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What you feel in a dream, and the feeling tone of particular items or the environment in a dream are extremely important.

(1) Feelings in dreams are not symbolic: they represent nothing but themselves. They are feelings you really do have, even if you have shut them out of your consciousness.

(2) Feelings and moods in dreams are more often negative than positive: grey rather than sunny, violent rather than peaceful. This is because dreams express feelings you have repressed out of fear. Dreams have a therapeutic purpose, and that is why they bring to your attention those parts of you that are painful.

(3) Occasionally, however, a dream may express a beautiful positive feeling: glorious erotic fulfilment; blissful oneness with life; love, even for people who have hurt you. Such a dream may usually be understood as indicating the direction in which you should be moving.

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Suppressing One’s Feelings

If a sick person sees himself suppressing his feelings, or down-playing his pain and sufferings in a dream, it means that he will shortly recover from his ailment.

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