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Spiritual protection; research the type of material and the color

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Symbolic of loving others, Prov. 10:12

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Discovering A Treasure

(See Treasure)... Islamic Dream Interpretation


Islamic Dream Interpretation

Discovery, Discovering

Vision: Dreaming about finding or discovering something means either the loss of money or of valuable objects.

Depth Psychology: This dream indicates that yours is a resdess, questioning, searching human mind. Dreaming about a discovery often means far-reaching changes in your life. It might also indicate that your views and vour actions are too theoretical or idealistic. See Uranus. Finding or discovering something is a warning—don’t rely too much on good luck.... Dreamers Dictionary


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Throwing a blanket away or uncovering a pot can be interpreted as the need to clear out dark affairs, which will have a positive impact on your lives. It also indicates curiosity and desire to learn.

The fairy tale Beauty and the Beast illustrates the theme of internal beauty. You should not judge based on appearance. Also, something that at first frightens you may be hiding your true and beautiful self.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams