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What one aspires to.

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1- Archetypes are basic pictures that each of us hold deep within our subconscious. They are in a sense ‘psychic’ blueprints. These blueprints while potentially perfect can become distorted by- childhood experiences, socialisation and even parental experience. C G Jung began studying archetypes and dividing function into thinking, feeling, sensation and intuition. Following various work by his pupils, it became possible to build up a type of ‘map’ of the interaction between all of these functions and to discover where one’s own distortions occur. Each function has a ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ quality which is perhaps better described as ‘greater’ and ‘lesser’. Each of the masculine and feminine sides of the personality has these four functions, thus there are 64 (8 x 8) interactions possible. Where a distortion has occurred, we tend to project onto those around us the archetype with which we have most difficulty (often the Shadow). Consequently there will be a tendency to repeat situations over and over (e. g. the woman who continually finds herself in close relationships with a father-figure type, or the man who continuallv finds himself at odds with women executives) until we learn how to cope with and understand our distortion. The obverse of this is that, with awareness, one is able to accept other’s projections onto oneself without being affected bv them. Perfect balance would be achieved by using all aspects of the personality as shown below. Kindly Father and Mother are self explanatory. Ogre represents masculine anger used negatively and Destructive Mother may be wilfully destructive, or simply the smothering type that is the mother who prevents the adequate growth of her children. Youth and Princess are the more gentle, fun-loving aspects of the personality while Tramp is the eternal wanderer and Siren is the seductress or sexually active part of femininity. Hero is the self- sufficient Messianic part of the personality, while Amazon is the ‘self-sufficient’ female the efficient business woman type. Villain is the masculine part of the self who uses power for his own ends, while Competitor is die typical ‘women’s libber’ who feels that she has 110 need for men. Priest and Priestess are the powers of intuition used for the ‘greater good’, while Sorcerer uses inner power totally dispassionately and Witch uses that same power rather more emotionally and perhaps negatively. 2- More specifically the feminine archetypes arc:Kindly MotherThis is the conventional picture of the caring mother figure, forgiving transgression and always understanding. Because much has been made of this side of femininity, until recently it was very easy to overdevelop this aspect at the expense of other sides of the personality. Destructive Mother This woman may be the ‘smothermother’ type or the frankly destructive, prohibitive mother. Often it is this aspect who either actively prevents or because of her effect on the dreamer causes difficulty in other relationships. Princess The fun-loving, innocent childlike aspect of femininity. She is totally spontaneous, but at the same time has a subjective approach to other people. Siren This type is the seductress, the sexually and sensually aware woman who still has a sense of her own importance. In dreams she often appears in historic, flowing garments as though to highlight the erotic image. Amazon The self-sufficient woman who feels she docs not need the male: often becomes the career woman. She enjoys the cut and thrust of intellectual sparring. Competitor - She is the woman who competes with all and sundry both men and women - in an effort to prove that she is able to control her own life. Priestess - This is the highly intuitive woman who has learnt to control the flow of information and use it for the common good. She is totally at home within the inner world. Witch The intuitive woman using her energy to attain her own perceived ends. She is subjective in her judgement and therefore loses her discernment. The masculine archetypes are: Kindly Father This side of the masculine is the conventional kindly father figure who is capablc of looking after the child in us. but equally of being firm and fair. Ogre This represents the angry; overbearing, aggressive and frightening masculine figure. Often this image has arisen because of the original relationship the dreamer had with their father or father figure. Youth The fun-loving, curious aspect of the masculine is both sensitive and creative. This is the ‘Peter Pan’ figure who has never grown up. Tramp This is the real freedom lover, the wanderer, the gypsy. He owes no allegiance to anyone and is interested only in what lies around the next corner. Hero The hero is the man who has clcctcd to undertake his own journey of exploration. He is able to consider options and decide his next move. Often he appears as the Messianic figure in dreams. He will rescue the damsel in distress, but only as part of his growth proccss. Villain The villain is completely selfishly involved, not caring who he tramples on in his own search. He is often the aspect of masculinity women first meet in everyday relationships, so can remain in dream images as a threatening figure if she has not come to terms with his selfishness. Priest The intuitive man is the one who recognises and understands the power of his own intuition, but who usually uses it in the services of his god or gods. He may appear in dreams as the Shaman or Pagan priest. Sorcerer This is the man who uses discernment in a totallv dis- passionate way for neither good nor evil, but simply because he enjoys the use of power. In his more negative aspect he is the Trickster or Master of unexpected change. 3- Spiritually, when we have access to all the archetypes, we are ready to become integrated and whole. ... archetypes dream meaning

