Coworkers Dream Meanings

Coworkers Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

To see your coworkers in your dream, highlights aspects of your real life relationship with them, including difficulties or how well they support you. It signifies your ambition, struggles and competitive nature.

If the coworkers in your dream are not your actual coworkers, then they may symbolize some psychological aspect of yourself that you need to work on.

If you dream that you are training a coworker to take your place at work, this means you are making progress with respect to some task or inner development. You are leaving behind old attitudes and are looking toward the future.

Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation
Author: myjellybean


To dream that you are hard at work, denotes that you will win well-earned success by concentrating your energy. It can also signify a creative breakthrough.

If unusual characters appear in the workplace, such as members of your family, try and bring their influence into your work life. Also see “Coworkers”, “Fired” and “Quit.”... work dream meaning


If you dream that someone is obligated to you means you will win to a high station in your life and/or business relations.

To dream that you are under obligation to another person then this means that you have become the target of thoughtless actions and complaints from friends or coworkers.

A dream of obligation is also a warning that you must keep any promises you have made to a person, or lose that persons esteem or love.... obligation dream meaning


To dream of your coworkers reflects the way you interact with them. This could indicate any conflicts or bonds that you share with them. It represents your aspirations, hopes, efforts and tendency to debate with others.

If the coworkers in your dream are not your actual coworkers, then they may symbolize an aspect of your personality that you need to alter or improve.

To dream that you are training someone to take your place implies that you are ready to begin new projects and encourage personal talents and abilities to grow. You have adopted new perspectives to replace previous ones. *Refer to Office.... coworker dream meaning


Although dreaming of your own funeral is really unpleasant, the meaning that lies behind this image is positive. It indicates that you must move away from the past and look to the future. In contrast, dreaming of someone else’s burial announces that, probably, a radical change is about to happen in your life. Something has come to an end and you have to forget about it; or in other words you need to bury it. When it comes to the funeral of a loved one, it shows that you should not cling to your possessions. Dreaming that you are buried alive warns you against a mistake you are about to make; your opponents will use it to harm you.

If you are saved from this situation your efforts will correct the mishap over time. (See CEMETERY and DEATH)

BURIAL - analysis of the dream

Joseph dreamed: “I was sitting in front of a black coffin, surrounded by strangers who were weeping and mourning the death of... I did not know who it was. I felt no sorrow, no pain, but the fact of not knowing who we were burying made me anxious, and still I did not dare to ask. Suddenly, I noticed that the coffin was open and I just had to get up from my chair to see noticed that the coffin was open and I just had to get up from my chair to see inside. My surprise was great when I saw myself dressed as a clown with a stupid grin on my face.”

Dreams about death announce changes or the end of a phase. Before this dream Joseph was a joker... too much! His friends and coworkers were always berating his heavy and tasteless jokes; however, he did not seem willing to change. Joseph took a few days to understand the message of his dream; a few months before, a friend of his had had a really hard time because of his jokes. The dream was announcing to Joseph a change of attitude, it was warning that: “If you do not want to lose all your friends and end up surrounded by strangers—like in the dream—you better bury your joker side.” After this, he knew he had to give way to a more staid Joseph and, of course, it was not fair that others will have a hard time because of his inappropriate attitude.... burial dream meaning


To participate in a competition with strangers signals small expenses because of an unexpected trip; with coworkers, trouble getting a job promotion; and with family, heated discussions that could end violently. Earning money by betting on a competition is a positive sign: you will survive any problem; however, losing that money means you have to abide by the dictates of others.... competition dream meaning


Your real family, whether or not the they look like themselves.

Another group with whom you interact in real life, such as friends or coworkers.

An ideal imaginary family or group, perhaps triggered by issues with your actual family.

See also: Relative; Mother; Father; Son; Daughter; Grandparent; Aunt; Uncle; Cousin; Person You Know; Person Unknown... family dream meaning

Not All Dreams Are Dreams: Mystic Experiences Remembered As Dreams

Not All Dreams Are Dreams. Because a dream is a bridge between your nightly thoughts and your waking mind, author Stase Michaels suggests that a dream is your only vehicle of memory during sleep. If you have a mystical experience at night, you remember it as a dream because a dream is your only vehicle for memory at night. Though the argument of whether that is so is circular and speculative, anecdotal accounts are ripe with mystical dreams that are experienced as real events—often more real than can be captured by words. Mystical events remembered as dreams have their own signature and flavor, as explained in the following sections.

