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A cross may have private associations for you. On the other hand, the cross is such an ancient symbol that its meaning in a dream may have come from the collective - not the personal - unconscious (for this distinction).

(1) It may mean simply ‘no-go’: that something in your life has come to an end; or that it ought to come to an end. Look deeper into yourself for new directions, in both senses of the word.

(2) It may be a crossroads sign. See also Crossroads.

(3) Is the cross in the dream a burden? If so, don’t be too ready to accept the notion that crosses have to be borne. Discover what it is in your life or in yourself that constitutes a ‘cross’, and then remove it - dissolve it with a proper self-love. Burdens prevent you from reaching your full stature as a person.

(4) The cross may be a symbol of death. It may be that your present self, or something in you, must ‘die’ as a necessary prelude to new and fuller life.

(5) It may be a symbol of martyrdom. Is the martyrdom something you feel as an oppressive and crippling restraint, or is it self-imposed? These are not absolute alternatives: what is consciously felt as an undeserved punishment may be unconsciously self-inflicted - for some imagined guiltiness.

(6) A crucifix (cross with the crucified one fastened to it) will carry the symbolism of crucifixion, which may be either martyrdom (as in (5) above), or severe restraining of‘bodily^ or ‘earthly5 desires. Alternatively, it may represent extreme neglect of some psychic component or function (for repression and suppression). Decide whether your unconscious is recommending or protesting against the rcpression / suppression, and act accordingly.

(7) The Greek cross, having all four arms of equal length, may symbolize wholeness: the unified psyche - the unification of conscious and unconscious. (The union of opposites is represented by the vertical and horizontal lines of the cross; wholeness is represented by the way the arms reach out to embrace reality in all directions.) See also Mandala... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols


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