The meaning of the symbols of exchanging, sim, card else seen in a dream.

What does the symbols of exchanging, sim and card else mean in a dream?

The keywords of this dream: Exchanging Sim Card

Credit Card

A plastic promise; see “plastic”... credit card dream meaning

Business Card

Handing out business cards in a dream may point to the need to expand your business interests. Receiving someone’s business card may predict an important future business contact.... business card dream meaning

Report Card

See School. Expression of old fears of failure or failure of performance.

The dreamer is evaluating his own life, his actions, and his performance.

It is either validation and acceptance or a reprimand and criticism.... report card dream meaning


To dream of exchanging articles of any description is significant to those engaged in business. It foretells profitable deals.... exchanging dream meaning

Card Game

Simple playing cards represent taking a chance; if tarot cards, see “witchcraft”... card game dream meaning

Greeting Card

1. One expects to be surprised.

2. If sending the card to someone, the dreamer has high regard for that person.

3. If receiving a card, the sender is expressing his/her regard. ... greeting card dream meaning


If you are betting your money on cards, it means you want to rely on chance to solve your problems. The unconscious is warning you of this error and invites you to discard the possibility that the problems will solve themselves.

If you are playing a game of cards and demonstrate ability and skill, these will be the qualities that you have in real life. Maybe the dream is telling you to adopt the same courage, strategy, and good timing required in card games. Games such as Twenty-one (or Blackjack) show that we should not let opportunities slip away. Others refer to the need for patience when it comes to making deals. Keep in mind another important detail: the symbolic origin of cards. The deck of fifty-six cards consists of fourteen figures for each of the four suits: coins (circles, discs, wheels), clubs (maces, scepters), swords, and cups. The coin symbolizes material forces; the club, power and control; the cup, love; and the sword action. This symbolism must be taken into account if you remember such details. (See GAME, LOTTERY, BETTING POOL, and ROULETTE)

In a deck of cards, each figure has a meaning. In oneiric terms, diamonds represent wealth; clubs indicate work; hearts predict happiness in love; and spades, finally, portend future problems.... card dream meaning

Christmas Card

Divinely inspired, joyful news... christmas card dream meaning

Post Card

A notice of significance, not necessarily postal... post card dream meaning

Exchanging Letters

(See War correspondent)... exchanging letters dream meaning

Calling Card

Advancement. Symbol of a desired identity.

Folklore: Secret admirer.... calling card dream meaning

Tarot Card

The Tower.... tarot card dream meaning

Social Security Card

As a form of identification, dreaming about your social security card or number may point to an over- identification with the authontanan stnictures of society. As a play on words, it may also mention feelings of insecurity in social situations.... social security card dream meaning

Playing Card

Vision: A playing card stands for reckless optimism. You are “betting everything on one card. “ Be careful! Watching others play cards: a rather unpleasant situation ahead. Playing cards with others: you want to avoid a fight, because someone with bad intentions is trying to harm you.

See Games.... playing card dream meaning

Trump Card

Dreams of a trump card signify that you are feeling confident, successful, bold and powerful because you have an ace up your sleeve and a secret weapon to help you to master your circumstance and manifest your heart’s desires.

See Donald Trump.... trump card dream meaning

Atm Card / Atm Machine

To see a bank card or bank machine in your dream relates to your desires for financial security.

If you dreamed of taking out or depositing money, the dream may be letting you know that your money situation is not as bad as you think. But if you saw someone else using the ATM, or if you dreamed of losing your bank card, you are being warned against carelessless with your cash.... atm card / atm machine dream meaning

Decision, Someone Else’s

Someone’s actual decision in real life, or one that you expect, desire, or fear.

An issue involving control, authority, or personal boundaries.

A feeling or fear of someone else having authority over you.

The idea of letting someone else make your decisions or take away your decision-making power.

Exploring your boundaries in terms of what you are or aren’t willing to allow, or how much control you’re willingly giving someone else.

See also: Decision, Your; Interview; Competition; Judge; Authority Figure; Approval; Judgment or Disapproval; Rule or Law; Agreement; Crossroads... decision, someone else’s dream meaning