For centuries we have been fascinated by dreams and their meaning. In the end of the nineteenth century, psychotherapist Carl Jung, best known for archetypes and the collective unconscious, began to conclude that looking into dreams was opening a door into consciousness and the spirit world. However, there is a science behind what happens during sleep. A research team of scientists at the ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratory in Kyoto, Japan, has explored brain scans while identifying the visual imagery of dreams. They concluded that we watch our dreams in the same manner that we watch our waking world.

Symbols in dreams is not a “one size fits all.” One symbol can mean many things. In order to understand the nature of dream symbols more clearly, you will need to know what category your dream fits into.

In order to analyze the dreams we must also study how we participate in our daily activities.

  • Are dreams a replay on the visual stimuli of what we perceive in waking hours or messages of guidance from beyond?
  • What do these symbols mean?
  • How do we interpret them and analyze them to give us messages?

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