MYSTIC EVENTS HAPPEN MORE FREQUENTLY DURING SLEEP. Mystic and spiritual experiences tend to occur at night for several reasons. First, logic is placed on hold as you sleep, allowing the mind and soul to explore deeper depths and recesses of awareness. Second, there are no demands, no need for food or drink, and no enticements from electronic toys. As you drift into a peaceful sleep, your unfettered spirit is free to confer with the soul and explore what else is out there. Can anyone prove that mystical events take place during sleep? No, but dream enthusiasts regularly record fascinating examples, like the following.

DIVINE GRACES OFTEN HAPPEN DURING SLEEP. Some dreams are not dreams; they are experiences of divine grace. Whether you actively seek a blessing or it arrives as an unexpected gift, the divine hand at times sprinkles love, healing, and transformation as you sleep. As the New Testament bible phrase goes, “Seek and you will find, ask and you will receive.” One way to recognize a dream that is a sprinkle of divine love is by the results. The dream brings a jolt of energy that leaves no doubt you have been touched by amazing grace. You feel a combination of shock, upliftment, joy, and transformation, though a precise description is beyond words, say those who have had this experience.

DREAM EXAMPLE 1 OF DIVINE GRACE IN A DREAM: CALL IF YOU NEED ME. A young woman drew on her deep faith as she struggled through a difficult job situation. Focusing on her work, she tried to keep a good attitude despite the constant bickering among her coworkers. However, by evening, she often collapsed into tears. One night she dreamed that she was flying through the air on a carpet. As a soft evening breeze flowed through her hair, the carpet landed on a mountaintop. A beam of light appeared from the sky, revealing a phone number in gold letters, one at time, with the numbers 777-7777. As each seven appeared, she was zapped with energy and joy. She felt as though her cup of love was overflowing, and then she woke with a start.

Recognizing seven as a mystical number in many traditions, she knew that God had smiled on her efforts to remain positive in a difficult situation. From that day forward, she sailed through her work days, shrugging off the discord. To her astonishment, within six months the troublemakers had left and were replaced by new associates who had kind and positive personalities. The unseen hand not only bestowed a healing grace on her, in a dream, but its effects also spilled over into her life, transforming a difficult workplace into a pleasant environment.

DREAM EXAMPLE 2 OF DIVINE GRACE IN A DREAM: JUST ASK. Over a one-year period, a man fervently sought to renew his spiritual path and experienced several dreams of amazing grace. These divine zaps encouraged yet shocked him, leading him to wonder if his night-time experiences were a fluke or could happen to anyone. One night, he prayed, “God, if someone seeks your favor, do you always respond? Are you really there?” That night a booming voice answered in a dream, “If you or anyone wants my help, you just need to ask.” Like a strong wind that makes its presence felt, the message left him uplifted and joyous beyond words.

The Great Spirit had answered his question, leaving no doubt that God invites anyone to communicate and to ask for what they need. Such graces are often remembered as dreams. Some dreamers recount a direct physical healing; others speak of emotional healing in a dream as an answer to their prayers. Dreamers with these experiences describe feeling embraced by a divine love so strong that their lives are permanently altered. Most have a hard time finding words for their experience. However, all agree that there is an astonishing healing effect of the “love that surpasses all understanding” which they experienced, and say that it does not dim with time.

NIGHT MEETINGS WITH THOSE WHO HAVE PASSED ON. Loved ones who have died often appear in the dreams of family members and friends. The body of the deceased loved one often appears younger, whole, and full of life. Some say hello, others simply smile. Such nocturnal contacts hint that life is eternal. The encounters feel real and bring joy and consolation to the dreamer.

If your heart remains connected to a deceased loved one, they may say hello in a dream communication soon after passing or sometimes, years later. Such a visit by a deceased love one is remembered as a dream and may be a response to your feelings of loss. The person visits to assure you they are still alive in eternity, and in spirit. Such across-the-veil meetings are consistent with teachings about heaven and the afterlife that most religions mention but do not describe in detail.

Many believe the next realm of life is not far away in time or space, which allows loved ones who have passed on, to drop by. Mystics suggest that a bond of love makes it natural for a departed loved one to touch base from time to time, and bridging the gap between from afterlife to the dreamer is easiest during sleep.

