What does it mean to see an dishonesty in a dream?

Dishonesty Dream Meaning: From 3 Different Sources


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Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin


An important document will be mislaid.

If you are Dishonest in your dream, it will be a document affecting your affairs.

Mystic Dream Book | Internet Archive - Anonymous


You will be tempted to take a step backward in order to take a later one forward if your dream involved dishonesty of any kind. Rely on your own intuition in the mat- ter.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams | Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett


Symbol: The coat is a symbol of protection. Vision: Wearing a new coat: a new start in your life and your success at work. Wearing an old coat: your present situation is taking a turn for the worse. Tearing up a coat: you are angry and protesting against the hypocrisy and dishonesty around vou.

Depth Psychology: A coat represents a disguise. Are you afraid that others will see through you? Is the coat supposed to keep you warm or protect you? Are you trying to hide something? See Clothes.... coat dream meaning


To dream that you have taken Poison is a warning of financial loss through the dishonesty of some person whom you trust. Be careful how you give^credit or lend money. Do not speculate or buy shares or stocks.

If you recover from the effects of the Poison, you will get over your difficulties if you exercise care and tact.... poison dream meaning


Small worries through the dishonesty of another.

To dream of many Savages signifies rescue by a friend from a trouble of your own making.... savage dream meaning


If you dream of using drugs, it suggests you have feelings of insecurity and regret. You worry that people will discover who you really are.

If you dream of hiding your drug-taking from someone, especially a parent, you have been keeping a secret that will hurt you if you don’t let it out.

If you dream that someone pressures you to take drugs, beware of that person in real life because they are a bad influence.

The same as the above is true if you dream that someone gave you drugs without your knowledge. This dream may also suggest that you are stubbornly ignoring facts that are staring you right in the face.

If you dreamed of being drugged to the extent that it interfered with, or altered, your normal movements and/or behavior, it is a warning that there is active jealousy around you from someone who would not only be ready and willing to take advantage of any mistake you might make but might even try to mislead you into making one. Be extra careful of your actions following this dream.

A dream of giving or selling drugs suggests that you have some dishonesty around you - rethink who your current friends are.

If your dream featured someone else who possessed drugs or took drugs, it is telling you to stop drifting and take a more positive role in your life.

If you dreamed of you or someone else overdosing on drugs, it is a serious warning that your behavior has become self-destructive. You need to take a more positive approach to dealing with your problems and set your eyes on your future, or you will end up sabotaging yourself and not getting what you want. Also see “Drug Dealer”, “Drugstore” and “Drug Test”, below.... drugs dream meaning


To dream of defending yourself with a javelin, your most private affairs will be searched into to establish claims of dishonesty, and you will prove your innocence after much wrangling.

If you are pierced by a javelin, enemies will succeed in giving you trouble.

To see others carrying javelins, your interests are threatened. ... javelin dream meaning


If you dream of casting a vote on any measure, you will be engulfed in a commotion which will affect your community.

To vote fraudulently, foretells that your dishonesty will overcome your better inclinations. ... vote dream meaning


1. Fear or understanding that actions or behaviors to­ward others return (as in “what goes around comes around”).

2. Use caution around people suspected of dishonesty. ... boomerang dream meaning


Ifone receives an advice from his enemy in a dream, it means deception, trickery, cheating, duplicity, stratagem, dishonesty and arrogance.

(Also see Soliciting advice)... advice dream meaning


(Couturier; Garment alteration; Hemming; Tailoring) Seeing a tailor doing alterations to a garment in a dream signifies dispelling one’s worries, overcoming one’s difficulties, eradicating dishonesty, dispelling conceit or perhaps he could denote music, elation, sexual intercourse or someone who exhausts himselfand strives in every way to help others.

A tailor doing alterations to a garment in a dream also could represent a preacher or a teacher at whose hands many people will repent of their sins and walk on God’s path.

A tailor doing alterations and handling trims and the ends of things represents a charitable person who makes someone happy by taking somethingfrom him and giving it to others.

(Also see Tailor)... alterations dream meaning

Angels In The Masjid

If angels are seen in mosques it means that due to the religious shortcomings of the people of that town, the angels are commanding them to engage in dua, salaah, charity and sincere repentance.

If angels are seen in the marketplace it means they are prohibiting the people from dishonesty in measure and weight. And if angels are seen in the cemetery it means a great calamity will be fall the pious servants of Allah.... angels in the masjid dream meaning


(Goldsmith; Leather craftsman; or any craft using a hammer and a chisel.) An engraver in a dream represents knowledge and pursuit of the prophetic traditions. In a dream, an engraver also means deception, trickery and imposing credulity upon others through dishonesty.

A stone carver in a dream represents someone who deals with people of ignorance.

A copper engraver represents disputes and illness. Gold and silver engraver in a dream represents clear wisdom and putting things where they belong.