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As high-quality all-weather adventure wear, Patagonia clothing may point to an executive personality who also enjoys the adventure of the great outdoors. ... patagonia dream meaning

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Journeys Out Of The Body

Some of the earliest research into OBEs was conducted by Frenchman Yarm Louis Forham (1884-1917), who believed that everyone was capable of astral travel in a variety of guises, recording his observations in Practical Astral Travel. Forham claimed to have made astral visits to a woman he later married and to have experienced astral sex. Between 1902 and 1938, Englishman Oliver Fox took research into OBEs one step further when he claimed to have succeeded in inducing OBEs with lucid dreaming (see INTRODUCTION). He published his discoveries in 1920 in the journal English Occult Review and later in a book, Astral Projection. A fellow Englishman and OBE investigator, J. H. M. Whiteman claimed to have had thousands of OBEs, sometimes in the form of a woman or a child, between 1931 and 1953, which he described in The Mystical Life. Robert A. Monroe (1915-1995), former television executive of Westchester County, New York, attracted widespread interest in OBEs from both the public and the scientific community when he published his account of OBEs in Journeys out of the Body (1971). His interest in OBEs had been triggered in 1958 when he began having spontaneous OBEs in his sleep. In his book, he described the experience as follows: "In 1958, without any apparent cause, I began to float out of my physical body. It was not voluntary; I was not attempting any mental feats. It was not during sleep, so I couldn’t dismiss it as simply a dream. I had full, conscious awareness of what was happening, which of course only made it worse. I assumed it was some sort of hallucination caused by something dangerous—a brain tumor, or impending mental illness. Or imminent death. It occurred usually when I would lie down or relax for rest or preparatory to sleep—not every time but several times weekly. I would float up a few feet above my body before I became aware of what was happening. Terrified, I would struggle through the air and back into my physical body. Try as I might, I could not prevent it from recurring. " In his books, Monroe sets out an astonishing range of experience, some of which was unpleasant and involved meeting entities or thought forms that attacked him. He also described an overwhelmingly powerful energy: meeting the astral forms of other humans and sexual experiences on the astral level. He outlines his belief that there were various levels of existence in the OBE state. Locale I is earth, the here and now. Locale II is the infinite astral plane where everyone goes to sleep and dreams, and where countless entities exist. <p>Locale III transcends space and time and is a parallel universe. In his writings, Monroe described a technique for triggering out-of-body states and here is a brief description of it:

  • First lie down in a darkened room in a relaxing position.
  • Loosen your clothing and remove all jewelry.
  • Enter a very relaxed state and consciously tell yourself that you will remember everything that happens to you.
  • Begin breathing through your half open mouth.
  • Concentrate on an object.
  • When other images start to enter your mind, just passively watch them.
  • Try to clear your mind and observe your field of vision through your closed eyes.
  • Do nothing more for a while.
  • Simply look through your closed eyelids at the blackness in front of you.
  • After a while, you may notice light patterns.
  • When these cease, you will enter a state of such relaxation that you lose all awareness of the body.
  • You are almost in the state where your only source of stimulation will be your own thoughts.
  • It is in this relaxed and refreshed condition that out-of-body journeys are triggered.
  • To leave your body, think of yourself getting lighter and of how nice it would be to float upwards.
  • With sufficient practice, Monroe claims that a wide variety of experiences can occur.
If Monroe’s theories are correct, the implications for dream interpretation would be enormous. Even though surveys suggest that one quarter of the population believes they have had an OBE, recent research on OBEs has been inconclusive. This may be because OBEs vary from individual to individual. Laboratory tests have been equally inconclusive, even with individuals who claim to be able to project out of body at will. Tests with animals have been a little more promising, with kittens showing a change in behavior during out-of-body efforts to comfort them; skeptics, however, argue that this was achieved through telepathy or clairvoyance. Although OBE’s cannot be disproved, to date there has been no solid evidence that anyone has actually left their body during sleep or while dreaming. ... journeys out of the body dream meaning

