What does it mean to see an cornered in a dream?

Cornered Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources


Revealed to help one become free of the control that cornered them

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton


Discovering something in the comer of a house may represent the discovery of something crucial that may bring two ideas together. Being in the corner of a house may point to feelings of being cornered or stuck.... corner dream meaning


(see Crystals, Ge?ns, Jewelry; Stones)

Irritating situations in which the tension is nearly audible. Amber has a natural ability to pick up static when rubbed.

Health concerns. Because of its capacity to trap insects and plant life, the ancients believed this stone could likewise entrap sickness. Look to see what the amber contains for more symbolism.

An alternative solar emblem, believed by the Greeks to have been formed in the setting sun’s tears.

An alternative fire emblem. Germans called this a burning stone because it catches fire (like any resin).

In dream oracles, an omen of forthcoming voyages.

Feeling cornered or captured by circumstances over which you have no control, like the insect in amber resin.... amber dream meaning

Grope / Groping

To dream of being groped by someone forewarns that an enemy is trying to trick you. You may also be feeling cornered or under attack by someone.

If your dream was about groping for something that was out of reach, this represents your need to find something that is missing in your life. You may be searching for a solution to a problem.... grope / groping dream meaning

Comer / Comered

(see also Cul-de-sac)

(1) If in a dream you are - or feel - cornered, this w ill symbolize some frustration in yourself, the causes of which may be internal or external. In either case, you are being called on to make a decision. Ultimately the choice is between sliding into a neurosis and taking control of the situation (internal or external).

(2) Turning a comer, on the other hand, may signify taking a new direction in life; taking a turn for the better. See also Left, Right / Left.

cow... comer / comered dream meaning

Alley / Corner / Path

If you appear in an alley within a dream, you may find yourself facing a dilemma in the near future. The image suggests that you may feel you have little choice while an avenue, street or path in good condition may indicate support for the direction you wish to take. Paths in dreams signify the direction you have decided to take in life; the type of path, and whether it is smooth, rocky, winding or straight, may be as important as the path itself. A rough track does not have a negative meaning if the journey was interesting and you felt confident in your dream about following it. A path can often represent the way you feel a relationship or situation is developing. It can also suggest a way to follow up a line of inquiry.

To dream that you are in a corner or see a corner signifies feelings of frustration and lack of control in making decisions. You may feel trapped and cornered in waking life. To turn a corner indicates that you are moving forward in your life, despite the obstacles in your path. You are no longer feeling trapped or restricted, and feel that you can handle the unexpected or new experiences.

You have gained a new and positive perspective on life. To be turning a right- handed corner indicates a logical course of action, whilst to turn a left-handed corner indicates a more intuitive approach to life.... alley / corner / path dream meaning


The idea of catching, intending to catch, or being caught.

Being caught in a net can represent a feeling or fear of being accused, cornered, or victimized.

Being in a high place with a net below can represent: safety (or a desire for it); the idea of moderated risk; feeling open to taking a risk, but only within reason; the idea that someone “has your back” or is watching out for you.

See also: Catching Something; Catching Someone; Hunting; Internet... net dream meaning


A feeling or fear of: Being trapped or cornered (literally or figuratively).

Having no options.

Being forced into a certain action or decision.

Someone trapping you with an intention to harm you can be an indicator of a Toxic Dream, or of your subconscious mind playing out a fear (such as based on imagined events or something you saw on TV).

See also: Prison; Restrained; Caught, Being... trapped dream meaning