An engraver in a dream also represents a worldly person.

If he also deals with fabrics in the dream, it means that he is a peacemaker. Seeing him also means spending one’s money to serve evil people or investing money in their projects, lies, falsehood and hypocrisy.

The customers in the dream represent people who prefer worldly and temporary benefits over the eternal reward and benefits of the hereafter. Ifthe engraver sells the merchandise but does not accept money for them in the dream, it means that he prefers his spiritual life over his temporary material pleasure and that he is grateful to God Almighty.

If he asks for a price for his services, then it means the opposite.

If the engraver barters what he sells for wheat or flour in the dream, it means that he whlbecome detached from worldly interests, and that he is grateful for his Lord’s blessings.

An engraver in a dream also represents a person who teaches arts and science.... engraver dream meaning

Counterfeit Money

Dishonesty and pretense. Your values are too materialistic. Fear of poverty, similar to Charity, Asylum, and Beggar, however not as intense. Here, it is rather a case of not quite trusting your assets.... counterfeit money dream meaning


Dishonesty, a warning against taking financial risks.... scoundrel dream meaning


It is good luck to dream of many bright colors.

The significance of each of the colors, arranged in the order of their luckiness, is as follows: Red: a long and vigorous life. Blue: peaceful and harmonious family relationships. Green; ability to make money. White: distinction in the community in which you live. Orange: you will own your own home. Purple; sufficient money for your needs. Yellow: jealousy will be shown toward you, Brown; accusations of dishonesty. Black: bad luck generally.

The shades and variations of colors have a bearing on their significance; the brighter they are, the more propitious.... colors dream meaning


To see apes in your dream represents dishonesty, maliciousness, and lies. It may also mean that you are becoming irrational and unreasonable. You should step back, take a deep breath, and focus.

The ape may also symbolize your inhibitions and passion, especially in sexual matters.... apes dream meaning


(Decree; Flyer; Letter; Publication; Public announcement; Record; Scroll; Write; Writing) Holding a book or a letter in one’s hand in a dream signifies power.

A book or a letter in a dream also signifies fame or public knowledge.

If one sees himself carrying a sealed letter in a dream, then it means that he will receive confidential news or a report.

If a book or a letter is carried by a child in a dream, it means glad tidings.

If it is carried by a servant or a housekeeper, then it means glad tidings and good news.

If a letter is carried by a woman, then one could expect a quick relief from his trouble.

If the letter which the woman is carrying in the dream is an open letter, and if the woman is wearing a veil, it means that the news she is bringing must be treated carefully.

If the woman is wearing perfume, then one could expect good news and a commendation for his work.

If one sees himself holding a closed book in a dream, it means the end of his life in this world.

If one sees a flyer or a public announcement in display by the authorities in a dream, it means that he will gain leadership, happiness and income.

If one sends a sealed letter to someone, which is returned to him unopened in the dream, it means losing a war to one’s enemy. Ifhe is a merchant, it means that he will suffer losses in his business.

If he is seeking marriage, it means the denial of his request.

If one sees himself carrying a book, a record, or a letter in his right hand in a dream, and ifhe had an argument, or a confusing deal, or doubt about something, it means that he will bring clarity to that problem. Ifhe is incarcerated or ifhe is sufferingfrom persecution, it means that he will bring proof of his innocence and escape from his difficulties.

If he is depressed, it means that he will be able to dispel his worries.

If he is travelling in a foreign country, it means that he will find a way back to his mother land, where he will find happiness again. Carrying a book or a letter in one’s left hand in a dream means that he has done something bad, or something which he will regret. Carrying a book in the right hand denotes a prosperous year.

If a stranger takes one’s book away from him in the dream, it means that someone will take away from him his most precious and endeared thing. Tearing a book into pieces in a dream means getting rid of one’s trouble or becoming free from trials or evil encounters and receiving benefits. Holding to a sealed book, decree, or a letter in a dream also signifies abidingby the rules of one’s superior. Holding a sealed book in one’s dream also signifies success, leadership and honor. Ifone is seeking marriage and sees a sealed book in his hand in a dream, it means that his betrothal to someone will end in marriage. Seeing or receiving a blank letter or a book from someone in a dream means absence of his news, or not knowing where he lives.

If one sees a book descending to him from the heavens and if he thinks in the dream that he understood the contents, then whatever good or bad news it brings, it will be the same in wakefulness.

A book in a dream also represents one’s companion, or an intimate friend. Seeing a book in a dream also could signify recovering from an illness.

A hardcover book if the content is unknown represents dishonesty, deceit, a cheap product or selling a sealed package with undisclosed contents, or it could represent an old woman. Bringing books into one’s home in a dream signify hearing news about an honest and a pious person, learning happy stories from a reporter or becoming acquainted with religious thoughts.

(Also see Encyclopedia; Letter; Write; Writer)... book dream meaning


Laughing in a dream means happiness and joy in wakefulness, except if one bursts with a horselaugh or falls over his back from laughing in his dream.

If so, then it means crying.

If one’s laughter in his dream is caused by a joke, then it denotes his dishonesty.

The same goes for laughing by imitation in a dream which means falling into sin. Laughing in a dream also could mean sorrow in wakefulness. Laughing in a dream also means that one will receive news about a newborn son.

If one’s laughter in a dream is as gentle and soft as a smile, then it denotes his good character and means happiness, or it could denote exactly what he shall see in wakefulness. Ifone sees the earth laughing in a dream, it means a good harvest in that land. Ifone sees a deceased person laughing in a dream, it means that he is in paradise, and enjoying the blessings ofthe hereafter. Laughing in a dream also represents Iightheadedness, frivolity and buoyancy. This is particularly true when it denotes capable people, or people in authority, where laughing in a dream could mean their dismissal from office.

(Also see Crying; Laughter)... laughing dream meaning


To see the color of black in your dream represents disapproval in a person or situation. It also stands for darkness, isolation, and unimportance. Black can also symbolize concealment, dishonesty, or the end of life.... black dream meaning


To dream of green represents beneficial change, positive well-being, maturity, productivity, healing, hope, and peace. Green also represents your desire to earn respect and to gain your freedom. Money, prosperity, and envy are also represented by this color. Dark green represents consumerism, greed, dishonesty, deception, and selfishness. You should find common ground between your masculine and feminine sides.... green dream meaning


To dream of visiting a salon may suggest that you are placing great focus on they way others perceive you. Too much attention is being placed on your outer beauty and attractiveness. It may also imply that a situation or relationship is fraught with dishonesty and concealment. It can also signify a coming or desired change.... salon dream meaning


(Flesh; Knowledge; Money; Substance; Wealth) Cooked meat in a dream means money. Eating raw meat in a dream means illness and pain. Eating raw meat in a dream also may mean benefits. Seeing raw meat and not eating from it in a dream could have adverse meaning. Eating cooked meat in a dream means increase in one’s wealth. Eating a meat dish with an old man in a dream means becoming renowned, or entering the inner circle of a governor. Buying meat from the butcher in a dream means adversities. Tender meat in a dream mean death or backbiting. Eating the flesh of a human being in a dream means backbiting him. Eating one’s own flesh in a dream means earning money from one’s own sweat.

If a woman eats the flesh of another woman in a dream, it means that they are lesbians. Ifa woman eats her own flesh in a dream, it means that she will commit adultery.

The meat of a yellow cow in a dream means illness.

The cooked meat of a snake in a dream means receivingmoney from one’s enemy.

The uncooked flesh of a snake in a dream means slanderi-ig one’s enemy.

The meat of a lion in a dream means receiving money from a ruler and the same goes for the flesh of all predatory animals or birds. Hog or swine’s meat in a dream means unlawful money. Eating sausages or dried meat in a dream means speaking ill of deceased people. Camel’s meat in a dream means earning money from a rich and a powerful enemy unless if the one seeing it does not touch it in his dream. However, touching camel’s meat in a dream means suffering from such a strong person. Eating it cooked in a dream means defrauding someone, then falling sick and recovering from one’s illness.

It is also said that eating camel’s meat in a dream means earning money from a ruler. Beef in a dream means hardships, toiling and lack of work. Holding a mutton inside one’s house in a dream means meeting with a new person, accepting an invitation, or inviting a person one has never met or known to share a meal. Seeing a whole skinned but uncut mutton inside one’s house in a dream means a sudden adversity, loss, calamity, or death.

If the mutton is fat, it means that one may receive an inheritance from a will which is left by a deceased relative.

If it is skinny, it means that one will inherit nothing from him. Eating broiled beef in a dream means standing before a judge or a ruler. Eating a chicken in a dream means receiving benefits from a woman. Meat in a dream also means forbearance and patience for someone who is hot tempered, or who gets angry easily. Eating meat in a dream also could mean recovering from an illness, an end to one’s distress, trouble and adversities. Eating the meat of an unlawful animal in a dream means receiving unlawful money. Eating a suspicious meat in a dream means earning suspicious money, or having an illegitimate marriage. Eating fowls’ meat in a dream means profits for a traveller. Eating a fish in a dream means easy, lawful and enjoyable earnings. Cooked or broiled fowl meat in a dream means profits and money earned from a woman through deception and dishonesty.

If it is uncooked in the dream, then it means backbiting or slandering a woman. Eating the meat of an unlawful bird in a dream means deceiving, defrauding, or stealing money from unjust people. Eating swan’s meat in a dream means benefits drawn from pious and religious people. Eating fired or broiled chicks in a dream means hard earned money. Unknown meat in a dream represents the hidden treasures of past nations, or buried treasures.

(Also see Butcher; Flesh; Mutton; Pot)... meat dream meaning


(Jot down; Scribble; Writing) Writing in a dream signifies a trick, a gimmick or a conspiracy.

A writer in a dream represents a cunning and a fraudulent person.

If one’s handwriting looks illegible, or inelegant in the dream, it means that he will repent for dishonesty and from defrauding people. Writing on a scroll or on a legal pad in a dream means that one may receive an inheritance. Writing in a notebook in a dream means dodging, or repudiation. Writing a novel or a book in a dream means receiving unlawful money, or it could mean falling sick.

If one sees himself writing a book or a letter and finishes it in his dream, it means that he will complete a project and fulfill his goals.

If he fails to complete his book or his letter in the dream, it means that something will hamper, or stand in the way of completing his project. Writing with the left hand in a dream means indulging in loathsome actions, going astray, or perhaps having a son who is born from adultery, or it could mean that one may become a poet. Signing a deed, a check or a legal contract in a dream means failing to fulfill an agreement.

If one sees someone he knows drafting a contract between them in a dream, it means that the other person will defraud him, mislead him in a business deal and drive him astray.

If one finds himself illiterate and incapable of writing in a dream, it means that he is depressed, though God Almighty will show him a way out of his difficulties.

If an illiterate person sees himself trying to learn how to write and read in a dream, it means that he will benefit from something he feared for a long time, or it could mean that he will go through hard times.

If a learned person finds himself incapable of writing anything in a dream, it means depression, fear, toiling and obstruction of his business.

(Also see Book; Letter; Paper; Sign)... write dream meaning


Dreams of a counter that stands between you and someone else represent formality and that you are keeping a professional distance.

If you dream of your hands on the surface of the counter, then this represents honesty.

If you dream of someone’s hands beneath a counter, then this represents dishonesty and underhanded motives. See Table.... counter dream meaning

Drug Dealer

To dream of a drug dealer suggests that you have some dishonesty around you. You might want to rethink who your current friends are. You need to take your life in a more positive direction - are your friends holding you back from this?... drug dealer dream meaning


Although ancient sources disagree widely on the forecast in most mirror dreams, they practically all agree that a broken mirror signifies sad .

news and/or a troubled period ahead.

To see yourself in a mirror is a warning of deceit among your friends, and to see others reflected in a mirror portends dishonesty in your associates.... mirror dream meaning


(Clouds; Drizzling; Life; Vapor; Water) If no harm or destruction is caused by a rainstorm in a dream, then it means blessings, profits and mercy. Rain in a dream also represents life, an earthly being, or fulfillment of a promise.

If the rain falls exclusively on a particular location in a dream, it means sorrow and distress for its dwellers, or it could mean the loss of a beloved.

If one sees rain falling exclusively over his house in a dream, it means personal blessings. Otherwise, it he sees it falling over the whole town in the dream, it means blessings for everyone. Rain falling exclusively over one’s house in a dream also means that someone will fall sick in that house, or suffer from a debilitating and excruciating pain.

If the skies rain stones or blood in a dream, it means calamities and punishment for people’s sins.

If it rains dust or sand in a dream, it represents an unjust ruler in that locality.

If the skies rain dirt without dust, it also means prosperity and a good harvest.

If a traveller sees rain in a dream, it means hindrances along his journey.

A destructive rainstorm in a dream denotes dishonesty, cheating with measures, or the spread of sodomy in the community. Seeing a destructive rainstorm tearingdown structures, destroying homes and pulling down tress in a dream represents a punishment for the corruption and sins of the dwellers of that place.

A good rain in a dream could mean reconciliation with one’s enemy, or it could mean helping a needy person. Rain in a dream also represents a caravan of camels, and a caravan of camels in a dream represents rain.

A good rain in a dream also means prosperity, happiness, refilling wells with rainwater, the gushing forth of springs with sweet, fresh and pure waters. Rain in a dream also means reviving an old and a stagnant matter, or it could mean benefits, profits, blessings, relief from distress, payment of debts, or feeling relief. In a dream, a good rain means blessings, a good harvest and profits for a farmer. Ifthe skies rain honey, butter, oil, or food people like in the dream, it means blessings for everyone. Rain in a dream also represent mercy from God Almighty, a helping hand, knowledge, wisdom, the Qur’[m, rejuvenation, revival, resurrection and life.

If one sees himself standing under a cover, a roof, or behind a wall to take shelter from a rainfall in a dream, it means that he may suffer because of someone slandering him.

If the rain falls in season in one’s dream, it means roadblock barring travels, business losses, inability to get medicine for a sick person because of one’s poverty, or it could mean imprisonment. Ifone washes himself in the rain, or takes a ritual ablution to perform his prayers, or washes his face with it, or washes away filth in a dream, it means repentance from sin, receiving spiritual guidance, or abolishing religious innovations and polytheism from one’s heart.

If he is poor, it means that God Almighty will enrich him and satisfy his needs, or ifhe needed something from a ruler or a governor, it means that his request will be answered favorably. Drinking from rainwater and if it is clear and pure in the dream, it means receiving blessings and benefits. Ifthe water is dirty and polluted in the dream, it means a sickness.

(Also see Water)... rain dream meaning

Perfume (aromas)

(see Incense, Flowers, Sftiells)

In European and Victorian American folk beliefs, certain aromas indicate the presence of a spirit (see Ghost), especially favored colognes and perfumes of deceased family members.

Bitter aromas indicate anger, jealousy, and harsh attitudes. This scent can also indicate an attempt to cover up something foul.

Sickly sweet scents reveal insincerity, dishonesty, and hypocrisy.

Light, pleasant aromas are usually associated with positive emotions.

For example, a gentle rose fragrance may symbol ize tender love, and the aroma of honeysuckle may indicate accomplishment (e.g., the “sweet smell of success”).

Memories: Some people respond very strongly to aromas, and can relive experiences through scents appearing in their dreams.... perfume (aromas) dream meaning

Glass, Looking

(See Mirror).

To see your reflection in a looking-glass means that you will be neglected in marriage and you will have bad luck in financial affairs.

If a woman sees her lover in a looking-glass, it is a sign that she will have grounds for a breach-of-promise suit.

A married woman seeing her husband in a mirror may look forward to anxiety through his possible dishonesty.

It is a warning against coming indiscretions if a woman sees the reflection of a man other than her husband in the looking-glass.

For a man to see the reflection of women he does not know means that he should guard against entangling alliances.... glass, looking dream meaning


Ventriloquism may represent some lack of correspondence between your inner self and either the image you present to the world or the external circumstances of your life. There could be some dishonesty or hypocrisy in you; but it is more likely that you have made a wrong assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.... ventriloquism dream meaning


Hiding, inability or unwillingness to be seen as you really are. Deceit, dishonesty; protection.... hood dream meaning


Different roles you play, faces you wear; not being true to self, dishonesty, hiding. Dare to be you.... mask dream meaning


To see a raven in your dream can be suggestive of betrayal, disharmony, misfortune and dishonesty, but if the raven is talking, it can indicate insight. The meaning is complex, as it can symbolize both evil and wisdom.... raven dream meaning


Watching, observing, or witnessing something.

The idea of being watched, or an issue regarding privacy.

Attention or focus (or a fear of it or desire for it).

A desire to preserve or remember an experience.

Security or proof.

Someone taking your picture or videoing you against your will can represent a feeling or fear of someone compromising your boundaries.

A photo or video taken without your awareness can represent a feeling or fear of boundary violation, victimization, betrayal, dishonesty, or manipulative motives.

See also: Photo; TV, Being On... camera dream meaning

Games, Playing

Vision: Dreaming about the lottery: be prepared for dishonesty and don’t have too many illusions. Flaying a game for money: deceit and quarrels ahead. Playing a game of cards: you are holding on to old cliches; or you are caught in the throes of an all-consuming passion that is “devouring” you. Playing a game of dice: your carelessness and naive trust in people is going to cost you dearly. Playing billiards: a planned meeting is running into difficulties. See Chess.

Depth Psychology: The dream may be a warning to change your careless lifestyle, which is interfering with your personal growth, or a challenge to lighten up and not take life so seriously. Other symbols in the dream will provide additional information and you know better than anyone else if you are too serious or too casual.... games, playing dream meaning


To see an alligator in your dream represents dishonesty, deception, and a false facade. It may indicate that you should step back and reevaluate your position or view of a certain matter. It may also represent your ability to move between the material world of waking life and the emotional, repressed world of the unconscious. In addition, the alligator can symbolize the ability and talent to cure or revitalize.

To dream that you are running away from the alligator denotes your refusal to face a distressing or upsetting matter. You may be harboring a negative feeling. There is some potentially destructive emotion that you don’t want to admit you possess. According to biblical interpretations, an alligator means that you will fall victim to the sin of arrogance and vanity.... alligator dream meaning


To see bats in your dream represents filth, dishonesty, and inner turmoil. It may also mean that you should turn your back on previous beliefs and attitudes, as they are no longer relevant to the direction your life is heading. It may imply a new beginning. It may also indicate that you need to thoroughly assess an issue before you decide to tackle it.

The dream may also be a play on the word ‘batty,’ which means that you are feeling unstable and unable to control emotions or influences in your life.

To dream of a white bat indicates the pending doom of a loved one.

