What does it mean to see an creditor in a dream?

Creditor Dream Meaning: From 2 Different Sources


If you dream of a creditor it can symbolize a curse on someone’s life, Ps. 109:11

Christian Dream Symbols | Tyler Wolfe


Imagining that they demand you pay a debt denotes a misuse of your material and intellectual goods as well as the feeling of being overwhelmed by economic problems in real life. You must be more moderate in using those assets in order to avoid future complications.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke

25 dream interpretations related to the symbols you see in your dreams.


The smell of gas in your dream was a warning to keep your nose out of other people’s affairs; seeing someone overcome by gas predicts news of a scandal; lighting a gas stove or other appliance is a suggestion to economize and avoid overextension of your credit; to see a gas fire burning in a fireplace or furnace indicates a pleasing social invitation; financial difficulties are forecast by a dream of anyone wearing a gas mask, and if you were wearing one yourself, you’d be wise to try to pacify your creditors before they cause you some real hardship.

To dream of a gasman reading your meter is a warning that you could be embarrassed by someone (probably a relative) making unauthorized or unwarranted use of your credit, so don’t be careless about such facilities.

A lighted gas lamp in your dream indicates a stroke of money luck; turning off a gas lamp or seeing one suddenly go out is a sign of coming disenchantment with a personal relationship.... gas dream meaning


A sharp knife signifies personal strife; a rusty knife means family troubles; a broken knife indicates failure in love; an open switchblade knife or penknife predicts legal troubles, a closed one suggests financial reverses; a dull knife portends hard work with little reward.

To cut yourself with a knife is a warning that you could be embarrassed by a neglected creditor; don’t stretch goodwill too far.

See also Cut and Blade.... knife dream meaning


lucky numbers: 03-09-10-22-23-43

being a creditor: money worries are close at hand.

pursuing your debtors: money owed to you, at the end of the day is stil not yours.

being harassed for payment: capture and humiliate the man dunning you.

many people, by: big misery and harassment bring nightmares.

partner, by a: misery for a short time, good expectations in business.

relatives: serious troubles you cannot rectify, nor ease.

discharged interest, being: wil have reason to be jealous.

harassing a partner: beware of damages if you have overspent.

pursued by creditors for payment: they smel your approaching prosperity.

receiving payment of money owed by others: security in business. ... credit dream meaning


lucky numbers: 06-15-22-23-48-50

reconciling an argument: sensible initiatives first, risky ones after foundation is laid.

business transaction: heavy involvement needs to be unraveled.

with a creditor: wil fal into a trap, causing wide financial loss.

with father: a business trip wil be constructive and profitable.

friend, a: quarrels over your open-hearted sociability not being loyal.

mother: fearlessness and decisiveness in the execution of your abilities. ... reconciling dream meaning


Trouble from creditors.... hickory-nuts dream meaning


To dream of suffering from indigestion is a sign that you will be pursued by your creditors.... indigestion dream meaning


A dream of contrary. Being dunned for pay- ment in your dream por- tends an unexpected large profit or increase in in- come, unless you actually are in a financial mess, in which case the dream is simply asserting a threat to your mental welfare and you should try to work out a sensible plan with your creditors.... dun dream meaning


Though money may be in short supply for the time being, you can be sure your creditors will be sympathetic and cooperative if you dreamed of being protected from disease by inoculation.... inoculation dream meaning


lucky numbers: 02-21-23-26-28-32

going to England: creditors wil press for payment.

living in: desires wil not be realized unless you look at it from al sides.

love affair with an, person, having: wil have an unknown sickness.

many, people: false friends are nearby; diplomacy and tact wil resolve it.

of an, person: a good friend has ulterior motives in his mind. ... english dream meaning


lucky numbers: 11-12-17-21-24-35

hearing: creditors are gossiping about your ability to pay their high interest.

hearing a loud: refrain from interfering in quarrels among friends.

bang: a family member agitates your slumber.

children making: wil receive letter with long-awaited good news, be patient.

