What does it mean to see an fart in a dream?

Fart Dream Meaning: From 3 Different Sources


This is an unintended slip expressing some small, hidden feeling of shame or embarrassment.

If the release of gas is very large, you may be dreaming of finally letting go of something you have been holding on to that you have been afraid to express.

If you are holding back from this in your dream, consider that there may be a need to release something that you would rather not be made public.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams | Dr. Mıchael Lennox


(Breaking wind; Passing gas; Foolishness; Wind) Passing gas in a dream means hearing or speaking vile words, or suffering from adversities, or it could mean dispersing a group of people, telling a shocking news, stupidity, belittling people, lies, using insulting words, or it could represent the sound that could emanate from beating someone. Ifone breaks wind with a loud sound in a dream, it means that he will address someone with harsh words.

If one sees himself sitting with people and unwillingly passes gas or breaks wind in a dream, it means that his difficulties, sorrows or stress will be dispelled, though with horridness and repulsiveness.

If one breaks wind intentionally in such a gathering in a dream, then it means committing an evil act and suffering from its consequences.

If one passes gas without noise in his dream, it means that he will receive a sarcastic commendation that matches the smell of his fart. Ifone breaks wind in a dream while sitting with a group of people who are experiencing difficulties, it means that their difficulties will be dispelled, and their suffering will ease.

If they are merchants, it means that their merchandise will move faster. Ifone forces himselfto break wind in a dream, it means that he will carry a burden greater than he can bear.

If one breaks wind along with passing gas in his dream, it means that he will attain success in his life, and he will receive honor and profits from an important business trip. However, it is possible that his interests will become diverse, or that he could lose his focus, then he will return home free from such burdens.

To fart from the mouth in a dream means faltering or a slip of a tongue, an accident, suffering from gum irritation, a stroke that will affect one’s speech, or it could mean developing ill habits that will cause him to feel ashamed of himself in public.

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin


1. Indirect or badly directed anger.

2. To use time badly (as in “fart around”).

3. To reveal inner self or secrets.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin


You need to get a higher vantage point in order to achieve some objectivity in some area of your life. This higher perspective also offers you a higher level of consciousness.

The higher your vantage point, the more expansive your view of your environment will be. This takes on the symbolic meaning of expanded consciousness.

The higher your level of thought, the more enlightened you are considered to be. This is so because there is a correlation between expanded consciousness and making positive, life- affirming choices. In simpler terms, the more you see, the more you know.

The more you know, the more informed you can be about your choices. This expansion, however, comes with a caveat. Choosing to live at higher levels of consciousness brings with it a great deal of responsibility.

The higher you go, the farther you can fall should you lose your footing.

The greatest issue here is whether your fear of falling from a great height is real or imagined. Even the most precarious precipice is safe as long as you practice stillness. However, stillness is perhaps the greatest challenge in the human experience.

The key to understanding this symbol is relativity.

The roof of a small building will afford you a view of everything that is near it. Conversely, being up in space can afford a view of the entire world.

The greater the height, the higher the level of consciousness being expressed. Your emotional experience of that height in your dream must color the interpretation you assign it.... heights dream meaning

Breaking Wind

(See Fart)... breaking wind dream meaning

Passing Gas

(See Fart)... passing gas dream meaning


(See Fart) ... wind dream meaning

Farting Or Burping In Public

To dream that you accidentally fart or burp in public, suggests that you are being passive-aggressive. You need to express your feelings in a more direct manner.... farting or burping in public dream meaning

Backwards (walking)

Dreaming that you walk backwards means that you are regressing in life. What you are looking for is increasingly farther away. You may feel unsuccessful, unable to achieve goals. Thanks to the warning sign of this dream, you must begin to take action. On the other hand, perhaps it expresses that the best option is to withdraw. Sometimes you waste time fighting for something that is not worth it. A good option is to stay back momentarily, regain your strength, and then return with more vigor and momentum.... backwards (walking) dream meaning


To hear footsteps that draw closer or farther away, without being able to see who is walking, indicates the fear that some external agent out of your control invades, or negatively affects, your vital space. It denotes insecurity in your environment. Perhaps the dream is advising you to take a step forward in some area of your life.... footsteps dream meaning


Birds are messengers, and a dream with birds in it may be trying to get you to recognize some information that is flying around in your consciousness, just waiting to be recognized. Birds also connect with a vantage point and the ability to see farther by virtue of their unobstructed view of things. They can also fly directly to a location without the impediments of obstacles on the ground.

A dream with a bird or birds in it may be asking you what you would see if you could see farther than your limited viewpoint allows and where you would go if you weren’t hindered by perceived obstacles in front of you.

The type of bird will have additional meaning for you.... birds dream meaning


1. Index finger, Prophet (finger which points and establishes a focus

2. Middle finger, Evangelist (longest finger/ farthest reach)

3. Pinkie finger, Teacher (finger which most easily gets into your ear!

4. Ring finger, Pastor (ring finger, faithful one)

5. Thumb Apostle (finger that reaches all other fingers), authority “under my thumb”

6. Fingernails reveal the health of your ability to relate;

7. Can be adorned or used as weapons;

8. Finger can also be The Holy Spirit (The Finger of God) and the Kingdom of God;

9. Finger/s (Pointing Finger speaks of Accusation Blame and Direction. Matt. 12:28 & Luke 11:20; Prov. 6:13; Isa. 58:9.... finger dream meaning


To dream that some one gives you a farthing, or that you are not possessed of one foretells a fall in the world (Gypsy). The unfortunate inteipretation that invariably attends the dream of money.... farthing dream meaning


To dream of farting suggests that you are being passive-aggressive. You need to express your feelings in a more direct way, instead of hinting around or playing mind games.... farting dream meaning


Relatedness; the son of exchange or give and take which goes on in a relationship, even the internal relationship with oneself, or the environment. One can give afTection, sup­port, sex, ideas, as well as wounds. One needs to see what the interaction is by looking at what is given. Receiving: consider what is received to define what you are accepting or rejecting in oneself or from others.

The idioms show the many ways this action can be used: don’t give me that, give and take; give as good as one gets; give away or give-away; give oneself away, give somebody away; don’t give a brass farthing; give place; give a piece of one’s mind, give them enough rope; give someone the evil or glad eye; give someone the elbow; give one’s notice. See gift. ... giving dream meaning