What does it mean to see an cuttlefish in a dream?

Cuttlefish Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

Important decisions to be made in a great hurry.

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Cuttlefish | Dream Interpretation

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lucky numbers: 18-21-30-39-45-48anchovies: suffering through memories of first lover. aquarium, being in an: are constricted by your inability to express emotions. darting back and forth: time for you to leave present position. bait: a lure is no substitute for solid facts. barracuda, being attacked by a: must change environment to succeed. birth of a: the treasures or sustenance of your inner, unconscious life. boiled, eating: spiritual surrender to God’s wil . bones of a: survive the emotional state and rationalize it continuously. carp, several: your chance to win a contest. cod, a: wil have an unexpected visitor. cooking: freedom from detestable work to quest your own enterprising talents. cuttlefish, buying: an important decision must be made in a hurry. dead, in a store: the nourishing influence needs your vitality to actuate. stream: a distant dire calamity has echoed into your water. flying, a: travel to odd places with even odder experiences. several: wil enjoy pleasures that wil cost money. fried, eating: wil find a lost trinket among the bones. hatching: wil have difficulties in bearing a child. jellyfish, having: support you expect, wil dissipate along with the indecisive people. kingfisher, flying across the water: recovery of lost money through conscientious effort. mackerel, of a: expensive pleasures cause quarrels and suffering. many colors, of: expect to quarrel with your partner. market, a: wil obtain a highly honorable position among the wealthy and powerful. mermaid, of a: are deceived by a lover under false pretensions. pickerel, a: trouble with a lover you should never have trusted. red-colored: are fishing for compliments. salmon: lighten up and your deep emotional conflict can be solved. salted: wil have to fight to avoid misery. several: your presence of mind to play the lottery wil tide you over the rough times. shallow water, in: warm reputation and lasting friendships wil taint you. story, the, that got away: extracting yourself from an enmeshed love triangle is futile. sushi, eating: wil require uncooked, spiritual food. swallowed by a, being: period of terrific and terrifying introversion into madness. swimming freely about: seek and bring to light your inner spiritual realization. swordfish, angling a: a battle of elegance; the nobility of capture. eating: wil gain riches by changing sources. offered: wil be complimented by sincere friends. tuna, eating: your lively independent mind needs to mediate out the fishy order. tinned: extreme shyness intermittent with bursts of outrage. ... fish dream meaning

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