What does it mean to see an fettered in a dream?

Fettered Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources


(See Handcuff)

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin


There are two meanings for bonds in dreams. One is as in savings bonds (promissory notes) and the second as in bindings and cords.

1- To dream of the former indicates that we have a sense of commitment to a person or a principle, that we are capable of making promises which we can keep.

To dream of the latter deals with the binding or holding which can occur in situations and relationships. Depending on whether the dreamer is being bound or doing the binding, it shows submission to a greater force.

2- Depending on whether we arc giving or receiving such promissory bonds, we need to consider our emotional commitment to ourselves and our own concerns.

To be aware of being fettered, snared or held fast by chains indicates the possibility our emotional selves may be out of control.

3- The changing of conflict into law and order, of chaos into cosmic order.

The Silver Cord.... bonds dream meaning


(Band; Chain; Fetters; Shackle; Strap; Ties) In a dream, a bond signifies assiduity, piety, a pretext, an illness, an ongoing debt, cognizance of the one who puts the chain, or a rope around one’s hands.

A silver band in a dream means a lasting marriage. Ifit is a brass band in the dream, then it means decisiveness but with trickery and regarding something loathsome. Ifthe bond is made from lead in the dream, then it means having determination about something weak or unworthy of such attention.

A bond made with a rope in the dream signifies piety and religiousness.

If it is mad of wood in the dream, then it means persistence in hypocrisy.

If it is a bond made of a piece of cloth, or a thread in the dream, then it means attachment to something that will not last. In a dream, a bond also means delays when one is intending to travel, and for a merchant it means salability of his merchandise, and as for someone suffering from depression, it means perseverance of his sorrows.

To see oneselftied-up in God’s cause in a dream means caring for one’s family. Seeing oneself tied-up or fettered in a city or a village in a dream means living there. Being bound inside a house in a dream means living with a difficult wife. Adding extra shackles to an already bound and bed stricken person in a dream means his death and for a prisoner, it means extension of his sentence. Wearing a green garment and seeing one’s hands tied-up in a dream means spiritual growth.

If one sees himself wearing a white garment, then it means knowledge, understanding, beauty and honor. Ifone sees himself wearing a red garment, it means that he is a musician, or that he is fascinated by music and a night life of distractions. Wearing a yellow garment in a dream means sickness. Ifone sees himself tiedup with a golden bond in a dream, it means that he is awaiting to recover money that he lost in an investment.

If one sees himself in a dream tied-up inside a palace which is built from glass, it means that he will befriend a noble woman, though their friendship will not last. Seeing oneself being tied-up with another person in the dream means committing a sin and being afraid of its consequences. In general, a bond in a dream signifies distress and poverty.

(Also see Band; Chain; Fetter; Yoke)... bondi dream meaning


(Bond; Shackle) To see one’s feet put in irons or fettered in a dream represents evil people, or it could mean travels or leaving one’s homeland.

(Also see Bond’)... fetter dream meaning


(Fettered; Marriage; Shackled; Tied-up) Ifone sees his hand tied to his neck in a dream, it means that he does not pay God’s rights upon what he earns.

If one’s hand is tied around his neck in a dream, it also could mean that he will desist from wrongdoing.

If both hands are tied-up in the dream, it denotes his stinginess.

If one is captured and handcuffed by the authorities in a dream, it means that he will be thrown into jailor fall into difficulties. Seeing oneself handcuffed in a dream also means marriage, wrongdoing, or hypocrisy.

(Also see Bondi; Rancor)... handcuff dream meaning


Your frustration at the restrictions life puts upon you can often spill over into your dreams. Although depressing, pay attention to the details of such dreams as they may contain hints as to how to overcome these restrictions.

If you dreamt of being locked up, restrained or confined in some way by locks, ropes, chains or impossibly tight clothes, this might reflect feelings of great frustration in your waking life. Such dreams typically indicate that you are feeling frustrated because someone or something in your life is preventing you from realizing your potential or your ambitions.

If you saw who was trying to confine you in your dream, they may represent the person who is making you feel trapped.

Alternatively, you may be feeling trapped by some obligation, situation, deadening job or stifling relationship from which there is no escape. Your unconscious is urging you to find a solution and break free.

If you are gagged in your dream, this is a sign that something or someone has taken away your freedom of expression.

If you are chained up or locked up in a cell, such symbols could represent your own inhibitions; if this is the case, your unconscious is again urging you to break free from your self-imposed shackles. You may be fearful of making a decision in case you make the wrong one and, if this is indeed the case, your dreaming self is depicting you bound and fettered as a way of telling you that sometimes in life you need to take a risk and make a judgment call. Dreams in which you are confined in a small space but still able to move or crawl may point to the struggle of your creative energies to find expression in waking life. Is something or someone repressing your energy and is it time for you to break free? Dreams in which you are crawling through a tunnel also express anxieties about a challenging event in your waking life.

If you dream of falling into a pit, this is a reference in waking life to something or someone who is restricting your movements or thought.

If you fall into a trap, the implication is that this desperate situa—tion may be partly your own fault. A dream in which you are caught in a net may, however, have erotic connotations, as the symbol of the net is connected with femi—nine power.

If your horse is in reins or a harness in your dream, because the horse is traditionally a symbol of life and may represent an aspect of your personality, the reference may be to some frustration or confinement in waking life; this might be self-imposed or imposed by someone else, but either way it is preventing the full expression of your personality.... confinement dream meaning