The meaning of the symbols of empty, platform seen in a dream.

What does the symbols of empty and platform mean in a dream?

The keywords of this dream: Empty Platform


(See Deserted; Emptiness)... empty dream meaning


A place of exaltation... platform dream meaning

Empty Pot On The Fire

If the pot in which he is cooling is empty it means he will infuriate the guardian or breadwinner of the household or entice him to do something detestable.... empty pot on the fire dream meaning

Empty Space

(See Deserted; Emptiness)... empty space dream meaning

Empty House

A symbol of feeling abandoned or alone in life, Isa. 27:10 NLT... empty house dream meaning

Cockpit / Platform

See Pulpit.... cockpit / platform dream meaning

Platform (at The Train Station)

See Railway Station.

The symbol for taking a trip and for waiting. Also, meeting other people.... platform (at the train station) dream meaning

Platform / Cockpit

See Pulpit.... platform / cockpit dream meaning

Pulpit / Cockpit / Platform

In dreams these terms take on different meanings. As a pulpit in church the symbol might point to increased problems and hypocrisy.

It is either your bad conscience that is speaking to you or a suggestion that you are following moral standards too rigidly.

As an airplane cockpit, and as a politician in government, these images also stand for leadership. Among others, they represent personal skills. Often there is a hint to guide yourself more forcefully toward your goals.... pulpit / cockpit / platform dream meaning

Platform / Pulpit

is upon 5 sides: authority, judge & imam, speaker & rank. And he (as) said a person from the people of Dhimmi / Protection (i.e. non-muslims under muslim protection) going on the platform is an indicator of a ruler’s reign who is corrupt in religion, [ruling] in that place.... platform / pulpit dream meaning

Emptiness / Empty

(1) An empty container may be a sexual symbol, representing the womb, or woman.

(2) What is empty in the dream may be something that symbolizes the self - a room, for example, or house. In that case, it may represent your own (feeling of) emptiness. According to Freud, when a person suppresses or represses something, it often happens that nothing else comes to take the place of what has been suppressed / repressed, and the consequence is that the person’s life becomes empty. (For suppression / repression)

(3) Emptiness, an empty landscape or an empty container, may be a symbol of potentiality: where there is nothing, there is room for anything. The unconscious is sometimes visualized as an empty container, but — again — as containing the potential for all future personal growth.... emptiness / empty dream meaning