones. Wearing a ring with a carnelian-red stone in a dream means an end to one’s poverty.

If a pious person, a religious person or an ascetic receives a silver ring from God Almighty in a dream, it means his salvation on the Day of Judgment.

If he receives a silver ring from God’s Messenger (uwbp) in a dream, it represents a gift of a greater knowledge.

If it is gold, iron, or copper, then it has negative consequences, because iron rings represent the chains ofthe dwellers of hell-fire. Somehow, to wear a simple band in one’s dream is better than wearing a heavy ring. Heavy rings in a dream also may connote an assassination or deceit. On the other hand, large rings in a dream also can be interpreted to mean something great, or something which entails sizable benefits. Lead rings in a dream mean weak authority.

If one sends his ring to some people who returns it to him in the dream, it means that he is asking to betroth someone from such a family, but his request will be declined.

If one sees his ring being forcefully pulled out from his finger in a dream, it means that he will lose his rank or whatever the ring represents to him. Ifone loses his ring in a dream, it means that he will experience something he hates to see it happening to him.

(Also see Games; Solomon’s ring)... ring dream meaning


To dream of being dismissed or fired from a job is an augury of an increase in salary or an elevation in the position you hold.... dismissed dream meaning


Memories, feelings, guilt, which haunt us, parts of the wider awareness of the unconscious which attempt to communicate; the husks or influences from past traumas or events, which have been emptied of hurt and real influence, but still affect us; fantasies, hopes, longings we have given time to, and so filled with our life and sexual energy, and which now influence us. Ghost of living person: a sense of their thoughts or presence influencing one; haunted by desire for them, or a resentment or feeling about them.

A ghost which feels solid: the dreamer is ‘touching’ aspects of their own mind or awareness existing beyond preconceived ideas and beliefs.

Example: ‘So frequently do I dream of the house and the town I lived in as a child, I wonder if I do indeed haunt the house by dreaming of it. I must tell you I believe that a trau­matic incident, which happened when I was 20, is involved. I was playing the piano downstairs when I heard a gun fired. On searching I found my father lying dead upstairs in an attic. He had shot his brains out. I took the scene in, never to be forgotten, in one horrified moment’ (Barbara T). Some people believe that, because of such incidents as described, in their dreams the living haunt a place. Seeing a ghost while awake can still be considered as connected with the dream process.

See third example under husband.

See also hallucination. ... ghost dream meaning


Unlike hearing the noise of a gun being fired, it is fortunate if you hear the sound of a Hammer being used.

It is a good sign in every way, both for business and love affairs.... hammer dream meaning


Dreams of ammunition symbolize that you are on the defensive in your life. Perhaps you’ve been firing verbal attacks or feeling the need to protect yourself from caustic energy that is being fired at you. Keep in mind that which goes around comes around, and the only thing that can be threatened or destroyed is the ego.... ammunition dream meaning

Donald Trump

Dreams of Donald Trump represent wealth, status, power, and perhaps a fear of being fired or a dread of having to fire someone. You are realizing the Midas Touch.

See Wealth.... donald trump dream meaning


To dream that you are looking for a job, suggests that you are unfulfilled and feeling frustrated in the current phase of your life.

To dream about your current job, represents your satisfaction and contentment in the way things are going in your life. It may also mean that there is something or some task that must be done at once.

If you dream of being offered a new job, new horizons are opening for you that will bring positive things into your life. Take advantage of new opportunities! If you dream about the first day on a new job, consider whether you are about to begin (or have begun) something new in your life. Your dream is probably related to your anxiety about doing things right in this situation.

If you dream of getting a job promotion, it is a warning to pay closer attention to your current responsibilities.

If you dream of getting fired from a job, you want to end some relationship or situation in your waking life. This dream also suggests that you are repressing what you really desire most.

To dream that you fall asleep on the job, forewarns that unless you are very watchful, you will make a careless error that will lead to bitter disappointments.... job dream meaning


To dream that you are hard at work, denotes that you will win well-earned success by concentrating your energy. It can also signify a creative breakthrough.

If unusual characters appear in the workplace, such as members of your family, try and bring their influence into your work life. Also see “Coworkers”, “Fired” and “Quit.”... work dream meaning


Possessing a weapon denotes personal insecurity. You are not trusting yourself or your own strength to cope.

