What does it mean to see an cut(s), cutting in a dream?

Cut(s), Cutting Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

cut(s), cutting

Universal Landscape: Evidence of wounding; protection that is instinctive.

Dreaming Lens: Did you sustain a cut in your dream? Was there evidence of a cut after the fact? Were you cutting someone else? Was someone else cutting you? Were you cutting yourself? What was the implement or tool used? How badly were you hurt? Was there bleeding?

Personal Focus: The skin is the largest organ of the human body. Comprised of three layers, its primary function is to separate the outside and inside of the body, offering a mildly protective shell for the tissue beneath it. Cuts in the skin hinder the effectiveness of that protection and the body quickly responds to any injury it may sustain.

While a cut opens the body to risk, the healing response is powerful and immediate. As the brain releases chemicals that block pain and ease stress, the blood begins to clot, closing the opening made by the cut. The immune system responds with protective mechanisms that fight off infection. Seen in this light, the larger portion of the experience of a cut is on the healing side of the equation. It is this response that becomes the essence of this symbol’s meaning.

A cut leaves a mark that is the evidence of the wound. Depending on whether the wound occurs in the dream, or appears to have happened in the past, indicates where you are in the process of responding to some hurtful moment in life. Additionally, your interpretation will vary depending on the part of the body that is affected. The arms relate to strength and action, the legs connect to movement and motivation. The hands represent creativity, and the face connects to the persona one shows to the world. See “Body Parts” for more thoughts to augment the meaning you assign this symbol. Additionally, consider that a cut on an exposed part of the body means your wound is visible to others. An area that is generally covered by clothing may connect to the ability or desire to hide your wounds.

The phenomenon of “cutting” is a ritualized addiction where a person deliberately cuts their body as a stress-relief mechanism. People who cut will describe a satisfaction in having an interior experience of emotional pain expressed physically on the body. Being cut in a dream, whether self-inflicted or otherwise, is a similar action by the unconscious mind to express inward pain in an outward manner.

Dream Sight: A Dictionary and Guide for Interpreting Any Dream | Dr. Michael Lennox

14 dream interpretations related to the symbols you see in your dreams.

Cord, Cut

1. Desire to break family ties—particularly maternal one—and become an adult.

2. Loss of something.

3. Feeling free of someone. ... cord, cut dream meaning

New American Dream Dictionary

Crew Cut

A stiff, bristle attitude or appearance... crew cut dream meaning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited


To dream of a cut, denotes sickness or the treachery of a friend will frustrate your cheerfulness. ... cut dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation

Cut And Paste

Dreams of cutting and pasting symbolize that you are editing, organizing and rearranging your thoughts and maybe even your life. You are in the process of discerning who and what to keep and what and who to eliminate.... cut and paste dream meaning

Strangest Dream Explanations

Cut / Cutting

To dream that you have a cut, suggests that you are being let down or being undermined.

If you cut yourself in the dream, you are being your own worst enemy.

A dream of cutting something signifies a broken relationship or severed connection.... cut / cutting dream meaning

My Dream Interpretation

Cut Off

Stopping a process or a flow (as in cutting off the electricity).

A desire to get rid of, be free from, or not have to deal with something.

A feeling or fear of threat.

A perceived power imbalance.

Consider the context and what is cut off.

See also: Ending; Interrupting; Scissors; Knife; Disabled... cut off dream meaning

The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary


Vision: Cutting up food: your project will be completed successfully.

If you cut yourself: the whole affair will end in failure—something you already knew beforehand.

Depth Psychology: Cutting something is a sign that you want to put your past behind you. Are you harboring aggressive feelings toward someone? Do you feel “cut off’ from your emotions, ideals. and desires because of present adverse circumstances? See Scissors.... cutting dream meaning

Dreamers Dictionary

Cutting A Limb

Cutting and separating someone’s limb such as the head, hand, feet means a quarrel is imminent between the one who does this and the person whose limb had been cut.

The same is the interpretation if his flesh is cut.... cutting a limb dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Cutting / Haircut

interpreted upon 10 sides: blessing, wealth, guardianship, rank & leadership, honor, sultanate, acquiring of something wanted, happiness and delight in proportion to his elevation, and his goodness.... cutting / haircut dream meaning

Islamic Dream - Cafer-i Sadik

Cutting Off

(Amputation; Beheading; Cutting; Decapitation; Scission; Chopping off; Severing) Cutting off one’s hand in a dream signifies failure to perform one’s obligatory prayers or being devoid of any need or an income that eliminates the need to ask others for anything, or it could mean repentance from sin.

If one’s hand and heels are cut off in a dream, it means corruption in one’s religious life or forsaking the spiritual circles, or it could mean being barren or being freed from the duty to raise children. Cutting off one’s nose or ear in a dream means a punishment for a crime, or it could mean poverty or missing someone’s news. Cutting offone’s tongue in a dream means invalidating one’s argument or proof, or it could mean preventing him from asking for anything.

If one sees himself dismembered in a dream, then it means that he will undertake extensive travels, or that members of his family will disperse into different locations, or it could mean severing one’s blood ties or paying a penalty.

(Also see Beheading; Rupture of relations)... cutting off dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Cutting Remark

(Oversight) A slip of one’s tongue or to slip in a cutting remark in a dream may mean walking on a slippery surface in wakefulness or vice-versa.

(Also see Slippery surface)... cutting remark dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation

Hair Cut

Dreams of a haircut symbolize transformation.

A new look symbolizes a new outlook on life. See Hair and Hairdresser.... hair cut dream meaning

Strangest Dream Explanations

Paper Cut Shredded.

... paper cut shredded. dream meaning

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model

Wild, Cut Or Artificial Flowers

In dreams, wild flowers represent freedom, freshness and natural beauty, symbolizing a disregard for the highly organized beauty of artificial flower beds or plastic flowers.

If many flowers are growing in your dream, this indicates feelings of wellbeing and optimism. The opposite will be the case if the flowers are dying or wilting. Do nature’s simple charms have great meaning for you, with your dream of wild flowers indicating the need for a simpler life? Or do you feel you are about to flower and fulfill your potential? Dreamers picking wild flowers may be turning away from their partner.

Cut flowers are unable to give pleasure in their natural setting and therefore may suggest artificiality and appearance over substance. Because flowers are a symbol of sexuality, fake or artificial flowers in a dream may suggest that those whom you think of as friends are actually showing you a false face or persona. On the other hand, flowers in a vase suggest a showcasing of your inner beauty or something that facilitates your personal development.

If you were arranging flowers in a vase or in a floral arrangement, try to remember if you did so carelessly or with great care. The positioning of flowers in dream floral arrangements can indicate how we unconsciously relate to others.

If your arrangement was artless or careless, you have a casual approach to relationships with others that may leave others feeling unimportant to you.

If you took extreme care with the arrangement, this can either indicate a positive, caring approach to relationships with others or controlling and manipulative tendencies. And if dried flowers appeared in your dream, this suggests that past relationships may be more important to you than the people with whom you are currently interacting in waking life.... wild, cut or artificial flowers dream meaning

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