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lucky numbers: 06-10-12-15-42-48accosted by a, person, being: promise of profit to another; pennies to yourself. advancing to become own boss: success is certain in furthering your own interest. in present position: beware of jealous friends, rival may do you an injustice. adversarial partner, having an: wil be unable to meet obligations in a healthy manor. adversity in: wil realize ambitions, but not escape adversarial gossip of your conduct. approached by a, man: results in projects through the intercession of an influential man. arranging: misfortune is not to be misunderstood but remolded to future. arriving, people: wil receive compliments from a wily man; don’t accept them. assembly line, working on a: wil succeed and bring a partner with you. attacked by a, person: wil profit from another’s being cheated. beginning a good: must fight for good results at every threat that sorely affects you. checking accounts: mental distress and il egal actions by carelessness, not intent. community, having a: wil soon have a lawsuit over an ugly love affair. conference, participating in a: wil be asked to arbitrate a conflict. director, being a: choose the correct leadership quality to carry your business forward. responding position as: hold your tongue when you have been provoked. dismissed, being: your il usions of your value to the company were dispel ed. others: are doomed for disappointment if you do not believe it could happen to you. doing: your total resources commandeered to create something another needs. executive ability, having: make wel thought-out decisions, then take the risks. industrious person, being an: every effort put forth wil bring additional responsibility. industry, having an: wil be very embarrassed by our period of rest and relaxation. insolvent, being: your industry and enterprise wil not al ow you to fail. inventory, taking: abundance wil soon be yours. losing money in: wil lose your temper over untruthful gossip. making: wil receive money from a friend without his knowledge. lost own, having: wil be humiliated in unhealthy and gloomy surroundings. man, being: make plans for your own business; an important conference is imminent. dating a: your date wil be honest and thrifty, but your transactions wil bring discord. dealing with a: improve your intel igent support; their frankness may harm you. partner, having a: are prone to arguing, but it clears the air of unwarranted suspicion. person dreaming of retirement: your raise is a prelude to being knocked upstairs. receiving compliments on: wil enjoy good profits, but wil overvalue your contribution. bonus, a: wil narrowly escape public censure for an unsubstantiated injustice. large: your insecurities cause you to purport superiority. ... business dream meaning

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lucky numbers: 06-12-21-22-40-45business executive dreaming of a mirage: your staff is not honestly confronting tasks. lover: your sweetheart is not faithful; face it and move on. man: be wise in business ventures; bad fortune is too easily obtained. woman: friends are cheating you; don’t let that stop you from succeeding. young girl: it is advisable to change boyfriends. ... mirage dream meaning

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lucky numbers: 11-20-25-32-46-47broken: unexpected death of a relative brings friction in the family circle. clear, a: reflects one’s inner depths uncovered to their free expression. cloudy, a: the distortions you project onto the world are there to be viewed by you. cracked, a: try to see yourself as others see you, flaws and al . looking at oneself in a mirror: what appears to be reality is not the truth. business executive: disloyal staff members worm their way into your confidence. husband, your: wil be unfairly treated for undesirable news relating to his actions. loved one, a: self-deception with your flighty character. lover: sweetheart is not real y faithful; neither is your eccentric behavior. man: take stock of yourself to notice a mistake before it happens. married woman: are unfaithful to your husband, or wil be soon. others: someone is making you aware of your unhappy marriage. widow: find out your ulterior motives to match your selfish ones. woman: are admired by men you don’t even know. young girl: are shy about changing boyfriends. of a: are frightened that your self-knowledge includes your own treason. ... mirror dream meaning

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