If the oneiric weapon is fired, it shows a marked tendency to solve problems aggressively. Although you have a lot of energy, you are using it for negative purposes. The dream is an invitation to stop considering life as a constant struggle. Arms also express anger, resentment, and conflict. When used against someone you know it means that you hold emotions such as anger or rancor. Perhaps you do not dare to speak frankly with that person. In case you do not know such individual, it may represent undesirable aspects of yourself: you are having internal problems that need to be resolved. Furthermore, swords, arrows, knives, pistols, and daggers are phallic symbols denoting male sexual aggression.

Dreaming of weapons is an indication of ferocity and honor. Holding them with your hand is an omen of glory and success. Making them represent convalescence and recovery of energy. To see someone armed fleeing portrays a probable victory. Watching the latter person getting away means safety; the dreamer has nothing to fear. A fired shot predicts unexpected profit.... weapon dream meaning

Bow And Arrow

The bow and arrow can be a symbol of tension, especially sexual tension, as in Cupid’s bow.

If the arrow is fired to the skies, this can express a wish to devote yourself to a higher purpose. Arrows also suggest being pierced by some intense emotion, or being hurt by someone. Were you the target or were you taking aim? Did the arrow hit or fall short? Was it a poisoned arrow? Arrows are also used symbolically to point the way, so an arrow in your dream can direct you to the right choice, perhaps relating to a decision you need to make in waking life.... bow and arrow dream meaning


Bullets, cannonballs, bombs and mines all explode on detonation or impact.

If you fired any of these, your dreaming mind is warning you that you are in danger of exploding with frustration or anger. Are you currently on a short emotional fuse and in danger of detonating with burning anger? What was your target in the dream? This may help you understand what triggered your anger. On the other hand, could an explosive situation be building up around you? Again, if your firepower ran out, this could indicate lack of ammunition in a conflict in your waking life; perhaps there just isn’t enough reason for you to be involved.... explosive dream meaning


Dreams in which you are fired from your job, dismissed by your employer or refused work may reflect insecurities about the regard in which you are held by the people with whom you work. On the other hand, your dream may reflect your sense of redundancy in another area of your life. Perhaps your children have grown up and you don’t feel needed as a parent anymore.

If your position at work is uncertain in your waking life, your dreaming mind may also be preparing you for the inevitable and highlighting the importance of being prepared.

If you did actually lose your job and your dreaming mind keeps reminding you of your sense of rejection, then you need to work through your feelings and move forward with your life.

Frustration... redundancy dream meaning

Father Figure

For some people it was the father who was the ultimate arbiter of discipline and authority when growing up and any appearance of your father in your dreams may remind you of punishments he may have dished out in the past.

If the father figure was absent when you were growing up or your father never punished you severely or unfairly, your unconscious may summon up a father archetype to bring to your attention immature attitudes that are holding you back.

Your older brother, uncle or boss may assume the dream role of the archetypal father, a benevolent provider and protector who uses his authority fairly and wisely; in dreams, such figures may appear to dispense invaluable advice. Bear in mind, though, that the father figure can also abuse his authority and if father figures appear as brutes in your dreams, they may have been pointing to your own brutishness and selfishness.

If you had an authoritarian father, a wellknown dictator such as Hitler, Stalin or Chairman Mao may appear in your dreams representing that relationship.

If you dream about your boss, this may simply suggest anxieties you have about your work. Dream bosses, however, can also represent aspects of your father and dreams of being fired can recall parental rejection.

If you ask for a raise in your dream, this expresses a need for more attention and love in waking life, whilst a friendly boss reveals a longing for less responsibility.

If you are the boss in your dreams, this represents your desire for more dominance in a waking relationship.

If you rebel against your boss in your dream, this can be a positive sign, as rebelling against parental authority or challenging authority that is dictatorial and unjust is a healthy part of growing up and becoming a self-confident adult.

Houses are often represented as images of the dreamer; so a dream of a landlord or landlady, or someone else who actually owns your dream house, may suggest you are not feeling in control of your waking life; or perhaps someone, such as a partner or parent, is being overly dominant.... father figure dream meaning


Guns are associated with violence, death and war, and to hear a gun in your dream may suggest your unconscious wish for someone to be taken out of your way as they are blocking your progress. A single shot, such as the shot fired by a starter pistol at the beginning of a race, may suggest the pressure you feel if you are under a harsh deadline for completing a project.... gunfire dream meaning


Loss of identity, self, authority, or the authority figure of a group (such as a company’s president being fired), or a fear of such.

