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A dream of contrary. You can look forward to a long period of good fel- lowship and happy times.

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From the manor house of feudalism... Dream Dictionary Unlimited


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(see Knife, Weapons)

Jung felt that this represented the conscious ego seeking freedom and singularity, separate from one’s place of origin or core group.

A tool that can help or harm. Just as the sword Excalibur could inflict wounds or keep a nation strong, swords represent all the things we have at our disposal—talents, knowledge, resources—that we have the responsibility to use wisely.

Truthfulness. Edged weapons cut through deceit in our dreams to the heart of any situation, even those things in which we deceive ourselves.

Feudal Japan: The emblem of a warrior’s soul.

The Katana is a long sword that represents a samurai’s soul and will, while the Wagasahi was shorter and the implement of honor and defense.

Honorably fighting for a just cause, often taking an integral leadership role in that fight (e.g., “taking up a sword”). Note that kings used a sword to bestow knighthood, and knights in turn regularly swore oaths upon swords.

A masculine emblem and alternative phallus. In pagan Europe, swords were owned by men, and often buried with them, whereas women held the house and land.

Breaking or misplacing a sword reflects the loss of authority or heroic mettle, or falling from an honored position in the eyes of those you respect.

An ancient emblem of the Sacred King, which may equate to your own masculine nature or the God aspect of the universe (see Men).

In the Tarot, an emblem of trouble and conflict.... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams

Trophies, Medals And Other Prizes

These are all symbols of success and achievement, and if you dream of receiving trophies and other prizes, the chances are you are yearning to be recognized and praised for your efforts in waking life. Again the type of prize will give you an idea of the area of endeavor in which you feel you should be rewarded. For example, to be honored with the Nobel peace prize could refer to your peace-making skills when a feud was about to erupt at work, but no one thanked you for your efforts.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


In a dream scenario, anger may express the tension between your conscious and unconscious urges. The aggressor in the dream will often represent the part of you that is demanding to be acknowledged. Freud spoke of an aggressive drive which he believed revealed itself in all walks of life and in all types of people.

He believed that the aggressive drive was just as much present in sex as in war.

Alfred Adler (1870-1937), an early disciple of Freud, believed that anger was the most fundamental force of the psyche and, if repressed, it could express itself in dream images of anger and aggression. Whatever may be the trigger, anger is one of the most common emotions to express itself in dreams, either by physical violence or by using symbols of anger such as weapons. Such dreams are likely to continue until the trigger for your anger is discovered and dealt with.

If a person has recurring dreams in which they are assaulting, raping or attacking someone, this suggests deeprooted sexual problems that they might want to talk over with a doctor. A single dream in which aggression, sexual or otherwise, occurs is not so worrying and is actually quite typical. Such a dream will be expressing negative feelings of anger, hostility, rejection, embarrassment or envy that have probably been repressed in waking life. Dreams of assassination or murder have the same interpretation. Dreams in which you are evicting someone from their home or your home suggests that there is something in your life you are angry about and of which you desire to be rid.

This may be some characteristic within yourself or another person. Dreams that focus on ambushing may have the same theme but in this case there may be something about the person or thing being ambushed that you want to possess yourself.

Libel dreams in which you are attacking someone verbally may suggest that you are spreading vicious rumors or someone is spreading them about you. Any dream in which you have a feud, dispute or attack suggests either a disagreement with someone in your waking life or inner conflict with an aspect of your character. Dreams in which you are rebelling against someone or something have the same interpretation. Pay attention to the atmosphere of your dream as it may reveal much about your emotional state at present. The dream may also be describing your feelings of being threatened.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

Palm Of The Hand

A powerful symbol of luxury and exotic abundance, palm trees grow with their roots near water and their trunks in the sun, so they also represent a union of masculine and feminine forces. Perhaps your unconscious was referring to the palm on your hand; perhaps you should perhaps extend this hand to someone with whom you have been feuding during your waking hours. Coconuts are filled with milk, so they can be a symbol of lust or lack of inhibition, maternal feelings or infantile refreshment.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia