What does it mean to see an discarded in a dream?

Discarded Dream Meaning: From 2 Different Sources


Implies something or someone was thrown aside as worthless; see “rejected”

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton


A discarded stone in a dream represents a dead person.

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin


You are attempting to hide something. This is a dream about having a hidden agenda or about some sort of avoidance.

A closet is a place used for storage.

The items found in a closet usually fall into one of three categories: frequently used items kept out of sight for the sake of organization, things stored for later use, and forgotten objects that we continue to hold on to even though they have lost their purpose.

A dream that features a closet as a primary image or location may need to be considered through one of these themes. Many objects found in a dream closet connect to shame.

The level of this will correspond to how hidden something is and / or how much fear there is around it. Keep in mind, however, that a closet is also a storage space where we file away things we no longer need on a regular basis. There may be old thoughts, feelings, or ways of being that need to be recognized and discarded in order to make room for new growth that is on the horizon.

The phrase “in the closet” has come to be linked almost exclusively to an individual who is hiding their homosexuality. However, in a dream, this can refer to any hidden side of the self. What you discover in a closet should be viewed through the focus of something you are hiding from or not wanting to face.... closet dream meaning


Discarded rubbish symbolizes the suppressed or repressed contents of the unconscious. You should give it a thorough turning-over. You will find extremely valuable items - aspects of yourself - that you need to rehabilitate. (On repression / suppression)... junk dream meaning


Discarded ideas, attitudes and beliefs you no longer need. Negativity, trashy thinking that needs to be eliminated. All the trips and programs to clean up, eliminate, in order to build a positive, constructive life.... garbage dream meaning


To dream of an emerald, you will inherit property concerning which there will be some trouble with others.

For a lover to see an emerald or emeralds on the person of his affianced, warns him that he is about to be discarded for some wealthier suitor.

To dream that you buy an emerald, signifies unfortunate dealings. ... emerald dream meaning


That which was once important, but has become worthless and discarded... shuck dream meaning


A warning that something worthless needs to be discarded... trash dream meaning


1. Fear of the unknown.

2. Visiting issues put to rest.

3. Observing discarded portions of one’s personality.

4. An at­tempt to deal with a loss. ... graveyard dream meaning


(Bitch; Canine; Desire; Greyhound; Japanese spaniel; Pekingese; Lust; Puppy; Shepherds’ dog; Tyke) In a dream, a dog represents an insolent man who dares to indulge in sinful actions.

If he barks in the dream, it means that such a man is impudent and has a repulsive and an abominable character.

A dog bite or his scratch in a dream means harm caused by one’s enemy and its effects will depend on the amount of pain one suffers in the dream. It could also mean falling sick or suffering from great affliction or harm caused by a close companion or a servant.

If a dog tears off one’s clothing in a dream, it means that a vile person is slandering and backbiting him. Ifone does not hear the barking of the dog in the dream, it signifies that one’s enemy has left him inflected with a small loss.

A dog in a dream also could represent a vile and an insolent woman who belong to a group of evildoing people and who are persistent in their enmity.

A puppy in a dream represents a loved child.

If it is a white puppy in the dream, it means that such a son will grow to be a believer.

If it is a black puppy in the dream, it means that he will grow to govern the household and to presides over its people.

A puppy in a dream also represents a child of adultery, a foundling who is left in the street, wrapped in a swaddle and who is brought home by an insolent person to rear him.

A shepherd’s dog in a dream represents profits and benefits.

A pet dog in a dream represents an astringent and a bitter enemy. Seeing a greyhound in a dream means gaining authority, control and wealth.Agreyhound in a dream also represents the backbone of an army general or his best helper or it could represent a good strategist, though he lacks principals and moral integrity.

A Japanese spaniel or a Pekingese in a dream signifies mixing with, or doing business with a foreign counterpart. Bringing-up a dog for companionship in a dream means befriending a servant for whom one has great love and affection. Hunting with a dog in a dream means satisfying one’s lust or desire. Killing a dog in a dream signifies vanquishingone’s enemy. Seeing an expedition of hounds leaving a town for a chase or a hunt in a dream means blessings and prosperity for everyone, or it could mean taking action. Seeing the expedition of hounds returning from a hunt or a chase in a dream means dispelling people’s fears, or it could mean lack of work. Ifone sees such expedition entering a town in his dream, it also means a high rate of unemployment. Seeing a sick house dog in a dream means illness and financial losses or loss of appetite or losing the pleasure of living.

