What does it mean to see an cone in a dream?

Cone Dream Meaning: From 2 Different Sources


To see a cone in your dream represents a flow of ideas and feelings.

If you dreamed of an ice cream cone, you will have good luck in love.

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Every interpreter of dreams from Ptolemy to Freud agrees that anything in a cone shape or form represents exceptional sexual or sensual pleasure; so if you’ve had it, you’ll have it again, and if you haven’t, you will!

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams | Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett

3 dream interpretations related to the symbols you see in your dreams.


A happy dream auguring health (Gypsy). The pine-cone is the symbol of life, abundance and power (Barber). ... pine-cone dream meaning

Road Cones

Bnght orange cones marking lanes in a dream may point to roadwork on the way to your destination. They may suggest that you slow down for a while before proceeding with your plans. They may also represent waiting for someone else to complete his or her job before you proceed with yours.... road cones dream meaning

Pine Cones

Whether seen in a decorative arrangement, gathered in the forest, or used as kindling for a fire, pine cones in your dream forecast unexpected news, probably of a birth.... pine cones dream meaning