To dream of a black bat represents a tragic occurrence that will affect you directly.

To see a vampire bat in your dream is a symbol of someone you associate with who is influencing you negatively.... bats dream meaning

Pot (marijuana)

If you dream of smoking pot, it suggests you have feelings of insecurity and regret. You worry that people will discover who you really are.

If you dream of hiding your pot smoking from someone, especially a parent, you have been keeping a secret that will hurt you if you don’t let it out.

If you dream that someone pressures you to smoke pot, beware of that person in real life because they are a bad influence.

If you dreamed of being dstoned to the extent that it interfered with, or altered, your normal movements and/or behavior, it is a warning that there is active jealousy around you from someone who would not only be ready and willing to take advantage of any mistake you might make but might even try to mislead you into making one. Be extra careful of your actions following this dream.

A dream of giving or selling pot to others suggests that you have some dishonesty around you. Rethink who your current friends are.

If your dream featured someone else who had, smoked, or was dealing pot, it is telling you to stop drifting and take a more positive role in your life.... pot (marijuana) dream meaning


A feeling or fear of dishonesty in real life (yours or someone else’s).

Perceiving the world as generally dishonest or untrustworthy.

Lying to yourself in some way, or being in denial.

See also: Betrayed, Being; Lied To, Being; Dishonest; Fake; Gossiping; Cheating; Trickery... lying dream meaning


The meaning of this dream can vary greatly according to the details, action, and circumstances of the dreamer; therefore all those factors should be carefully considered and correlated.

As a general guide if you conquered the cause of your dreamed fear and/or the sensation disappeared during the dream, the forecast is that you will overcome your difficulties; however, if the’ feeling persisted and/or the cause was indefinable, you should expect to have to cope with problems arising from the deceit or dishonesty of someone you trusted.

To dream of calming the fears of others indicates the clearing up of a misunderstanding and/or removal of a threat to your peace of mind.... fear dream meaning


The apple is related to sex; it symbolizes pleasure and sensuality. It’s the forbidden fruit, the sin that Adam and Eve committed in paradise. In oneiric terms, it reveals a desire to enjoy earthly pleasures.

If it is tasty, it indicates emotional satisfaction; if it is green, difficulties; if it is rotten, frustrations. From a Freudian point of view, eating an apple is synonymous with sexual appetite. The apple, however, also represents knowledge and freedom of choice. Just what Adam and Eve obtained when they left behind their innocence.

Especially if they are red, dreaming of apples is a good omen.

If they are ripe and sweet, you will be rewarded; if they are sour, you may suffer losses because of your own foolishness. Apples lying on the ground predict the dishonesty of your friends. Finally, if they are rotten, all your efforts will be in vain.... apple dream meaning


Selling is all about persuasion and buying is all about acceptance. Selling is about persuading people to have things they did not know they needed, so you need to bear that in mind if an item is up for sale in your dream. Street peddlers, hawkers or door-to-door salesman are all symbols of possible dishonesty; if they appear in your dream, you should weigh up the pros and cons of some new undertaking or the motives of someone close to you. Trading in dreams symbolizes interaction and communication and if this image appears in your dream, you may be considering what personal qualities you have to offer someone or what they have to offer you.... selling dream meaning


Cheating (such as on a test, on taxes, or in a game) can represent: The idea of unethical shortcuts, dishonesty, or stealing (possibly relating to a real-life situation).

Resentment of someone whom you feel is attempting to control you.

Rebellion against an authority.

Feeling unwilling to put in the required effort, or preferring to take a shortcut somewhere in your life.

Dreading or lacking interest in something you have to do.

Feeling dishonest, or considering cheating or its consequences.

See also: Stealing; Thief; Criminal; Crime; Inferior; Adultery; Betrayed, Being; Dishonest; Lying; Trickery... cheating dream meaning


A cover, or something that covers, can represent: An obscured view or limited understanding (as in an obstructed view through the window that represents feeling uninformed about events in the world).

Concealment or hiding (as in a concealed gun that represents a hidden motive to overpower others).

Protection (as in a blanket representing protection from harsh conditions).

Misrepresentation or dishonesty (as in a picture covering a damaged wall that represents an attempt to hide the truth).

Denial or dishonesty to yourself (as in a layer of beautiful snow representing a misrepresentation of the landscape underneath).

See also: Hiding; Burying; Curtain; Secret; Protected, Being; Protecting; Quiet; Veil; Under; Masked or Hooded; Painting; Quilt; Coat; Cape; Hat... cover dream meaning


Denying an accusation can represent: Feeling guilty or afraid of being accused.

A feeling or fear of being persecuted, blamed, or needing to defend yourself somehow in real life.

Someone else denying something you know to be true can represent a sense that they’re being dishonest or there’s something “off” about them in real life.