You being beheaded can represent a feeling or fear of: the end of a phase in your life; losing your identity, your ego, some aspect of your life or yourself, or your authority over your own decisions.

You beheading someone else might represent your anger toward, fear of, or some other feeling toward whomever or whatever the person represents in your life.

For more clues, consider the motivation behind the action.

See also: Execution; Head; Killed, Being; Killing; Killer; Dying; Death of You; Life Force; Authority Figure... beheading dream meaning


The forcible end of a process or phase in your real life or imagination (such as getting fired from your job or expelled from school).

Fear of a process or project ending.

A desire to escape or to get rid of a problem.

Executing someone as punishment for a past deed can represent: a feeling of self-righteousness; needing to feel right or needing to consider another person wrong; feeling critical, or wanting your opinion to seem more important or carry more weight; an opportunity to resolve an issue involving your judgment of self or others.

See also: Killing; Beheading; Killed, Being; Death of You; Death of a Loved One... execution dream meaning

Losing Your Job

Dreaming that you’ve lost your job is a sign that you’re feeling anxious about some area of your life. This doesn’t necessarily have to be work-related, you could be feeling insecure in a relationship, or even be worrying about money. How you lose the job also has some bearing. If you’re fired, this suggests you feel cut off in some way and you could have anger issues which relate to this. Redundancy implies some kind of rejection. You may feel that your ideas and opinions will be discarded, or that you are surplus to requirements.... losing your job dream meaning


lucky numbers: 01-10-17-27-31-41

argument with your, having an: present a viable alternate route to a solution or shut up.

employees being idle: request assistance for those who are in poverty.

insolent: must answer for a misdemeanor to your boss.

employing others: their interests clash with yours; their offensiveness disagrees with you.

employment office seeking a job, being at: use close contacts to create a bonanza.

being unable to find: go after the job you want, not the one you know you can get.

finding, for others: your project wil create many jobs; most importantly, yours.

having good: laid off in a slack period; your conscientiousness wil cause your rehiring.

fired by an, being: a mystery wil be solved with the egg on your face.

going out of business, own: have a vigorous mind, but misplaced confidence.

hired by an, being: must mend your ways; are too impressionable.

of own: wil have a unpleasant change in your position, if you don’t fulfil contracts.

receiving a gift from an: wil lose your job, if you question his motives.

shaking hands with your: don’t burn your bridges when you leave.

speaking to own: wil be advanced shortly through excel ent prospective project.

unemployed, being: your failure to work to your capabilities wil abort your mission.

while others are scurrying to work: wil attract only disdain from others. ... employer dream meaning


lucky numbers: 07-09-15-18-34-42

carrying a: wil be disliked by people who scream their anger in your face.

being an officer and: struggles with treachery and taunting.

enemies: loss of temper wil require an apology.

friends: wil be annoyed with accusations that are mere hearsay.

firing a: discern who is the enemy before acting.

hitting a target: discern careful y that the target was the correct one.

others: wil learn of schemes to ruin you; target them.

hearing a, being fired: your self-defense is at stake; verbalize it.

misfiring a: your animosity caused the altercation, refueling the aggression.

owning many: recovery of health after a long, physical ailment. ... pistol dream meaning


lucky numbers: 06-10-22-26-27-28

at a distance, church: have chosen your path, which uses al of your inner resources.

climbing up a: map out your area of operations.

being destroyed: another’s envy has reached psychotic proportions.

bells peeling, the: make your move, now or never.

coming down from a: your wishes wil not al be realized.

fortress, of a: wil resist your enemy’s obstinacy and drive him until he is compromised.

going up into a: freedom from embarrassment but loss of money.

gun salute being fired from a: wil be cheated in a wasted effort to impress a lover.

locked up in a, being: are so wrapped up in own pain you cannot relate to another’s.

standing on top of the: think with your heart and intel ect before leaping in.

in the belfry: timing is everything; leave before the bel s begin to tol .

others: much affliction when an unscrupulous person swindles you.

overlooking a city: outline the entire project before you begin.

very high, a: wil have a long life and a pleasant old age. ... tower dream meaning