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Emptiness / Empty

(1) An empty container may be a sexual symbol, representing the womb, or woman.

(2) What is empty in the dream may be something that symbolizes the self - a room, for example, or house. In that case, it may represent your own (feeling of) emptiness. According to Freud, when a person suppresses or represses something, it often happens that nothing else comes to take the place of what has been suppressed / repressed, and the consequence is that the person’s life becomes empty. (For suppression / repression)

(3) Emptiness, an empty landscape or an empty container, may be a symbol of potentiality: where there is nothing, there is room for anything. The unconscious is sometimes visualized as an empty container, but — again — as containing the potential for all future personal growth.... emptiness / empty dream meaning

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(See Deserted; Emptiness)... empty dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Empty House

A symbol of feeling abandoned or alone in life, Isa. 27:10 NLT... empty house dream meaning

Christian Dream Symbols

Empty Pot On The Fire

If the pot in which he is cooling is empty it means he will infuriate the guardian or breadwinner of the household or entice him to do something detestable.... empty pot on the fire dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Empty Space

(See Deserted; Emptiness)... empty space dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


Schools, colleges, universities and the workplace have much in common. They are all centers of learning, anxiety and ambition, and places where people interact and learn from each other. This is why the unconscious may use them as interchangeable dream metaphors. Your boss may appear in your dream as a teacher, or colleagues may appear in the guise of school friends or classmates. So if a dream places you in a workplace, remember to look for any links with school scenarios.

If your dream featured your actual workplace and colleagues you work with everyday, it may have been highlighting your preoccupation with your job. It may also have been trying to draw your attention to a specific aspect of your job. You spend much of your time at work, so work is of considerable importance emotionally.

If you are comfortable at work, dreams of the workplace and the people with whom you work may become symbols of reassurance and reward; but if you are not comfortable at work, they can become symbols of frustration.

If you had a dream in which you were performing mindless repetitive tasks on an assembly line, perhaps you feel as if you are being treated like a mindless automaton in waking life or that others are making relentless demands on you. Or do you feel that you are losing your sense of identity in your job or that people in your life are taking you for granted?... workplace dream meaning

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