in the street: defeat in your plans if you don’t step back for some rest and relaxation.

visitors making: success in your affairs depends on you alone making the decision. ... noises dream meaning


lucky numbers: 11-21-22-25-32-34

annihilated, being: wil be surrounded by beautiful women.

being in a: have confidence that you wil be actively involved in civic affairs.

losing a battle: are surrounded by creditors; apply for a different credit card.

winning: wil rise above your present society of friends and equals.

marching in a parade: change in own position within a large family. ... regiment dream meaning


lucky numbers: 04-06-07-16-29-30

being, for wrongdoings: beware escaping creditors do not block your enterprise.

good actions: beware of a double-cross from a heckler.

being given a, job: worries wil not be smoothed away, clear things up.

dealing with, people: are doomed with your excessive preoccupation with the past.

having, children: relatives wil come asking for help. ... responsible dream meaning


A store can symbolize the assortment of opportunities and rewards that life offers you. However, dreaming that the store is closed or that you do now have enough money for your purchases indicates that you feel incapable of reaching what you want. In this sense, the dream recommends that you not make too high of goals and that you be more realistic.

If the store is a countryside store, it symbolizes evasion and protection.

It is possible that this dream also foretells discomfort, but in this experience you will gain knowledge. The store could suggest that you should isolate yourself so as to know your inner self more.

For the merchant, dreaming of a store is a sign of bad luck.

It is saying that you will suffer the pressure of creditors. For everyone else, the dream predicts prosperity, even when you do not buy anything. In this fashion, if you dream that you are working in a store, fortune will smile upon you.... store dream meaning


lucky numbers: 22-25-28-34-35-42

black: success in business is promised.

brown: at the threshold of healing is sadness.

combing your: your vanity is detectable to former companions.

curly, having a: are you making the impression you desire?

cutting of someone you know: the real person is exposed.

full, man having a: you wil gain unexpected courage.

goatee, a: a health scandal.

gray: loss of money, hard luck and quarrels.

turning: you wil suffer from gossip and slander.

hairs from, losing: loss of a female relative.

handsome, a: complete success in own enterprises.

having a: fierce struggle for mastery over financial distress.

false: you are deceiving yourself about your health.

long, very: prosperity wil come and stay.

not: large gain in business.

shaggy: each split end is an abandoned dream.

man dreaming of a woman with a: your lover is hiding her innermost thoughts.

pulling off own: ruin and poverty; wil have to pay creditors.

red: you are provoked and wil lose money in combat.

shaving his, man: loss of virility.

short, a very: riches are short lived.

smaller, making a: in danger of losing wealth.

thin, a very: death of a family member.

trimming own: fear of castration and loss of male power.

washing own: anxiety over being obsolete.

white: great prosperity through conscientiousness.

long: listen to the wisdom of the ages.

woman dreaming of having a small: an abortion wil occur.

a man with a beard: you wil leave your husband.

shaving his: looking for a gentle father figure. ... beard dream meaning


lucky numbers: 06-09-13-22-23-45

auger, drilling with an: a tiresome companion wil extend his stay.

bandsaw, using a: wil win praise from your employer before long.

being at work: legitimate success in financial matters for shaping ideas.

chisel, using a: wil mislay important papers that define your design.

buying a: wil obtain desires through energetic work.

drawknife, shaving wood with a: heartening support wil come from creditors.

drill, using a: are overcoming the shyness, which precluded your forming relationships.

fixing the house: forget frivolity, get straight to the source.

hiring: unexpected and pleasant occurrences arriving with a bang.

lathe, operating a: your fortune is in the ideas you favor.

lever, using a: your strength wil be enhanced once the plane is level.

sandpaper, finishing with: your imagination covers too vast an area to be productive.

tack, pounding: care for your reputation; your quick, sharp wit may be infamous.

pulling out a: arguments with your employer.

vise, using a: a task being squeezed to a forced conclusion.