Someone else denying something when you don’t know the truth could represent a denial in real life, or a desire to understand or clarify a situation.

Someone being denied something (such as denied entry or an opportunity) can represent a feeling or fear of control, authority, or deprivation.

Someone being in denial (not willing to accept or admit the truth) can represent your perception of dishonesty or irresponsibility, or your blaming the person for a particular problem.

For more clues, consider the context and your feelings about the denial.

See also: Blaming; Blamed, Being; Lying; Lied To, Being; Confronting; Confronted, Being; Admitting; Rejection; Scarcity; Blockage or Obstacle... denying dream meaning

Playing Cards In Dreams

Long before people used cards to play games, they were used to foretell the future. In fact, playing cards were invented for divination rather than for entertainment. Bear in mind that dreams comment on future possibilities rather than predict the future, but if a particular card is highlighted in your dream, the following traditional divinatory meanings may suggest possible situations you might like to encourage or avoid in your waking life. First of all, the suits are associated with the four elements as follows: Hearts—Water; Clubs—Fire; Diamonds—Earth; Spades—Air. The individual card meanings are as follows:

Ace of Hearts: Love and happiness; a particularly favorable card that indicates troubles lifting.

King of Hearts: A fair-haired man with a good nature; or a man with water signs predominating in his chart; fair, helpful advice. Affectionate, caring man. This man helps you out without much talk; his actions reveal his kindness and concern.

Queen of Hearts: A fair-haired woman with a good nature; or a woman with water signs predominating in her chart; kind advice. Affectionate, caring woman. This card can sometimes indicate the mother or a mother figure.

Jack of Hearts: A warm-hearted friend; a fair-haired youth; or a young person with water signs predominating in their chart; often points to a younger admirer.

10 of Hearts: Good luck; success; this is an important card that suggests good fortune after difficulty.

9 of Hearts: The card of wishes; a wish or dream fulfilled.

8 of Hearts: Unexpected gift or visit; an invitation to a party.

7 of Hearts: Someone whose interest in you is unreliable; someone with fickle affections for you; can indicate lovesickness.

6 of Hearts: A sudden wave of good luck; someone takes care of you or takes a warm interest in you.

5 of Hearts: Jealousy; some ill-will from people around you.

4 of Hearts: Travel; change of home or business.

3 of Hearts: Love and happiness; can also indicate emotional problems and an inability to decide who to love.

2 of Hearts: A warm partnership or engagement; a very favorable card that indicates strength and support coming from a partner.

Ace of Clubs: Wealth, prosperity, unexpected money; can also suggest mismanagement of money.

King of Clubs: Dark-haired, kindhearted man; or a man with fire predominating in his chart; a generous, spirited man.

Queen of Clubs: Dark-haired, confident woman; or a woman with fire predominating in her chart; she may give you good advice.

Jack of Clubs: A dark-haired or fiery youth; a popular youth who is good-hearted and playful; can also indicate an admirer.

10 of Clubs: Business success; good luck with money; a trip taken now may result in a new friend or love interest.

9 of Clubs: Achievement; sometimes a wealthy marriage or sudden windfall.

8 of Clubs: Work or business problems that may have to do with jealousy.

7 of Clubs: Business success, although there may be problems with the opposite sex; a change in business that may have been expected or earned, such as a promotion.

6 of Clubs: Financial aid or success.

5 of Clubs: New friendships or alliances are made.

4 of Clubs: Beware of dishonesty or deceit; avoid blind acceptance of others at this time.

3 of Clubs: Love and happiness; successful marriage; a favorable long-term proposition; a second chance, often in an economic sense.

2 of Clubs: Obstacles to success; malicious gossip.

Ace of Spades: Misfortune; sometimes associated with a difficult ending.

King of Spades: Dark-haired man; or a man with air predominating in his chart; an ambitious, perhaps self-serving, man.

Queen of Spades: Widowed or divorced woman; a woman with air predominating in her chart.

Jack of Spades: A youth who is demanding or jealous.

10 of Spades: Worry; bad news.

9 of Spades: Misfortune; a personal low.

8 of Spades: Temptation; danger; upsets.

7 of Spades: Advice that is best not taken; loss; there is some obstacle to success, and this indicates that obstacles may be coming from within you.

6 of Spades: Small changes and improvements.

5 of Spades: Opposition and obstacles that are temporary; a blessing in disguise; sometimes indicates a negative or depressed person.

4 of Spades: Small worries; problems; financial difficulties, personal lows.

3 of Spades: Breaks or conflict in relationships.

2 of Spades: Deceit; may also warn against possible infidelity or separation.

Ace of Diamonds: Change; a message, often about money, and usually good news.

King of Diamonds: Fair-haired or graying man; a man with earth predominating in his chart; a man of authority, status, or influence.