A barking bitch in a dream signifies harm and deceit which is caused by abominable people.

A dog in a dream also means suffering from extremely high fever and in relation to Dog star or the stars Procyon and Sirius of the constellations Canis Minor and Canis Major. In a dream, all breeds of dogs represent lowly, obsequious and despicable people. Seeing dogs that are reared for bantering or dallying with in a dream signify fun and enjoying one’s life. In the dream, anything that happens to such a breed of dogs means suffering from distress, sorrow or loss of one’s pleasure of living. Ifone is transformed into a dog in a dream, it means that God Almighty has taught him great knowledge which he abused and discarded, then God Almighty stripped him from such a knowledge.

A dog in a dream also represents a police informer or a police dog.

A dog in a dream also represents a weak enemy or a niggardly person.

If a dog barks at someone in a dream, it means that one will hear something he despises or hates to make public from someone who lacks any sense of honor or virtue. Eating a dog’s meat in a dream means cracking down at one’s enemy.

A dog in a dream also represents a guard or an innovator. Drinking dog’s milk in a dream means a scare. Laying one’s head on a dog or relaxing with a dog or using the dog for a pillow in a dream, the dogthen represents a friend or a good companion.

A dog in a dream also represents a street boy, a beggar or an obsequious, lowly and a despicable person who maintains affection toward his master and jealously guards him, his children and property.

A dog in a dream also means greed, love for the worldly pleasures, committing a dogfight to win them and failing to have any reserve or savings. In a dream, all types of dogs also represent people. Ahunting dog in a dream represents honor and profits.

A shepherd’s dog represents a good neighbor who cares more about his neighbors than about his own household. Adopting a dog as a pet in a dream means wavering, or paying financial damages, or it could mean unemployment. Takinga dog for a companion on a journey in a dream means disappearing.

A dog in a dream also means disbelief, ingratitude or losing hope, belying, fear, imprisonment, or becoming a fugitive. Seeing a dog in a city in a dream also means renewal of one’s business contract.... dog dream meaning

Finding Something

(Abandoned; Discarded item; Lost item; Gleanings) Finding something abandoned or discarded or lost in a dream means receiving a precious gift from an employee or a servant one will treasure, or it could mean receiving a cheap item one cares to keep, receiving an inheritance, or it could mean begetting a blessed son.... finding something dream meaning


Symbolic of something worthless and discarded, Jer. 25:33 ... dung dream meaning


(Elevation) In a dream, a hill represents a powerful and a dangerous person. Any construction surrounding such a hill represents one’s wealth. Ifone sees a flat land adjacent to a discarded high ground or a hill in a dream, such a hill represents a rich man whose wealth compares to the size of the surrounding property.

A valley of green pasture surrounding a hill in the dream represents his strength, justice in method of dealing with others, or it could mean religious devotion. Following that line of thoughts, it also means rising in rank at the hand of a powerful person. Crossing hills in a dream means escaping from danger. Standing on top of a hill in a dream means presiding over a religious person. Descending a hill or an elevation in a dream represents losses, migraine headache, or humiliation. Imprisonment on the top of a hill in a dream means a high rankingjob. Ifthe elevation is made of trash in a dream, it means worldly and material status.

An elevation in a dream also represents one’s wife.... hill dream meaning


Eating a raw onion in a dream denotes an evil happening.

If a sick person . eats a small amount of onions in a dream, it means that he will die from his illness, but if one sees himself eating a large quantity in his dream, it means that he will be cured of his illness. However, eating a green onion, or a scallion in a dream means prosperity and good health, though they will be accompanied with stress, sadness or separation from one’s wife. Eating a strong smelling or a fragrant herb in a dream means contempt, loathing on the part of some members of his family toward him, or it could mean thathidden matters will finally surface. Ifsuch herbs are the type of bulbs that require skinning before eating, then they denote curiosity and eavesdropping, representing what is usually discarded. In a dream, onions for a businessman represent the element of money, and for a traveller it represents health, success and a safe return. Onions in a dream also meandistress and difficulties. Gathering onions in the field in a dream means suffering from harm caused by one’s own family.... onion dream meaning


To dream of an aborted fetus can symbolize a discarded idea in someone’s life or the actual event of having aborted a child ... miscarriage dream meaning