working busily: wil use practical wisdom to unlock the intuitive unknown. ... carpenter dream meaning


lucky numbers: 03-11-14-15-27-40

being a farmer: are wel -grounded and in tune with life’s rhythms.

belonging to others: congenial work, profitable production and neighborly support.

burning, a: repression of your natural inner-conditioned growth.

buying a: a wel -tended farm brings a big harvest for the farmer.

empty field: others have harvested your crop.

farmer dreaming of the Greek god Bacchus: nurturing growth and natural pleasures.

farming, of: simple joys, salt of the earth and robust health.

difficulties with: arguments due to vanity forestal ing the development of your potential.

money in, making: success through cooperation with Mother Nature.

through, losing: fateful event wil thwart highly anticipated gains.

new in the, business: have an advantage others don’t have, a fresh viewpoint.

fertile meadow, walking a: symbolizes the characteristics of learning and unfolding.

fertilizing a field: unpleasantness forces you to attain growth; insight is not that easy.

field yet to be harvested, a: hard work equals abundant harvest.

gleaner, being a: are completing the process of transition and establishing your rights.

gathering grain after a reaper: are completing the process of transition.

harrow, drawing a: cultivation of the personality.

hiring people to work on a: wil be helped by people with more expertise.

hoe, cultivating with a: wil be competent in the sale of farm and dairy products.

hothouse, of a: are nervous and irritable in an overheated argumentative atmosphere.

making paths on a: reaping benefits of hard work ahead.

measuring farmland: diligently represent your sensual, aggressive or animalistic urges.

others visiting your: rapid sowing and reaping of mutual affairs.

owning a large: the cultivation of your goals are on solid ground and rising.

small: wil realize high ambitions.

pitchfork, a: a lengthy burdensome task wil increase prosperity by a smal amount.

being chased with a: creditors!

prosperous, a: advantages in business, matrimony and inheritance.

relatives working on a: wil take a safe journey.

scarecrow, seeing a person as a: he has no good character traits.

selling a: profit from astute business dealings.

animals for slaughter: don’t underestimate the value of your talents.

sickle, cutting grain with a: brandish insults without caring who you hurt.

silo, feeding animals from a: bel y up to the bar doesn’t mean you drink everything on it.

on fire: are hedging your due dates to your detriment.

tractor, driving a: wil accomplish exactly what you have sown, no more.

vacant, a: a run on the bank and loss of money.

visiting a: unpleasant arguments with narrow-minded people.

withered crops, with: homeland needs planting of the seeds of insight.

working a, all alone: material success for your simple needs.

young, working: a burdensome life for a peaceful old age. ... farm dream meaning


lucky numbers: 02-05-18-34-47-52

accelerator, stepping on the: attempting to go faster than your capabilities.

accident, having an: prepare to meet powerful competition for approaching money.

injured, and being: stretch your muscles and your world view.

seeing an: unexpected hurdles interfere with your master plan.

antifreeze to an, adding: desire to prevent relationship from cooling down.

axle, breaking an: disaster from a source beyond your comprehension.

backseat driver in an: your mode of expression is to order others to do things for you.

bags in an, your: unexpected money arrives.

battery going dead in traffic: how to annoy the most people with one act.

body too awkward: feel inept and inadequate for job at hand.

big: you can’t handle life; simplify it.

bulky: are carrying too much emotional and material baggage.

designed with flash: a restless need to be noticed.

old: body is deteriorating, get a medical checkup.

rusted: indulge in armchair travel.

small: feel cramped in hard labor for meager living.

brakes in an, using the: withdraw from business deal if your wil is not in it.

failing: false stops are draining your resources.

installing new: put an immediate stop to a project you initiated.

breaking down on the road: journeying and changing wil alternate in succession.

buying a beautiful: advancement at work wil include stipulations.

crashing in an: have set yourself up for failure to avoid confrontation.

denting a fender of your: someone is endeavoring to destroy your pride.

others, your: exercise restraint in criticizing others within the family.

