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This dream indicates a need to sacrifice a way of being or thinking that no longer serves you. Such a sacrifice is a symbolic movement in the process of change and the evolution of your character. Something needs to die in order for something else to be reborn. In the case of an execution, the impulse to do this is coming out of some perceived wrong, shame, or defect of character.

A particular way of being in the world as represented by the character being executed is no longer necessary.

If it is you who is being executed, then it is your whole sense of identity that is being confronted with drastic change.

If you are doing the executing, then your ego mind is getting ready for some dynamic housecleaning.

If neither of these scenarios is the case, consider what you know about the person being executed. You will find what is currently up for transformation in the character aspect that the individual embodies.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams | Dr. Mıchael Lennox

Executions | Dream Interpretation

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