Dreams containing feces may be odd but they are not uncommon. Feces represent those things that you no longer need, things that are currently garbage or waste and need to be discarded. This dream may represent healthy psychological progress. It may indicate that you are cleansing yourself of unnecessary and possibly hurtful attitudes, ideas, and emotions. At times, and depending on the details of the dream, feces could represent a contaminated area of your life, mind, or spirit. Look at the details and consider if the image of feces is in regard to something that you have been trying to clean or if it brings up stress provoking thoughts, confusion, and difficult and unresolved areas of your life. In some cultures people believe that if you are dreaming about feces you will soon prosper financially.

(Feces in the dream means money in the hand.) See Also: Defecation.... feces dream meaning

Airplane Crash

Illusions and unhealthy attitudes need to be discarded.... airplane crash dream meaning


Inferiority complex. You feel inferior in your social environment. Symbol of self-worth, wanting to advance but feeling your shortcomings. Sign of romanticizing social status by holding on to ideals uncritically, even those that should have been discarded long ago. What do you really want out of life?... aristocrat dream meaning


To dream of a bride represents the female aspects of your personality. It may also indicate a new relationship or merger.

To dream that the bride is shot at her wedding indicates that you have discarded these female attributes.... bride dream meaning


Dreams of cobwebs symbolize that you are discovering a part of your power and wisdom that has been long forgotten, neglected, or discarded. This dream can also represent seduction and your ability to lure people to. See Shadow, Spider and Web.... cobwebs dream meaning


Psychological / emotional perspective: We may be conscious of a build-up of emotional energy within us, which can only be handled by a breakdown of old attitudes and approaches.

The ‘debris’ left behind after such a breakdown needs sorting through to discover what needs to be retained and what discarded.... demolition dream meaning


Material aspects: Jumble can have the same meaning as junk in that there is no particular order – it is a confused mess.

If in everyday life there are aspects which have this quality we may be wise to try to create some kind of order, and decide what is worth keeping or continuing with and what is better discarded.... jumble dream meaning


Material aspects: Waste in dreams signifies matter or information we no longer need. It can now be discarded. Often the colour will have significance. Waste can also suggest a misuse of resources – we may initially be using too much energy on a particular project.... waste dream meaning

Aerosol Can

If your dream featured an aerosol can, there is something in your past that you need to hold on to and preserve.

The dream may also symbolize how you “can” do something. Don’t underestimate your abilities and talents.

If you dreamed of spraying the can, you will soon get some good news or learn some secret knowledge. However, if the can in your dream was empty, discarded, or you threw it away, you may have serious money troubles ahead - start saving!... aerosol can dream meaning

Spray Can

To see a spray can in your dream suggests that there is something in your past that you need to hold on to and preserve.

The dream may be a reminder that you “can” do something. Don’t underestimate your abilities and talents.

If you dreamed of spraying the can, you will soon get some good news or learn some secret knowledge. However, if the can in your dream was empty, discarded, or you threw it away, you may have serious money troubles ahead - start saving!... spray can dream meaning


The significance depends on the details and the action.

If the dream involved many cans and they were full, you can expect some good news to reach you quite soon.

If you opened a full can» you will discover some very useful secret knowledge; if you drank from a can, you will have unanticipated joy; however, if the can featured in your dream was empty, discarded, or you threw it away or cut yourself on it, you may have serious financial difficulties ahead.

Reexamine your plans for an alternate road.... can dream meaning


An obstacle dream.

If during your dream the crutches were discarded, you will overcome the difficulties; if not you are in for a long struggle and perhaps it might be wise to consider a shift either of your goal or your method of approach to it... crutches dream meaning

Breaking Up

Universal Landscape: Sacrifice and transformation of an aspect of personality.

Dreaming Lens: Were you breaking up with someone? Were they breaking up with you? Was it in person or on the phone? Was it a marriage, or was it a more casual relationship? Was it painful?

Personal Focus: When two people are joined as an intimate couple, the way they identify with each other psychologically is the glue that holds them together. It is almost as if their individual sense of wholeness depends on how each partner lives inside the psyche of the other as a projected “other half.” When a breakup occurs, each person moves on to their next expression of Self. Neither will be quite the same for having connected.

