What does it mean to see an deadline in a dream?

Deadline Dream Meaning: From 2 Different Sources


To dream of a deadline suggests a feeling of pressure to perform; it indicates an unhealthy attitude to your work or job. Difficulty meeting a deadline within a dream shows an unconscious desire to be free. Obvious deadlines, met with ease, indicate the ability to find emotional freedom from the pressures of work thus allowing you to continue in your job whilst maintaining balance in your personal life.

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To dream about having a deadline may suggest anxieties about a current assignment or project. You may need to stop procrastinating.

If you dream of missing (or being late for) a deadline, this symbolizes your fear of change. You might be nervous about seizing an opportunity, or unready/unworthy in your current circumstances.

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1- When we become conscious of the seasons of the year in dreams, we are also linking with the various periods of our lives (Spring signifies childhood, Summer young adulthood, Autumn middle age, Winter old age).

2- The need for us to be able to divide time into periods or phases arises initially from the necessity to co-operate with the seasons from a survival point of view. Given deadlines and limitations, the human being is able to survive through striving.

3- The division of the year into Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter gives occasion for celebrations and festivals.... seasons dream meaning


The act of running may comment on your avoidance or fear. Running a race may represent concerns ab,out making a personal deadline or concerns about competing In business.... running dream meaning


A form of rapid transit that travels through underground tunnels, the subway may symbolize exploring the underworld and moving through psychological milestones to your destination of wholeness.

A subway may also indicate a preoccupation with getting to work and may reflect concerns in making a deadline.... subway dream meaning


Psychological / emotional perspective: When we are particularly under stress, we can be overly aware of the running out of time; that it can become an enemy. This is often symbolized in dreams as an hourglass.

It is probably from the hourglass that we get the word deadline; when the sand runs out the energy has gone.... hourglass dream meaning

Eleventh Hour

The eleventh hour is a widespread symbol for indicating that one’s time is almost up, referring either to death or to a deadline. Among certain Christian groups, it is a symbol for the short time remaining before Christ’s return. Dreaming about a clock face reading eleven o’clock often expresses anxiety about a deadline.... eleventh hour dream meaning

Double Digits

In Tarot and in dreams, the significance of numbers does not stop at ten. In most cases, the number can be reduced to a single digit number as described above, but certain numbers have additional associations. Eleven is associated with the power of the intellect and the Tarot card Strength. It stands for intuition, mastery in a particular domain, spirituality, enlightenment and capacity to achieve.

Eleven is also traditionally a symbol of transgression, as it goes beyond the law, represented by ten. St Augustine called eleven ‘the coat of arms of sin’. Eleven can also suggest anxieties about a deadline, as in ‘the eleventh hour’.

Twelve has a spiritual significance because of the Jesus’ twelve disciples and in dreams it may represent a revelation of truth. There are also twelve months in a year, so the number twelve in a dream may be urging you to enjoy your success and prepare for the future. Twelve is the number of the Hangman, a Tarot card symbolizing the sacrifice of ego, or new outlooks and perspectives.

Thirteen is traditionally an unlucky number and it may cause anxiety if you are superstitious. But it is also a symbol of optimism, completeness and new hope. For Mexicans, thirteen is a lucky number since their Pre-Colombian ancestors worshipped thirteen gods and thirteen heavenly bodies. Thirteen is the number of the Death card in a Tarot reading and it represents transition and rebirth. In dreams, thirteen is a paradoxical number meaning death and birth, end and beginning, and change and transition. It is symbolic of obstacles standing in your way that you must overcome to achieve your goals.

Fourteen is associated with the Tarot card Temperance, representing balance, harmony and equilibrium; it signifies the unexpected and your need to adapt to ever-changing circumstances. It is also symbolic of over-indulgence and giving in to your desires. Fifteen is the number of the Devil, a Tarot card symbolizing the need to resist temptation or break free from restrictions. The number sixteen is linked to the Tower, a Tarot card that suggests a struggle for freedom; it also symbolizes innocence, vulnerability, tenderness, destruction of the old and the birth of the new. Seventeen represents the Star, or renewed hope, in a Tarot deck; eighteen is the number of the Moon in the Tarot deck, which warns against illusion and confusion; it also warns against treachery, deception and lies; nineteen denotes the Sun, a symbol of success and happiness in the Tarot deck; it indicates independence and the overcoming of personal struggles. You will find that you often have to stand up for yourself.

Twenty is associated with Judgment; a Tarot card of assessment and new beginnings and twenty-one represents the World, in a Tarot deck, a symbol of unity. According to numerologists the number Twenty-one represents a turning point in your life. It is also associated with the responsibilities to which you need to own up. Twenty-two denotes mental powers and knowledge. It also indicates that you are goal-oriented and practical. The number twenty-four symbolizes rewards, happiness, love, money, success and creativity. Twenty-six symbolizes the earth, and the law of cause and effect. Thirty-three is a symbol of personal and spiritual growth. The number thirty-nine symbolizes understanding and thoughtfulness. Forty denotes a period of cleansing, preparation and growth.

Forty-four refers to a sacred union or divine marriage. Fifty stands for all that is sacred in your life. Sixty is associated with time. It may refer to time running out or longevity.

Generally, rather than sending an archetypal or symbolic message, double digits in your dreams may also have been referring to your age, or the passing of time or times in your life from which you can draw inspiration or from which you are reluctant to depart.... double digits dream meaning


Guns are associated with violence, death and war, and to hear a gun in your dream may suggest your unconscious wish for someone to be taken out of your way as they are blocking your progress. A single shot, such as the shot fired by a starter pistol at the beginning of a race, may suggest the pressure you feel if you are under a harsh deadline for completing a project.... gunfire dream meaning


A schedule, deadline, or issue regarding time in your real life.

The idea of efficiency, inefficiency, or time management.

An authority figure, rules, expectations, or other outside pressure to which you feel subjected in real life.

See also: Calendar; Time Frame; Late... schedule dream meaning


lucky numbers: 02-10-12-21-29-42

clock chiming the: wait until the last chime to make major decisions.

cuckoo giving the: unexpected wealth through your forwardness.

eleventh, the: anxiety before a deadline.

hourglass, of an: are running out of time to save your relationship.

with all the sand at the bottom: concentrate on what you have achieved.

seeing the, on a clock in the street: for the stability of your life, donate to charity.

wristwatch: wil lose a friend with your inability to arrive on time. ... hour dream meaning


A watch in a dream expresses concerns about time and deadlines Losing your watch may point to the loss of your sense of time or to your resistance to being on time. It may also represent anxiety about being late or forgetting an appointment.

A broken watch may indicate that time has run out.... watch dream meaning


Dreams of time signify your attitudes and feelings regarding time, punctuality, deadlines, order and structure. This dream is a reflection of how you operate within the ego world.

If you dream of wanting to know the time signifies a desire for a reality check, as in “What’s really going on here?” You may be coming to your senses and venting out your fear of being late. See Watch and Clock.... time dream meaning