DREAM EXAMPLE OF A CONTACT WITH A DECEASED LOVED ONE: TREAT HER RIGHT. Most dream visits by the dearly departed are marked by few words, though on occasion the deceased person may speak up. A striking example came from a father who died suddenly, about two years before his beloved daughter’s wedding. A few weeks before her wedding day, the groom, who had never met her dad, told the bride’s family about a dream that startled him. He described a dark-haired man with high cheek bones who said, firmly, three times, and each time louder than the last, “Take care of my daughter!” By the third time, the young man stammered, “Yes, sir,” in response, in the dream.

The family laughed, recognizing the man in the groom’s dream as the bride’s father who had passed on. The dream brought back fond memories of how protective her dad had been toward his baby girl. Leaping across the veil, her dead father introduced himself to the groom. Though the husband-to-be was a fine young man, he reminded him that he wanted the best for his little girl. When there is love, family ties are eternal.

ASTRAL TRAVEL DURING DREAMS. Mystics claim that the soul can leave the body at night, during sleep, to take short jaunts. The experience is called “astral travel,” also known as astral projection or an “out-of-body” experience. During astral travel, the sleeping body stays put while the soul soars out into the world and beyond, remaining connected to the body via a mystical thin, silver cord. The silver cord allows the soul to find its way back to its sleeping body.

TYPES OF ASTRAL TRAVEL. Anecdotal accounts report astral treks that give glimpses of other heavenly realms. Or, they can be journeys related to near-death experiences whereby a person dies or comes close to dying, visits the afterlife, but revives and lives to relate their experience. Astral travel can also happen during sleep—as a dream that is a mystic experience—remembered as a dream.

ASTRAL TRAVEL DREAMS. Some dreams of soaring down familiar streets at night, high above trees or buildings, may be experiences of astral travel. Ditto for dream scenes of enthusiastic chats with friends or associates that continue conversations that may have begun earlier in the day or renew a friendship, as a chat between friends. Astral travel dreams often depict real streets, people, and places that you recognize, and when you return from such night travels, the body may feel a jolt as it lands.

DREAM EXAMPLE 1 OF ASTRAL TRAVELS: A NIGHT VISIT WITH A FRIEND. A young woman who was concerned about a friend’s health dreamed that she was flying through the air and hurtling over familiar city landmarks during the night. Fully aware of where she was, she soaked up the scene of glowing streetlights and deserted city roads. She arrived at her friend’s home. Watching as the friend slept peacefully, she was assured that her friend was okay; the dreamer had accomplished her mission. She then realized that she had been away from home for a long time and was separated from her body. The awareness made her wake up with a jolt, as if her soul had landed back in to her body with a thud.

DREAM EXAMPLE 2 OF ASTRAL TRAVELS: A NIGHT STUDY SESSION. Teachers with an interest in dreams report dream experiences of “night study sessions.” Such dreams depict conversations with enthusiastic students that are a continuation of a topic that began in class, earlier in the day. The dreams feel real, like experiences of astral travel shared by a group, spurred to gather once again because of a mutual enthusiasm for a topic.

DREAM EXAMPLE 3 OF ASTRAL TRAVELS: JOURNEYS TO DISTANT LANDS. Dreamers report jaunts to distant lands to visit loved ones for a brief soul connection. Such an experience is common among twins separated by distance, or between married couples where one spouse is on deployment in a distant land. Details of conversations that take place during such a night visit may be forgotten, but the intense awareness of the connection they made with a loved one remains.

UNCHARTED TERRITORY. Such examples suggest that astral travel can be initiated by a concern for a loved one, a shared enthusiasm, or a longing for a loved one. Such heart links may initiate astral travels that are remembered as dreams. Mystics have described such experiences for centuries, which leave some to wonder how much we have yet to learn about uncharted soul horizons.... not all dreams are dreams: mystic experiences remembered as dreams dream meaning

People In Dreams: When Are They Mirrors Of You?

The People in Your Dreams. Whether the person portrayed is a family member, friend, stranger, or someone rich and famous, each carries a unique message.


The most common purpose of a dream person is to mirror your own behavior and traits.

DREAM EXAMPLE: MY SISTER BEHAVED BADLY. A woman dreamed of her sister having a temper tantrum. In real life, her sister was capable of a grand explosion or two. The dreamer noted how insensitive her sister appeared in the dream as she spewed venomous words, and she suddenly remembered the verbal mudslinging that she, herself, had engaged in with a co-worker, the previous day. She realized that the dream scene described her, not her sister. Though normally professional and constructive, the previous day she lost her cool and her dream mirrored how she had appeared to coworkers. The dream made her realize that a kind word would have gone much further to resolve the situation than anger. When you see someone behaving badly in a dream, take a breath and fess up. In the end, most of the people that you dream about signify parts of yourself.