In a dream, one party (or both, if neither of the couple breaking up is the dreamer) represents a Character Aspect of the dreamer that is being sacrificed in the cycle of death and rebirth in order to make way for a new way of being. While this can hurt intensely, letting someone go is an intrinsic part of growing and expanding our self-identity as we mature, and a necessary step in the evolution of the human psyche.

Viewed in this light, a breakup in a dream signals that this crucial process is underway. People frequently dream of the partner they have parted with in life while grieving the loss. The symbolic meaning of the ex in a dream connects to the qualities in the dreamer that were most brought out by them. If a breakup is occurring to a couple in the dream that is not you, then the Character Aspects represented by one or both of them will provide clues for the qualities that are being discarded, or need to be let go of.

Violence or conflict surrounding a breakup may illuminate elevated levels of resistance or perhaps higher emotional stakes. Consoling someone after a breakup may point to being further along in the process of change. Advising someone or seeking advice around the issue of a breakup (convincing or being convinced as well) could represent an unconscious attempt to battle resistance to change. The varying levels of emotional content in such a dream will reveal the depth of the shift that is taking place.... breaking up dream meaning


lucky numbers: 05-07-21-27-29-50

hair, finding, in the: dishonor within the ranks; the source is unaware of his complicity.

killing body: wil be surrounded by sycophants, each tested as to value and discarded.

many: emotional unrest through deep-seated insecurities.

own clothes, finding, on: pleasant news brings money and ensuing responsibility.

body: an unscrupulous individual wil tempt you with a dishonest al iance.

others: eliminate the keen disappointment caused by freeloaders. ... lice dream meaning


(1) If you dream of being abandoned or forsaken, the dream is almost certainly expressing your own (albeit unconscious) feelings. Perhaps you felt uncared for as a child.

If so, your dreams will probably include direct or indirect references to your parents. Alternatively, the feeling may be of more recent origin. Whenever the feeling originated, it has to be dealt with now. The first and most important step is to look at the feeling as objectively as possible, as something that is living inside you but is not essential to your being. You can choose to nourish it or wave goodbye to it. What is the point of nourishing it? Self-pity is negative and destructive - though this is not to say that you should be hard and unsympathetic with yourself: you should offer love and understanding and forgiveness to yourself as well as to others.

Realize that you are not identical with your feelings: you can change them at will, and by changing them you change the quality of your life. NB To say you should look objectively at your feeling does not mean that you shouldn’t employ the Gestalt tactic of identifying imaginatively with the abandoned one in your dream and thereby reliving the abandonment. Such identifying and reliving, however, are helpful and therapeutic only when they enable you to see the feeling as something vou can say yes or no to, as something that is a part of you but does not have to be a part of you (for this Gestalt tactic).

(2) The abandonment may signify a loss of external guidance in vour life. Perhaps circumstances have caused a rift between you and your father or mother or some other ‘authority figure’ from whom you previously took vour moral code or other values and attitudes. The authority’ in question may have been some religious or other ideological set of rules and sanctions that you have now discarded.

Some people throw ofT one authoritarian code of conduct onlv to embrace another. However, if you have rejected such externally imposed codes outright, this probably means that you have become aware that you alone are responsible for vour life, for any choices or decisions. Ultimately’, you are the sole authority in vour life: if you let someone or something (pope or guru, or social conventions, or whatever) have authority over you, it is you who choose to give them that authoritv. This is not to say that it is wrong to allow them that authority, only that it is you who decide whether it is right or wrong.

It is no use putting the blame on people or things outside you - the Church, or the government, or some external fate or circumstances. You create yourself, you create your own happiness or misery, success or failure. Of course, there are some things that impinge upon your life that you cannot remove, but although the things themselves are beyond your control, your reaction to them is always within your control: you can succumb or not, become angry and embittered or not. There is perhaps a kind of‘destiny5 or life-plan; but it is grounded in the centre of your own being, and fulfilling your destiny simply means being - or, rather, becoming - yourself. And that entails getting rid of anything that has no positive or creative role to play in the unfolding of your true nature, and nourishing and developing those parts of you - feelings, attitudes, aims, desires and so forth - that can and should contribute to a full and rich blossoming of your true self.

(3) The feeling of abandonment may be the result of the death of someone you relied on (consciously or unconsciously) for your own feeling of worthwhileness, for a sense of purpose or meaning in life.