Queen of Diamonds: Fair-haired woman; a woman with earth predominating in her chart; a gossip.

Jack of Diamonds: A youth, possibly in uniform; a jealous person who may be unreliable; a person who brings news, generally negative, but relatively minor.

10 of Diamonds: A change in financial status, often for the better.

9 of Diamonds: A new business deal; travel; restlessness; a change of residence.

8 of Diamonds: New job; change in job situation; the young or the old may find love on a trip.

7 of Diamonds: An argument concerning finances or employment, generally expected to be resolved happily.

6 of Diamonds: Relationship problems; arguments; separation.

5 of Diamonds: Happiness and success; a change for the better; a birth, or good news for a child; a good time to start new projects.

4 of Diamonds: Financial upswing; an older person may give good advice.

3 of Diamonds: A legal letter; be tactful with others in order to avoid disputes.

2 of Diamonds: A business partnership; a change in relationship; gossip.... playing cards in dreams dream meaning


Someone being dishonest (or taking dishonest or unethical action) can represent: A feeling or fear of someone being dishonest, unethical, or not telling the whole truth in real life.

Feeling or fearing that the world is generally dishonest or untrustworthy.

Feeling that you are dishonest, unethical, guilty (or afraid you might be in the future).

Compromising your integrity or not being honest with yourself somehow.

For more clues, consider the motive for the dishonesty.

See also: Betrayed, Being; Catching Someone; Criminal; Crime; Lied To, Being; Lying; Cheating; Trickery... dishonest dream meaning


A particular smell or odor can represent: The thing or person emitting the smell.

Something else you associate with the smell (such as a setting, person, or event).

An idea typically associated with the smell (such as the scent of a rose representing beauty or garbage representing rot).

An attempt to change a perception, situation, or environment.

An unpleasant odor can represent something you consider undesirable (dishonesty, neglect, etc.) or toxic (ill will, festering emotions, etc.).

Someone else’s body odor might represent your judgment of that person, or a perception of ill will or lack of self-care.

You having body odor could represent a concern about your image or (verbal or nonverbal) communication, or a feeling or fear of being judged by others.

See also: Fragrance; Deodorant; Garbage; Rotten; Flower; Offensive or Ugly; Nose; Sensory Cue (the category)... smell dream meaning


lucky numbers: 02-21-32-33-36-41

becoming engaged: expect troubles within the family.

friends: wil realize high ambitions.

relatives: family arguments.

betrothed but not engaged, being: wil have troubles with lover.

broken, a: may have to endure disappointments.

of others having, an: make a commitment before it’s too late.

celebrating an: couples everywhere are making you lonelier.

returning an, ring: a change in life wil take years to come.

wearing an: big joy.

others: wil be a nuisance to your friends.

relatives: their happiness is assured in the dul ness that is their life.

social high-class: your parameters for a relationship block your having one.

strong, beautiful engaged person: dishonesty.

quiet or simple: future wil be good. ... engagement dream meaning


lucky numbers: 11-30-34-41-51-55

criminal, a: wil make money in a shameful manner.

effigy, in: disclosure of dishonesty from one you trusted.

freed just before, being: wil realize own ambitions with a long-term lack of money.

friend, a: wil subdue those persecuting others to gain in stature above them.

hangman, being a: be wary of being overcritical of anyone.

laundry on the line, the: are ready to reveal your sensitivities.

man, a: have passed a level of consciousness and a step on the social ladder.

relative, a: good luck to the person in the dream; exceptional honors wil be yours.

sentenced to, being: forerunner to a succession of grievous offenses against you.

someone who is going to be: wil enjoy excel ent meat at meals, your last.

stranger, a: hasty actions bring dire results; false friends solidify your alibi.

without cause: are prone to be stingy with fortunate matrimonial al iance. ... hanging dream meaning


lucky numbers: 18-24-38-42-44-53

bait for, putting out: your intel igence determines your future.

being bitten by a: envy wil create an archenemy out of a best friend.

catching, in a trap: are disliked by others for your cowardice.

cat, in the house: unfinished business wil become successful.

gnawing: an acquaintance is envious of your life.

killing a: deviousness wil attend al undertakings.

many: serious trouble from another’s dishonesty, leading to poverty.

of: injury caused through deceit and decay of trust.

placing hands on a: wil succeed by dealing with the worst, first.

rat catcher, of a: you wil soon attract a new lover.

catching rats in a field: are committing treason by betraying another’s confidence.

many: wil receive vindication from people who did you wrong.

white: wish ruin of very bad enemies; get over it.

sweethearts dreaming of: fear a rival does not believe you deserve to be so fortunate.

swimming from a sinking ship: row your boat in the other direction.

trap, setting a: that which you have feared wil be tempted to expose itself.

white: don’t fol ow the leader; take the tunnel with the light at the end. ... rats dream meaning