What does it mean to see an discredit in a dream?

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(Defile) To discredit someone’s reputation or to defile something in a dream means the same in wakefulness. On the other hand, it may mean defaming and backbiting someone, or it may mean making peace with someone after a long separation.

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For a woman to dream of hilarious drinking, denotes that she is engaging in affairs which may work to her discredit, though she may now find much pleasure in the same.

If she dreams that she fails to drink clear water, though she uses her best efforts to do so, she will fail to enjoy some pleasure that is insinuatingly offered her. See Water. ... drinking dream meaning


If you dream at playing at tenpins, you will doubtless soon engage in some affair which will bring discredit upon your name, and you will lose your money and true friendship.

To see others engaged in this dream, foretells that you will find pleasure in frivolous people and likely lose employment.

For a young woman to play a successful game of tenpins, is an omen of light pleasures, but sorrow will attend her later.... tenpins dream meaning


To dream that you are being attacked by a reptile warns of a grave concern in your future. It further suggests a friend who will turn against and discredit you.

To dream you are safely handling a reptile symbolizes your permissiveness in the face of sarcasm and demeaning jokes from your friends. It further suggests that this bitter breakdown will lead to subsequent renewal of friendship.

To dream that you are bitten by a reptile signifies the emotional depression and anguish from losing your beloved to a rival.

To dream that a dead reptile comes back to life symbolizes an old problem whose resolution turned out to be temporary, but later became the solution.... reptile dream meaning


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balancing a: the only solution is where al parties are satisfied.

being on a: wil have dealings with the Justice Department.

others: denotes an arrest causing disappointment and worry.

relatives: wil be summoned before a court for relying on what others say as truth.

of a: have not given ful weight to one side of the argument.

old-fashioned, an: flattering results in a lawsuit do not equate with justice.

scraping scales from a fish: investigate until you uncover the plot to discredit you.

several: arrest and appearance before a court for an ancestral misdeed.

weighing children on a: wil be badly deceived if you expect each time to be the same.

food: should reexamine the quantities, not what food you eat.

various things: arguments with friends over the importance of serious issues.

yourself: your measure is not in your possessions. ... scale dream meaning


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but not injured: friends seek to discredit you.

by animals: repressed instincts eventual y erupt.

dog: loosen up, let your natural instincts guide you.

in last minute of sleep: a fear of inadequacy to deal with your day.

insanity: reflect on your connection, not the quandary itself.

intruder, an: identity wil clarify the reason for the invasion.

pet, a: leave civilization and come down to earth.

unharmed assailant, an: hidden shame needs expression. ... threatened dream meaning


To dream of brimstone, foretells that discreditable dealings will lose you many friends. if you fail to rectify the mistakes you are making.

To see fires of brimstone, denotes you will be threatened with loss by contagion in your vicinity. ... brimstone dream meaning

Secret Order

To dream of any secret order, denotes a sensitive and excited organism, and the owner should cultivate practical and unselfish ideas and they may soon have opportunities for honest pleasures, and desired literary distinctions. There is a vision of selfish and designing friendships for one who joins a secret order. Young women should heed the counsel of their guardians, lest they fall into discreditable habits after this dream.

If a young woman meets the head of the order, she should oppose with energy and moral rectitude against allurements that are set brilliantly and prominently before those of her sex.

For her to think her mother has joined the order, and she is using her best efforts to have her mother repudiate her vows, denotes that she will be full of love for her parents, yet will wring their hearts with anguish by thoughtless disobedience.

To see or hear that the leader is dead, foretells severe strains, and trials will eventually end in comparative good. ... secret order dream meaning


A dream of incest is a warning that you are contemplating some discreditable action; resist the temptation no matter how strong the pressure or how promising the proposition.

It will turn out to be a matter of lasting regret, if not remorse, if you give way.... incest  dream meaning


Dreams of mud represent hopelessness, despair, and that you have been stuck in old, outworn habits. Keep in mind that in the darkest mud the lotus flower is formed, which symbolizes the wisdom and compassion gained through facing your deepest and darkest fears.

If mud is being thrown, then you fear being discredited.

The mud is not a place to live, but a phase to pass through as you integrate your shadows into your light. See Dirt and Quicksand.... mud dream meaning


Love and/or sexual affairs are symbolized by this patient and often stubborn animal; therefore the interpretation of your dream depends on its action as related to your circumstances.

As a general guide it is considered favorable for your affair(s) if you were riding or sitting on the donkey, unless it balked, threw you off, kicked you, or otherwise gave you a hard time, in which case that’s exactly what you can expect A donkey braying in your dream is telling you that you could be severely embarrassed by the exposure of a discreditable affair or illicit relationship.