If so, again - as in (2) above - you should look within yourself for meaning and worthwhileness and strength. (This does not necessarily mean a slide into extreme subjectivism. What I am recommending is a subjective method of finding the meaning of life. This does not mean that what you find by this method is a purely subjective truth, something that has no reality’ outside your own imagining and is true only for yourself and not for others. There may well be a meaning and a purpose - a destiny - in all things, in the totality of existing universes. However, for all but a few - e.g. advanced physicists - the experiential grounding for such meaning is to be found in themselves, their own destiny and meaning within the great cosmos.)

(4) The forsaken one in your dream may represent a neglected part of you, be it an instinctive drive or a desire or ambition, or some unrealized potential.

If so, trv to identify’ it and, having identified it, trv to find an honourable and appropriate place for it in vour conscious life.


If the abandonment in your dream is a state of licentious abandonment, the dream is cither expressing feelings or desires that you arc conscious of having, or telling you that at the unconscious level of your psyche there is a demand for greater freedom, for throwing away the chains with which you (or, more precisely, your guilt-feelings) have shackled yourself. In other words, you need to let yourself go in order to find yourself.

In most cases such dreams will be referring to your sexual life (or lack of it). Please understand, therefore, that licentious behaviour in a dream is usually an instance of how dreams may use exaggeration or hyperbole as a tool for penetrating the conscious ego and forcing it to give attention to something in the unconscious that is rightfully demanding proper scope for expression in the dreamer’s day-to-day life. Obviously, to let oneself go completely and continuously and relinquish all self- control may well lead to the loss of self.... abandonment dream meaning


Capped bottle means closed or locked up inside, but can easily break through to new awareness. Old empty bottle is discarded part of self you do not need anymore.

If you receive a message from floating bottle, one washed up by the sea, the unconscious self is offering an answer to a problem.... bottle dream meaning

Cigarette Butt

The end of a phase or process (as a cigarette butt is the end of the cigarette-burning process).

Something or someone you consider old, used up, discarded, ignored, or valueless.

A certain person who smokes, or evidence of that person’s presence.

Cigarette butt litter can represent: someone else’s discard; being affected by someone else’s issues, carelessness, or disregard for others; a littered or messy (physical, emotional, or mental) environment.

See also: Ashes; Fire; Cigarette; Smoke; Garbage... cigarette butt dream meaning

Losing Your Job

Dreaming that you’ve lost your job is a sign that you’re feeling anxious about some area of your life. This doesn’t necessarily have to be work-related, you could be feeling insecure in a relationship, or even be worrying about money. How you lose the job also has some bearing. If you’re fired, this suggests you feel cut off in some way and you could have anger issues which relate to this. Redundancy implies some kind of rejection. You may feel that your ideas and opinions will be discarded, or that you are surplus to requirements.... losing your job dream meaning


lucky numbers: 06-10-11-23-24-31

being refused by your children: conditions must be met for happiness in the near future.

relatives: old ideas need to be discarded before prospects of better times.

friends: jealousy and dissension must be erased from your consciousness.

others refusing: misery and desperation until old ideas are disposed of.

refusing a gift: are too certain of receiving another gift.

others, your: wil be embraced by sweetheart; final y, acceptance.

refusing to accept a letter: secret pains over opinions that need revisiting.

others, your: business wil not turn around unless you face facts. ... refusal dream meaning


lucky numbers: 04-22-33-35-36-45

being a swordsman: your distinction wil be menaced by indifference.

being wounded by a: there is great danger at the hands of the impassioned law.

by an acquaintance: wil receive a service from an honorable person.

in the hand: your defense wil be belittled and discarded.

blood coming from a, wound: are cut off from your senses.

broken, a: deep discouragement that obstacles can’t be severed.

hitting an unknown person with a: success in your enterprises.

life being endangered by a: big benefits if you stand your ground.

sharpening a: security through fixing the most subtle threats to your finances.

wearing a: wil have a position of public trust.

woman dreaming of wounding someone: wil receive many presents.

pregnant: wil give birth to a boy.

wounding others with a: expect a commitment to your authority.

SYRUP 06-09-14-17-23-24

buying: beware of thieves.

making: beware of enemies.

maple: fortunate gathering of the joys of remembrance.

of: wil suffer humiliation and shame.

putting on food: business affairs wil become very confused.

children’s: wil make good col ection of money.

T T T T T... sword dream meaning