departing, a: new burdens and responsibilities don’t lessen dependence on others.

directions in an, being given wrong: don’t move until you see way ahead clearly.

driver, with no: rethink the level of self-control of your activities.

poor, a: slow down those around you from taking parts of your life.

driving an, alone: anticipate and take charge of your destiny.

children, with: be concerned for other’s first.

friends: the degree of your self-control and self-responsibility.

lover, your: passions must be control ed while driving.

relatives: don’t be manipulated into living the life they failed to do.

sweetheart: your weaknesses wil be known, your reputation scandalized.

wife: cement your relationship before moving.

fast, a: are making progress in trust and faithfulness but check the emotional weather.

night, at: are keeping secrets from friends.

rain, in the: have been driven to new heights without preparation.

safely and skillfully: success through your own effort.

dying in an: become active in scene you avoided or it wil haunt you.

by fire in the: regret a deed that foretold your disappointment.

an explosion: your enemies endeavor to thwart your affairs.

engine parts missing: do not have tools to finish the job.

responsive: are foiled in your attempt to forward your ambitions.

unresponsive: your inability to move your mind-set is blocking progress.

escape from path of an overturning: wil succeed in harrowing schemes.

fender, standing on a: wil soon travel to a foreign country.

find parked, can’t: your business promotion wil be foiled.

fuel gauge on empty: stop and rebuild your energy.

gear impossible to engage correctly: are struggling with an intractable problem.

headlights, seeing other’s: can’t see past a disagreeable solution.

many glaring: quick and decisive action can avert disaster.

own won’t light: are forcing the issue.

hitchhiker in an, being a: wil be criticized for being overly dependent upon others.

picking up: wil have confrontations with creditors.

horn, hearing a loud: have taken an il egal turn.

idle, running in: create a constructive use for your energy.

ignition won’t turn on: something fails to strike a vital spark.

impounded, being: your innocent action has been misread.

leasing an: wil acquire an unfavorable reputation.

man, an, to a: sexual drive with power, mobility, dexterity and carelessness.

woman: ambition, assertion, desire to overtake the male, freedom.

night in an, spending the: helpful friends were overenthusiastic with their advice.

owning an: are stealing a reputation.

pedals, pressing the: your ambitions and decisive abilities wil be acknowledged.

radiator in a, a: your hasty actions cause you to make the wrong decision.

rear view mirror, see danger in: go ful speed ahead.

reverse, driving in: setbacks caused by people you have run over.

rolling in: your backsliding is self-induced.

riding in an, others: be on guard against false news.

woman, a: your name is scandalized; your weakness wil be disclosed.

running over someone with your: are destroying a part of self with your blind ambition.

skidding: your judgment error endangers your family.

pulling out of a skid: your mentor wil make a favorable turn.

speeding in an: pick up your opponent and include him in race.

and getting a ticket: displeasure with own sexual performance.

man: sexual euphoria, pause and appreciate yourself.

stalling on highway: unable to gain momentum, check the engine.

stealing your, others: traveling in uncharted business circles wil prove costly.

steering wheel comes off in hands: the money you need is delayed being paid back.

stepping out of an: stagnation at the degree you are presently actualizing your potential.

tires flat: massage those thighs and walk every day!

blow out: check the air and rotate your tires, now!

van, getting out of a: plans for trip wil not be realized; loss of employment.

others: do not act impulsively; good things come to one with patience.

vulnerable to damage, being: fear of inadequacy squelches your performance.

windshield, can’t see through the: stop and look sideways.

winning a race in an: wil make a swift disposal of the competition. ... automobile dream meaning


lucky numbers: 02-03-08-09-10-26

check, a: wil fal into the grip of creditors.

document, a: don’t rely too much on your fortune.

having a valid fortune: wil hear stupid gossip.

ticket, a: wil have an abundance of property. ... validating dream meaning


lucky numbers: 15-22-39-40-43-47

being killed in prison: sins must be so offensive even inmates condemn you.