Better reassess your recent behavior and companions.

However, if the donkey in your dream was a white one, the significance (whatever the action) is altered to one of increased sexual vigor, great personal success, and loyal friends.... donkey dream meaning


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blot, an: clear your bad conscience over being the cause of another’s loss.

blotting, on an important document: your irritable behavior is hiding an adversity.

writing, a check: you resent having to pay the bil .

buying: be sparse with your confidences, al of them.

changing colors of: your indecisiveness fuels family quarrels.

children writing with: have one faithful friend within petty spiteful meanness of others.

drinking: wil seek to stain another’s reputation with your spite.

indelible, erasing: wil battle with landlord over increase in rent.

inkblot on colored paper, making an: an extended trip distorts power in the near future.

clean white: fulfil ment of fondest hopes; wil sleep in a strange bed of your choice.

of a bottle of: make peace no matter what the cost.

spilling: prolong vexing, spiteful actions by the covetous.

stain: il ness possibilities increase the longer it is left untended.

writing love letters with a pen and: your love is not reciprocated.

business letters with black: it is premature to sign agreements.

red: your discreditable associates wil debase your affairs.

young woman dreaming of: wil be slandered by a contender for lover’s affections. ... ink dream meaning


(Astray; Heedlessness; Ingratitude; Irreligious; Profane) In a dream, disbelief represents a rich person or becoming one. Disbelief in God Almighty in a dream also means illness, injustice or causing harm to others. Acting silly or impudent or stupidly, or being censured or discredited in a dream also indicates profanity and disbelief in God Almighty. Going astray in a dream means committing a sin or making a mistake. Making a mistake in a dream also signifies heedlessness in wakefulness. Ifone’s profanity becomes public knowledge in a dream, it means that he will commit a forgery or make false testimony in court. Disbelief in a dream also means ingratitude or it could denote the state of a sick person when he lies in his deathbed and awaits for his soul to be taken back to its Lord. Disbeliefin a dream also maysignifycommittingthe unforgivable act of suicide.

(Also see Irreligious)... disbelief dream meaning


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books: rely upon your own vigor and believe in your creativity.

calling cards: patience wil not be an advantage to you.

having something printed: an announcement.

letterhead, your: legal troubles over inheritance of your name.

looking at a, proof: beware of gossip, ignore it and write your piece.

newspapers: your wel -informed opinions wil be listened to.

office, operating a: wil experience through others’ opportunities.

official documents: wil be discredited by the public for reciting another’s words.

printer, being a: must exercise extreme economy through a decline in business.

printers, others who are: wil experience poverty because of hidden family secrets.

reprinting books: your future is secure, if you continue to remember the past.

watching the printing process: guard against dangerous friends. ... printing dream meaning


Sleeping in a dream means heedlessness or joblessness. In general, sleeping or feeling sleepy in a dream has negative connotations except for someone who is scared, or who expects an adversities or sufferings he may experience otherwise. This is because sleep abates all fears, annihilates them and clams one’s distress. Sleeping in a graveyard in a dream means a sickness. Sleeping over a grave in a dream means death for a sick person and joblessness for a healthy person. Sleeping in a dream also means stagnation, heedlessness, or infringingupon God’s commands, or discrediting or denying the consequences of negating them. Sleeping in a dream also could represent a blessed journey, such as seeking knowledge or doing good deeds. It also means disregard for worldly attractions, or despite for its glitters. Sleeping people in a dream also represent mass annihilation, death, murders, rising prices, or it could denote things which people are unaware of.

If in fact the people are unaware or uncertain about something, and if one sees them in such a state of slumber in a dream, it means that God Almighty will remove that blind, and they will see things clearly.

If one sees himself sleeping or laying on his back in a dream, it means that he will gain power and financial success in the world. Sleeping with the face down in a dream means losing one’s job, or it could mean poverty. Sleeping on the floor in a dream means owning a land, being a rich person, or 396 having children. Sleeping for an unmarried woman in a dream means that she will get married shortly.

The sleeping of an unjust ruler in a dream means a temporary relief for the people. Sleeping in a dream also means intoxication of the mind, ecstasy, a sickness, neglecting one’s duties, disunity, humiliation, or death. Sleeping under a tree in a dream means having a large progeny.

(Also see Doze; Sleeping on the stomach Slumber; Turning in one’s sleep)... sleep dream meaning


In a dream, the human voice represents one’s reputation or fame, and its strength or weakness reflects one’s state of mind or the condition of his health. Raising one’s voice in a dream means unjustly presiding over a crowd of people. Hearing a human voice in a dream means chairing an important responsibility.

