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Something within you is coming up to the boil.

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1. Important change is in the offing, often regarding life cir­cumstances.

2. An important idea or concept is “fermenting” or ripening. ... New American Dream Dictionary


New American Dream Dictionary

Treasure Box

(Jar; Preserves) Ifone finds a treasure box that is filled withjewelry in a dream, it means that he may acquire a large property, or it could mean joy or marriage.

A treasure box in a dream also means being proud of one’s child, or it could represent a wife who is concerned about the welfare of her family. It could also represent a book. Seeing ajar of preserves which is used in fermenting liquids in a dream connotes adversities and distress, or it may mean satisfying one’s debts.... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation


Vision: Dreaming about cider is a warning about out-of- control appetites that run your life. Making cider: like a predator, you want to live out your fantasies by luring others into bingeing—but punishment is swift and the penalty high.

Depth Psychology: Cider is a sign of urges and passions “fermenting” inside you—but remember: cheap pleasures are usually followed by rude awakenings. See Alcohol, Wine.... Dreamers Dictionary


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