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What does it mean to see an cutter in a dream?

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(See Marble cutter)

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Box Cutter

Removes mental stress of feeling “boxed in”; see “razor” and “knife”... box cutter dream meaning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited


Seeing brown or black grasscutters in cages, however, is a sign that small irritations in your life will be dealt with. Catching a rat in a trap indicates freedom from worry and a release of tension. To catch grasscutters, means you will scorn the baseness of others, and worthily outstrip your enemies. To kill one, denotes your victory in any contest. Also See Mice, mouse, rat, animal. ... grasscutter dream meaning


Marble Cutter

In a dream, a marble cutter represents wealth, a palace, high class, beauty, unity and love. Laying marble in a dream means preparing oneself for the next move, or completing a pathway. (Also see Marble)... marble cutter dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


Seeing a stonecutter in a dream means that one is close to committing a major sin. A stonecutter in a dream also means enmity or divisiveness. Astone cutter in a dream also represents an experienced person at dealing with, treating and healing the pains of the hardened hearts. (Also see Stonemasonry)... stonecutter dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Wire Cutters

Wire cutters may appear in a dream when you need to break a difficult tie with someone or to cut off a difficult communication. ... wire cutters dream meaning

Ariadne's Book of Dream


(Disposer of estates; Guardian) In a dream, a woodcutter represents the person in charge of distributing one’s inheritance, since it is he who disposes of the dead branches of a tree. In a dream, a woodcutter also represents an agitator, winter profits, eavesdropping, gossip, burdens, or sins. ... woodcutter dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


See Meeting. ... woodcutter dream meaning

Gypsy Dream Dictionary


Your efforts wUl not result in much profit. ... woodcutter dream meaning

Mystic Dream Book