Extinguishing, quenching Dream Meanings

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Vision: Quenching your thirst: your dreams of finding love arc being fulfilled. Extinguishing a fire: a passionate affair (thank goodness) is coming to an end—otherwise, it would have devoured you. Sometimes the dream means you will escape from an unfortunate situation at the last moment. Extinguishing a fire in your house: you are engulfed in actual difficulties, but you will prevail!

Depth Psychology: The meaning of the dream depends on what you have or are trying to extinguish.

See Candle, Fire, Lamp, Lantern, Light.

Dream Source: Dreamers Dictionary
Author: Garuda

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Extinguishing A Fire

Extinguishing a fire in a dream means putting off or quelling a riot, deterring a war or abolishing innovation.

If one sees himself in a dream smothering an already dead fire, it means that he is trying to rekindle an old war or to provoke evil between people.... extinguishing a fire dream meaning


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fire, a: end the affair before it devours you.

in your home: wil prevail over difficulties.

flame, a: wil not have sufficient money.

lawsuit, a: wil be persecuted by a woman.

light, a: serious quarrels over love. ... extinguishing dream meaning