What does it mean to see an festering wound in a dream?

Festering Wound Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

Festering Wound

A symbol of unconfessed sin in a person’s life, Ps. 38:5. Festering sores can also be injuries or pain caused by another person

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To dream that you are wounded, signals distress and an unfavorable turn in business.

To see others wounded, denotes that injustice will be accorded you by your friends.

To relieve or dress a wound, signifies that you will have occasion to congratulate yourself on your good fortune.... wound dream meaning


A dream denoting affliction of the wounded parts (Gypsy). Interpretation coincides with that of modern writers.... wounds dream meaning

Blood, Pus Etc. Without Any Wound

Bleeding without any wound means he will acquire unlawful wealth. Similarly, pus or blood gushing forth from a fountain in the body and such pus or blood staining his body also means he will earn haraam wealth. How much haraam wealth he earns depends on how much blood or pus gushes from such a fountain. But if the body does not stain it means he will be demoted from his present position.

The degree of his demotion depends on how much blood or pus gushes out.... blood, pus etc. without any wound dream meaning

Horizontal Wound

In a dream, a horizontal wound means enmity, backbiting and slander.... horizontal wound dream meaning

Vertical Wound

In a dream, a vertical wound represents a friendship, commendation, or unity.... vertical wound dream meaning

Wounds, Bruises Etc

wounds, bruises, ulcers, sores etc. appearing on the body symbolise wealth that will be acquired by the observer of such a dream.

The extent of the wealth will depend on how old such wounds, bruises etc. Are, Likewise, any obesity or swelling means acquiring of wealth equal to the extent of the obesity or size of the swelling.... wounds, bruises etc dream meaning

Injury / Wound

Feeling of hurt and being injured, vulnerable and weak. Often a reference to old injuries that want to be healed.... injury / wound dream meaning

Wounded And / Or Trapped Animals

This suggests that we have been wounded, either emotionally or spiritually, or perhaps that our natural instincts are not being allowed free expression and are, therefore, not functioning properly.... wounded and / or trapped animals dream meaning

Wound / Wounded

To dream that you are wounded, signals distress and bad luck with money.

To see others wounded, suggests that you will be treated unfairly in some way by your friends.

To treat or dress another person’s wound, signifies that you are entering lucky times.... wound / wounded dream meaning

Wounded Or Dead Bird

If dead birds appear in your dreams, they might represent a threat to your freedom, depression or the loss of purpose and meaning. In your waking life, an ideal or hope may have died, or your creativity has been stifled. Wounded, molting or songless birds can also represent problems that are constantly on your mind.... wounded or dead bird dream meaning


Universal Landscape: Area of vulnerability; evidence of past hurts.

Dreaming Lens: What type of wound did you sustain? Was it bleeding? Was your life in danger? How old was the wound? Was it in the process of healing? Were you in pain? What caused the wound? Who caused the wound?

Personal Focus: A wound is an indication that something dramatic and dangerous has already occurred. It is not only evidence of the event itself; it is also the residual damage that the wounding event may have left you vulnerable to. While wounds to the body are physical in nature, they can symbolically represent emotional, psychological, and spiritual wounds as well.

The most important thing to consider about a wound in a dream is the state that it has left you in. The greater the risk, the higher the stakes of the life situation the dream is expressing. The presence of infection may be revealing that an old hurt left unattended is festering and causing you pain and discomfort. Anything that results in the loss of blood relates to passion and life force being leaked out or dissipated.

Where on the body you are wounded will also have meaning. Injuries to the feet connect to the direction your life is moving in. If your legs are affected, your ability to move forward may be what is suffering. The belly area relates to instincts and feelings about things that are occurring. The area around the chest points to matters of the heart. The arms are where strength and our sense of capability lie, while the hands are about creativity and skill. Anything that involves the throat may be indicating issues around communication. The face is about the persona and social identity and may also reflect issues of attractiveness and self-esteem. The head is the home of the intellect and if this is wounded, there may be challenges to your ideas and thoughts coming up. Wherever you are wounded, consider the behaviors and actions that might be hindered and add that information to your interpretation. (See also Blood, Cuts/Cutting.)... wound(s) dream meaning