Cow or bull Dream Meanings

Cow Or Bull Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

Good luck, unless you are pursued by the animal, in which case it depends upon what happens.

If you escape the Cow, you will survive the evil schemes of some enemy.

The greater the number of animals seen, the more serious the warning.

Dream Source: Mystic Dream Book
Author: Internet Archive - Anonymous


To see one pursuing you, business trouble, through envious and jealous competitors, will harass you.

If a young woman meets a bull, she will have an offer of marriage, but, by declining this offer, she will better her fortune.

To see a bull goring a person, misfortune from unwisely using another’s possessions will overtake you.

To dream of a white bull, denotes that you will lift yourself up to a higher plane of life than those who persist in making material things their God. It usually denotes gain. ... bull dream meaning


Symbol of prosperity or famine, according to whether cow is fat or lean... cow dream meaning


A symbol of a malicious word or the word of God aimed at a spiritual enemy, Ps. 10:7.

A blank or empty cartridge is symbolic of ineffective prayer ... bullet dream meaning


To dream of entering strange premises and have a bulldog attack you, you will be in danger of transgressing the laws of your country by using perjury to obtain your desires.

If one meets you in a friendly way, you will rise in life, regardless of adverse criticisms and seditious interference of enemies.

See Dog.... bulldog dream meaning


Demolition in the construction of one’s life... bulldozer dream meaning


Harsh words that wound one’s spirit; see “gun”... bullets dream meaning


See “bull”... bully dream meaning


(Butting; Thrusting) A bullfight or a goat fight with horns in a dream means preparing for war. It also could mean joining a festival, a show of innovation, or participating in heedless activities. Thrustingor bumpingsomeone with the head in a dream means plagues, illness or calamities that will affect both partiea.If’blcod flows from their heads because of such blows in the dream, it means that they will both suffer evil consequences and losses. Thrusting against someone with the head during a fight in a dream also means having pride about one’s ancestry.... bullfight dream meaning


Denotes that kind friends will surround you, if you are in danger from enemies. Good health is promised you.

See Bull.... bullock dream meaning


Making the mark; right on target... bulls-eye dream meaning

Wild Cow

It represents an exceptionally beautiful woman.... wild cow dream meaning

Bulletproof Vest

A symbol of protection against attack, a well-armed Christian, Eph. 6:11 ... bulletproof vest dream meaning


Symbolic of a demon, Rev. 16:13-14... bullfrog dream meaning

Bull Fight

A confrontation with a bully... bull fight dream meaning

Black Cow

It symbolises a good and prosperous year.... black cow dream meaning

Bullet Proof Jacket

A bullet proofjacket maker in a dream represents someone who makes difficult work easier, one who helps people to attain their goal, a marriage broker, one who teaches people about good conduct, or one who disseminates knowledge or teaches about behavior modification, though he masks hypocrisy.... bullet proof jacket dream meaning

Cow Bell

(See Bell)... cow bell dream meaning

Cow Milk, Camel Milk And Buffalo Milk

All three symbolise prosperity and goodness, sheep milk also symbolises prosperity and goodness but to a lesser degree than the former.... cow milk, camel milk and buffalo milk dream meaning

Fat Cow

it symbolsies a good and prosperous year if a person sees himself as becoming the owner of such a cow or if they belong to the people of that locality in which they are seen.... fat cow dream meaning

Milking A Cow

(See Milk; Milking)... milking a cow dream meaning

Milking A Cow And Drinking Its Milk

If a person sees himself milking and drinking cow milk it is a glad tiding that he will become rich, or if he is rich his wealth will increase; or if he is a slave he will become free and marry his mistress.... milking a cow and drinking its milk dream meaning

Mooing Of A Cow

(See Sound of animals)... mooing of a cow dream meaning

Mounting An Ox Or Bull

Mounting an ox or becoming the owner of one means the person will be granted such a position by the king that other deputies of the king will be subservient to him. Moreover, by virtue of his status he will acquire good fortunes.... mounting an ox or bull dream meaning

Ox Or Bull With Horns

It symbolises a big and powerful deputy of the king who wields great power and exercises great control. Such a person enjoys the liberty of granting benefits to others.... ox or bull with horns dream meaning

Ox Or Bull Without Horns

It symbolises a mean, contemptible and short person who will be deprived of his wealth and natural talent or gift.... ox or bull without horns dream meaning

Pregnant Cow

If this seen in the dream then a prosperous year is to be expected.

A year full of barakah and blessings. This is sure to happen.... pregnant cow dream meaning

Bull (wild)

The bull / steer and Tiger are always personifications of drives and urges. Running after a bull in a dream means you are in conflict with your drives. You must always confront the bull or the tiger in your dream, because both have something important to say.

The bull is a symbol of masculine (originally feminine) strengths, fertility, and potency. Also indicates that animalistic urges have been mastered.

See Buffalo, Buck.... bull (wild) dream meaning


Good news from an absent friend. ... bull-dog dream meaning

Bully / Bullying

If you bullied someone in your dream, you can expect some happy social times to follow.

If you were being bullied, you are likely to hear some pleasant financial news shortly.

To dream of watching others being bullied indicates the accomplishment of a secret ambition.... bully / bullying dream meaning

Bullet / Ammunition

Bullets or ammunition can suggest verbal attacks in the context of dream conflicts.

If the ammunition belongs to someone else, this represents things that you feel other people can use against you, such as lies, anger and so on.

If you have the ammunition, it can represent assets you have that can build your confidence, things you could say or do to wound others if you had to.

If you run out or don’t have any ammunition, you may be feeling hopeless about a situation and unable to defend your position.... bullet / ammunition dream meaning


1. Persecution, Psalm 22:12;

2. “Bull-headed”, “angry as a bull” word play.

3. Danger; Exod. 21:29;

4. Economic increase; Lev. 9:2;

5. Idol; Exod. 32:49

6. business; Luke. 19,13... bulls/bison/buffalo dream meaning


1. Riches; Ps. 107:38

2. Wealth; Gen. 30:43.... cattle/cow dream meaning