long-time of a, a: are il -disposed toward friendships that support you.

escaping from prison: plentiful means wil bring appeals from the poverty-stricken.

executed, being: beware of il ness depleting your ability to earn a living.

released: the smal fortune to be earned must be split among your creditors.

killing himself in prison: only everlasting friendship possible for you is with God.

another: big arguments wil cause an endless round of fruitless battles to be heard.

of a prison: accord among friends wil turn disagreeable and destructive. ... inmate dream meaning


lucky numbers: 05-14-23-25-33-48

delivered by hand, your: your troubled conscience should redeem itself.

destroying a, of business: insurmountable obstacles confront you for lack of loyalty.

exchange, having a, of: unexpected profit from a number of exciting opportunities.

hiding another’s: beware of a fair-haired rival; a stack of overdue letters wil arrive.

love letters: frankness is an admirable quality when expended with passion.

mailing a: wil receive interesting news with little trauma.

reading a chain: unpleasant accusations from one you know is in the offing.

interesting, an: wil battle for your reputation against potential evil.

others, your: take precautions against being deceived by using simple routine information.

political: wil be assisted by a conceited, malicious person.

refuse to read a: shame, loss of social business standing.

romantic: wil forget your troubled conscience and gain your fondest desire.

receiving a: great wealth awaits you emotional y, if you al ow relief to be rendered.

anonymous, an: disagreeable, imaginative injury creates tensions in every move.

children: are embarking on a risky deal that is certain to fail.

friend: a visitor brings hopeless mistakes; identity issues harm your reputation.

relatives: wil come out wel from a present peril with sensational charges rendered.

suitor: prompt engagement, but fiancé wil lure other offers.

business: don’t rise to riot swiftly; the nasty situation wil turn in your favor.

money, with: are in the center of a heated difference of opinion.

open it with eagerness, and: a message you communicated.

put it aside: don’t want to hear the truth rewarded with jealousy.

registered, a: a breach of durable confidence through unstable finances.

receiving: the deal offered empowers your confidence in your competence.

return receipt, with a: wil not stand up to legal or ethical standards; dishonor comes.

wife or husband, from a: separation with accusations flying and reproofs stampeding.

lover: wil be slighted out of an advantageous marriage, with accusations flying.

sealing a: wil be successful in al your affairs until its contents are revealed.

sending a: be careful not to betray your secrets, yet be forthright in your offer of hospice.

business: be careful that in your warning of troubles, envy cannot be detected.

children, to: pay attention to finer details to raise the child.

fax: some element of your life demands immediate attention.

friend, to a: wil take an extensive voyage after an attempted suicide.

husband or wife, to a: regret for worry done long ago has had time to heal.

lover, to a: the air around a recent heated but friendly discussion needs to be cleared.

relatives, to: quarrels over being harassed by creditors for your debts.

shuffling out of another’s sight: where there is money, there is treachery.

suitor, to a: your intuition overcomes your enemies; don’t condemn without evidence.

tearing a: a rival wil take the affection of your sweetheart.

writing a: overinvolvement in your own point of view.

anonymous, an: cannot accept the receiver’s preeminence; destroying it won’t help. ... letter dream meaning


lucky numbers: 08-23-25-35-36-38

beautiful, having a: are admired for your good character and sympathetic nature.

big: be careful with investments, speculation and lending money.

bleeding: sure sign that you have more friends than you think.

bobbed: your promises are not being kept.

curved: infidelity of a woman.

cut off: gossip by friends making relationship with partner difficult.

frozen: your great powers of imagination are underdeveloped.

long: people hate your influence, but love your personality.

small: your life wil be sufficient, no more.

stuffed-up: unfriendly people expect an apology for your noisy interruption.

ugly: beware of wrong being done to you.

unusually large: be silent even with the truth about others.

beautiful woman’s, a: increase in the family.

blowing your: creditors wil be relieved at your payments.

child’s, a: friendship is a gift, especial y a child’s.