A DREAM PERSON AS A MIRROR OF YOU. “Projection” is a psychological term that describes how easy it is to see—in others—what you hide about yourself. Take the driver on the highway who weaves in and out of lanes, shouting at others about driving too slow or being in the wrong lane. He notices others’ poor driving habits but is blind to his own. That is called projection. Instead of glaring at your own fault, you notice it in others.

Most people hate to admit to shortcomings like having a bad temper, eating or drinking too much, or not living up to their ideals. As you conveniently push away negative images of self in a dream, you let an actor “stand in” for you, to demonstrate the negative behavior that you hide from yourself. To further distance yourself from the flawed person that you don’t want to recognize as really you—the stand-in takes on the appearance of a family member, a friend, or a stranger.

To explore how a dream person can mirror you, try this exercise. It is named the “Two Plus Two” game because you select two qualities and two shortcomings in a main dream character and then explore those traits in yourself. This is how it goes.


• Select a prominent dream character who appeared in a recent dream. Choose someone who confused you or stimulated an intense reaction.

• Without thinking too much about it, list two positive traits and two negative traits about the dream person.

• Even if the dream character is a stranger or a well-known person who you do not know, you still have a notion of what they are like from their actions, appearance, and body language. Base your selections on those impressions and your reactions to the dream character.

• If the person is someone you know, list their actual traits that come to mind.

2. COULD THIS BE YOU? After listing the dream character’s positive and negative traits, be bold. Examine the same traits in yourself.

See which ones, if any, might apply to you at this time. Keep in mind that a trait may be relevant to you for only a limited time, or relate to you only in a specific situation. For example, you may normally be talkative, yet when troubled, you brood in silence. As a result, even though friends may describe you as chatty, a dream about a quiet person might portray you during a troubled phase.

3. BUT … WHAT IF THE PERSON IS NOT A MIRROR? After taking a good look, if you can sincerely conclude that the dream person’s traits do not match yours, the character may not be a mirror of your traits or actions. Examine the alternative options about what dream characters may represent, as listed below.


Most of the time a dream person mirrors your personality and actions. However, there are exceptions. When a dream person does not fit as a mirror, explore these alternatives.

Alternative 1 of a Dream Person Who Is Not a MirrorCHARACTERS MAY BE ACTING OUT A RELATIONSHIP DYNAMIC. Whether a dream relates to your relationship with a boss, an associate, family member, friend, or a love interest, people in dreams sometimes indicate how that relationship is going. Never ignore the story line; the story line is your first indication of who or what the dream is about. How characters behave in the dream plus the story line can unveil hidden motives, show how others see you, and reveal hidden agendas—yours and theirs.

When, in real life, you feel confused about a relationship, look for a dream that may mirror what is going on and shines a spotlight on the situation. A dream about a relationship can advise you how to handle others or invite you to tweak your own attitude or behavior.

Alternative 2 of a Dream Person Who Is Not a Mirror

A DREAM CHARACTER PORTRAYS AN ACTUAL PERSON. Once in a while a dream is truly about someone else. Such a dream may show the person acting and looking as they normally do. Or, it can be a metaphoric scene, but you recognize the topic and the qualities of the dream character as being related to someone else. A literal dream about another puts you in touch with their issues, reveals their talents, or gives insights about your role in their life. A woman who dreamed that a friend was contemplating suicide made a quick phone call. Thanks to the heads-up, the dreamer steered the friend back onto a positive track.

Alternative 3 of a Dream Person Who Is Not a MirrorA DREAM CHARACTER GIVES DIRECT AND CLEAR GUIDANCE. A man or woman in a dream may at times directly present the information that you need, such as a family member pointing out where you misplaced a lost object or a mechanic working on a car part that needs to be replaced in your car. When that happens, no interpretation is necessary. Sometimes only the thought is implied, yet even if no words are spoken, the dreamer knows the intent. Whether words are spoken, thoughts implied, or a dream character demonstrates the information visually, the guidance can be direct and clear.... people in dreams: when are they mirrors of you? dream meaning


Universal Landscape: Joining of personality Character Aspects; integration.