If the human voice emanates from an animal in the dream, it denotes great benefits and particularly if the animal speaks pleasing and soothing words or words of truth.

If one raises his voice above the voice of a man of knowledge, a shaikh or a teacher in a dream, it means that he will commit a sin.

A weak voice in a dream represents a man. Intentionally lowering one’s voice in a dream means being indebted to someone, or it could mean humility.

If a man of authority or a policeman lower his voice in a dream, it means that he maybe dismissed from hisjob, or he maybe reprimanded or disciplined for his misconduct.

The sound produced by the ringing of coins in a dream represents temptation, allurement, or a fight between stockbrokers or money exchangers.

The clank of money in a dream also means either good or bad news, or it could mean hearing good words, a wise speech, or words one likes to hear more about, if they are given as a sign of friendship or as a dower.

If the clanking of money is made in jest in the dream, then it represents a fight one does not wish to end.

The sound of a hornet represents a person who defames or discredits others, or whose evil cannot be removed without acquiring the help of a like person.

The bleating of a ewe in a dream means kindness shown by one’s mistress, his wife, or by a gracious man.

The bleating of a billy goat or a ram in a dream means happiness and prosperity.

The neighing of horses in a dream means receiving guidance from a noble person, or it could represent a courageous soldier.

The braying of a donkey in a dream means hideousness, or the ugly character of a despicable enemy.

The braying of a mule in a dream means a hardship which is combined with a difficult person, or itcould mean vain talk, or indulging in suspicious acts.

The mooing of a calf, a cow, or a steer in a dream means a riot.

The gurgling of a camel in a dream represents a blessed journey, a pilgrimage, a successful business trip, or toiling and hardships.

The roaring of a lion in a dream represents alarm, esteem, fear, or being threatened by someone in authority. In general, the sound of animals in a dream connotes adversities or fear.

The neighing of horses in a dream means an invasion or might.

The barking of dogs in a dream means vain talk, interference in others’ business, regret, intending to harm others, hostility toward others, or dissonance.

The blaring of a leopard in a dream means coquetry, vanity and wantonness.

The blaring of a lynx in a dream means a false promise from an unsteady, oft-hesitant, or a greedy person and taking advantage of him.

The cooingofpigeons in a dream means lamenting, or having marital intercourse.

The chirp of swifts in a dream means good words or an admonition from a wise person.

The croakingoffrogs in a dream represents the ringing of bells, feeling overjoyed, employment for a teacher, rising to leadership, or it could mean hearing harsh words.

The hissing of a snake in a dream means a warning or a fight with someone who hides his enmity.

The braying of a donkey in a dream means cursing one’s adversaries.

The roaring of a lion in a dream means threats or boasts.

The yowling of a tomcat in a dream means uproar, backbiting, defamation and insinuations.

The squeak of a mouse in a dream means profits, reunion, love and peace, or it could mean harm one could suffer because of an interfering person or a robber.

The crying of a female gazelle in a dream means longing for one’s homeland.

The yapping of foxes in a dream means a warning to escape, to move from one field into another, or it could mean suffering from jealousy, perfidy or lies.

The howling of a wolf in a dream means a robbery, or fear of a brutal thief.

The barking of a jackal in a dream means a mission of good intent, a forthcoming evil, women’s cries for help, or the cry of people who abandoned all hope.

The sound of a pig in a dream means taking advantage of a stupid enemy and stripping him of his money.

The sound of an ostrich in a dream means hiring a trustworthy and a courageous servant, or bringing a new employee into one’s business. Most dream interpreters dislike to interpret the meaning of the sound of peacocks or chicken and note that they mostly mean sorrow and distress, while others interpret the cawing of crows to mean separation or announcing someone’s death. However, in dream, any ugly or coarse sound represents sorrow and distress while any pleasant sound in a dream represents happiness and joy.

(Also see Invisible caller)... voice dream meaning

Diana, Princess Of Wales

As the Queen of Hearts, Diana may appear as a humanitarian who brings the attributes of genuine compassion to her duties. She also represents a pnncess who is wounded and dethroned by ridicule and emotional abuse. In this way, she may appear in a dream to mention a woman’s tendency to buy into the Cinderella myth, which discredits her value and worth. Some dreamers have felt that they have had real visitations from Diana from the spiritual realms since her death in 1997. She has brought them her light, compassion, and grace.... diana, princess of wales dream meaning