dive, making a: intense, passionate experience with one of the opposite sex.

enemy’s, a: beware of the exposure of your personal life.

friend’s, a: adultery; opposition is encountered.

having no, at all: your blatant curiosity has been stifled.

hurting your: beware of backlash from sticking your nose where it wil annoy others.

mucus, from: unfriendly people expect apology for your noisy interruption.

nosebleed, of having a: wil be disil usioned at being held in contempt by others.

pinching your: the situation is too good to be true, and it isn’t.

another’s: emotions cannot be manufactured.

someone else’s: take care not to display your wealth.

running, are unable to stop, from: are blessed with fertile creativity and imagination.

sneezing, of: wil be enlightened suddenly by a salute.

baby: wil have minor stomach trouble.

children: beware of an infection injuring children.

young girl’s: wil have many friends to whom you give great gifts. ... nose dream meaning


lucky numbers: 02-07-35-41-47-48

odors: your sense of deceit in your friends is correct.

wiping, from forehead: a smal fortune, deep in your psyche, wants out.

body: you fear a proposal of marriage wil be blocked by those gossiping il wil .

children: wil succeed in being loved by the opposite sex.

enemies: their loss of money is your gain.

medicine, from taking: health wil improve with less of the exact medicine.

men: wil be badly treated by creditors.

of perspiring: hard labor wil be required for success.

relatives: wil be rewarded for your own good efforts. ... perspiration dream meaning


lucky numbers: 01-05-08-12-24-38

attending a: a short-lived fulfil ment of your own dearest desire.

friends: wil be escorted by a genial friend who wishes for more.

others: wil be dunned by determined creditors.

with family: you can’t go home again, but an enactment of it may be palatable.

ground: are making too much noise; nurture more mature relationships.

children at a: in your innocence, you do not notice who is hovering about.

hoop, playing with a: friendships are carefree only in childhood.

taking part in a: wil overcome enemies, but not lover’s other lover.

fire, a: wil receive surprising and bad news about one you learn you care for. ... play dream meaning


lucky numbers: 04-05-06-12-14-23

apartment, in an: be on the lookout for treachery.

bath, a: your overpossessiveness is annoying the family.

being in own: your good humor wil not ease slow suffocation.

of someone you love: wil be cheated by friends who lure you into il health.

boardinghouse, in a: bad business ventures absorb al of your living costs.

children’s: privacy and comfort are your greatest aims.

dark, a: a wealth of images reenergizes emotional progress.

decorating own: losses in business affairs bring unexpected guests.

empty, an: have to earn to appreciate whatever you own.

entering a: certainty of good earnings and pleasant company.

home, at: emotional poverty looms over you.

hotel, a: suggestions put forth are not what they seem.

mortuary, at a: a danger of immediate death.

newly painted, a: wil be deceived, if you trifle with lover’s affections.

office, an: wil have bad dealings with creditors; consolidate your debts.

prison, a: feel repressed, confined and trapped in your present situation.

waiting, a: are pacing the floor with uncertainty when you just need to open the door. ... room dream meaning


lucky numbers: 13-14-32-34-47-53

beard, having a thin: are unwil ing to share your potency with others.

red: wil be annoyed by creditors for debts you didn’t incur.

thick: wil make sufficient money on the edge and wil not be overdrawn.

being shaved by a barber: don’t buy the shares and stocks he suggests.

having completed: are guilty of molesting women with your gossip.

head of a man, the: losses in gambling.

nun: unprofitable ambitions, wel meant and wel received.

lathering before: wil solve a pressing problem by looking in the mirror.

neckline: don’t refuse the proposition, combine it with your ideas.

someone else is, you: do not rise to the bait, no matter how provoked.

woman dreaming of, under her arms: are liked by men because of a passion for travel.

legs: wil refuse a proposal without understanding its significance.

woman shaving a man: women give you the brush-off.

yourself: use succinct analysis in the difficulties ahead. ... shaving dream meaning