Dreaming Lens: Were you having sex? Were you watching sex? How many people were involved in the sex act? Were there multiple acts and/or partners? Were you having sex with someone you knew? Was it someone you have sex with in life? Was it someone you want to have sex with in life? Were you shocked at who you were having sex with? How did you feel about the sex?

Personal Focus: The essence of sexual intercourse is the joining of two individuals in a process that allows them to be as close to each other as the human body will allow. This translates into the concept of integration as the symbolic meaning of sex. Additionally, the potential for this act to result in the creation of a third entity reinforces this definition. If you remove all sense of eroticism, embarrassment, shame, or titillation, the purity of this symbol is profound. Any characters that appear in a dream engaged in sexual intercourse are expressing an unconscious desire to merge the Character Aspects of of the individuals involved.

If you are participating in sex in a dream, the focus of your investigation will be on your dream partner. The Character Aspects they represent are the qualities that your unconscious is expressing a need to be integrated into your present level of functioning. This will be easier to identify when you know the person from your waking life; however, this can also be the very element that makes examining such a dream uncomfortable. It is common to dream of having sex with people who you would never ordinarily do so, or even think of doing so, such as coworkers, family members, or acquaintances.

When using the Character Aspect technique in relation to sex dreams, you must add an element of transformation of the qualities that you identify. The process is not literal or concrete. For example, an authoritative boss might feel like an overbearing personality to deal with in life, but integrating such a person as a Character Aspect transforms that quality to an appropriate level of personal power. A harshly critical and negative personality may actually provide you with a much-needed sense of discernment or objectivity when incorporated into your life. A person who is so childish in their behavior as to be annoying in your waking world can be transformed into a new relationship with your inner sense of playfulness and joy. That arrogant and insufferable person you know may be providing you with new levels of confidence. Such is the power of the symbol of integration as represented by the act of sex.

If you witness others having sex in your dream, the same approach should be taken, but the process that is occurring is less about integrating new aspects as it is about exploring what existing skills you have that may be necessary for you to call upon to face some situation in your current life.... intercourse dream meaning


lucky numbers: 17-23-25-28-48-49

anteater, of an: wil go bankrupt to escape numerous petty irritations.

eating, with wings: failure to perform your duties wil cause a loss of real estate.

worms: use radical measures to rid yourself of false friends.

antenna, an: your ability to transmit and receive energy needs fine tuning.

anthill, being in an: the workplace is too crowded with conformity.

bitten by, being: expect renewed energy at work.

body, on your: become more involved in business venture.

food, of an: heavy industry wil ensure happiness.

house, in the: are examples of successful communal living.

long line of, a: loss of individuality for a cause more important than you alone.

stepping on an anthill: your ambition has provoked animosity in coworkers.

tree, climbing a: vexations to come from new offer of employment.

winged: carelessness at work.

work, at: trifling annoyances wil detract from your progress. ... ants dream meaning


lucky numbers: 05-13-21-33-35-45

being covered with feather plumes: egocentric satisfaction of rising to power.

black plume: burdens and postponement of profits wil be borne with aplomb.

breath of God, on the: the uplifting thoughts to holiness.

brown: your fortunes have been clipped by petty annoyances and unrequited loves.

collecting flying: your vain money hopes are futile.

eagle: access to the heavens for the realization of your ambitions.

gray: false pride wil limit your journey through life to you alone.

light blue: realization of own ambitions to become social y popular.

molting: don’t act if you doubt; a new opportunity is offered in the morning.

ostrich: fortunate business transactions, if you keep your head high.

pillow of down: fortunate affairs of pride and purse.

pen, a: an apology, due to you, brings an upturn in financial matters.

people wearing, in hats: rapid success of own hopes for a job wel done.

tuft of, a: great honors wil crown you.

red: irritating friction from coworkers.

wearing a plume in own hat: wil gain favor, but your methods wil be contemptible.

daughters: public honor for a talent wel developed, especial y if white feather.

friends: wil be tortured with inability to gain honorable long-lasting friendships.

others: vanity brings unhappiness yet your aspirations are attainable.

relatives: unexpected gains.

white: the accusation wil be proven false. ... feathers dream meaning


Universal Landscape: Primal instincts around connection.

Dreaming Lens: Who was having sex in the dream? Was the dream about the sex act itself, or was it just a part of the narrative of the dream? Were you engaging in sex, or witnessing it? Were you comfortable or uncomfortable with what you were seeing or experiencing?

Personal Focus: Sex is perhaps the most misunderstood of dream images. This is certainly due to the complicated nature of sex itself, both individually and culturally. When sex appears in a dream, it is imperative that you put your personal reactions to sex and sexuality aside in order to arrive at an accurate interpretation of a dream which contains a sexual element. Detaching from the thoughts and feelings triggered by the characters involved in the act of sex in your dream is even more crucial to this process. This can be difficult for many people to accomplish.

Sex in dreams can be an area of great concern for many people. While some sex dreams are experienced as pleasurable and erotic, more often than not people report dreaming of sexual encounters as troubling because of the nature of the sexual act they dreamed of or the partner with whom they were engaged. However, once examined through the language of symbols, sex loses its potency and charge, while revealing so much more.

When two people have sex, on at least some level, they are trying to get as close to each other as they possibly can. The act of sex can be defined symbolically as two separate energies attempting to merge into one. Therefore, sex is symbolic for the process of integration. If you remove any personal projections that come up around sex and how it was played out in your dream, the interpretive meaning rises above any potential embarrassment or shame. Though sometimes more difficult to accept, this also applies to sexual encounters that have societal taboos associated with them, such as those involving incestuous relationships or illegal activities.

Whoever you are having sex with in your dream represents a Character Aspect that your unconscious is telling you needs to be integrated into your personality. If you are witnessing a sexual act, then you will need to consider what Character Aspects of yourself are being expressed by the people having sex. The message of integration still applies, but it will connect more to parts of your personality that need to join forces. Perhaps a life situation is demanding different areas of your skill sets that, if combined, will empower you to be effective in a way that is currently eluding you.

This symbol can be so challenging, it merits an example to help clarify the best approach to interpreting sexual dreams. One of the most frequently reported sex dreams that people generally find disturbing centers around coworkers. Here is an example of a dream to help illustrate how to find the value of an interpretation by removing that which is distressing:

I dreamed that I had sex with a coworker while my boss watched. It was creepy in a way because I think he’s gross. But worse was that, in the dream I was enjoying it. We were in a private booth at a baseball game, the kind where they serve food and it’s all very fancy. Just as it was about to finish, the batter in the game hit a home run. My boss got up and went to the glass window to watch the game, at this point, and was cheering for the home run hitter.

This young woman was feeling very stifled at her job, as if no one really valued her. In fact, she reported that most of her colleagues didn’t even know what she did at the company. She often talked about wanting to be promoted but didn’t think that would ever happen. While the coworker in the dream was definitely not a potential sex partner, he was a self-assured, outgoing person who had no trouble verbally expressing confidence in his skills to others.

The dream is not about actually having sex with this man; it’s a symbolic depiction of the woman’s need to discover her own inner resources as represented by the Character Aspect of this self-assured colleague. If she can access this part of herself and integrate it into her personality more effectively, she has a much greater chance of hitting a home run at work. Had she not moved past the embarrassing and upsetting images of sex with this undesirable coworker, she may have missed the real message of the dream. (See also Intercourse, Oral Sex, Lesbian Sex).... sex dream meaning


lucky numbers: 09-14-21-23-37-44

coworkers in an: each one represents a specific problem to you.

getting a new, appointment: unhappiness in married life.

having an: honesty wil bring you prosperity and the ability to leave your work at the office.

collecting agency, a: wil be a financial disaster unless you join the col ectors.

job in a newspaper: unfavorable news unless you write your own gossip.

holding a government: wil suffer humiliation at the scope and humbleness of your service.

landlord putting you out of your: professional esteem doesn’t pay the rent.

losing your: your resources include you; your assets are in your mind.

opening an: wil be insulted if you do not have enough work to keep you late.

working in an: guard your healthful environment. ... office dream meaning


lucky numbers: 18-33-34-35-36-45

animal, an: are an exhibitionist who lives through others’ performances.

bank, a: have a very kind heart to care for that which cannot return your love.

being a: wil be persecuted for an immoral desire or impulse.

night: wil be saved from danger by detaching yourself from the situation.

taken away by a: your conscience final y has some control over others.

catching a prowler: wil be misled by a mental snoop.

you: fear your closely guarded guilt wil be exposed.

hitting a: jump hurdles to finish your project.

of a: are protected by silent love.

park, a: are content to watch while others do.

patrol, a: expect too many favors from others while you do favors for cash.

several: recognize dangerous coworkers. ... watchman dream meaning