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Computer Dream Meaning: From 19 Different Sources

A PC may reflect your concerns about work. It may metaphorically stand for the ability to process information or for brain function. Problems with your personal computer may point to difficulties in processing data internally or in thinking clearly.

For example, losing text may represent forgetting impor tant information. Accidentally deleting something may Indicate your losing information or forgetting ideas that are critical.

Dream Source: Ariadne's Book of Dream
Author: Ariadne Green

A computer represents highly sophisticated levels of mental organization, thought, and memory.

A computer is a symbolic representation of the brain itself. There is an operating system that allows other software programs to run. This is like the network of nerve cells that make up the majority of brain tissue. There is also a hard drive, which stores everything that has ever been inputted into it. This is akin to the neural pathways created by the brain’s recording of sensory data it receives in the form of memory and knowledge. There is RAM, or desktop memory, which is like your conscious mind. This includes your daily production of short-term memory that is processed each night when you dream.

The process that occurs during REM sleep is much like backing up your computer files for protection on a daily basis. When a computer features prominently in your dreams, you are considering how your mind is working.

The state of affairs in your dream computer may very well be mirroring the state of affairs in your current thought patterns.

Dream Source: Complete Dictionary of Dreams
Author: Dr. Mıchael Lennox

Universal Landscape: Organization of thought; memory. The brain.

Dreaming Lens: Were you using a computer? Were you inside a computer? Was it a PC or laptop? Mac? Mainframe? Older? Newer? What were you trying to accomplish on the computer? How was it functioning? Did your hard drive crash?

Personal Focus: A computer is structured very much like the human brain. There is an operating system that allows other software programs to run. This is like the network of nerve cells that make up the majority of brain tissue. There is also a hard drive, which stores everything that has ever been input into it. This is akin to the neural pathways created by the brain’s recording of sensory data it receives in the form of memory and knowledge. There is RAM, or desktop memory, that is like your conscious mind. This includes your daily production of short-term memory that is processed each night when you dream. The process that occurs during REM sleep is much like backing up your computer files for protection on a daily basis.

When a computer features prominently in your dreams, you are considering how your mind is working. The state of affairs in your dream computer may very well be mirroring the state of affairs in your current thought patterns. If you experience a computer crash in your dream, the same overload is likely to be happening in your experience of some chaotic element of life. Backing up your hard drive may be a signal to retain new information that has recently been integrated into your sense of self. Writing code or installing new software could connect to changing or upgrading your thought patterns and perceptions in life, or a need to do so. A network of more than one computer may point to a life situation that requires interaction with others on an intellectual or academic level.

How readily you understand and comprehend the computer’s functioning in your dream will mirror your waking life ability to operate in the realm of intelligence or learning.

Dream Source: Dream Sight: A Dictionary and Guide for Interpreting Any Dream
Author: Dr. Michael Lennox

For someone who works in front of a computer every day, this could simply be a reflection of daily life in a dream.

A computer can also indicate research, analysis, or communication, depending on how one uses a computer. We sometimes say that something doesn’t “compute” as a way of saying we don’t understand, so a broken computer in a dream could represent confusion.

Dream Source: Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia
Author: James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver

The computer dream is one of personal understanding and as such should be viewed in conjunction with all the other signs in your dream.

The computer can also represent discipline and coordination to the dreamer, if the dreamers job involves the use of a computer then dreaming of it would be telling you that you are too wound up in your work and need to back off on the heavy work schedule.

Dream Source: Encyclopedia of Dreams
Author: Michael and Elizabeth Thiessen

Working at a computer in your dream means that you will have access to much information, including many secrets you have long tned to discover. Your immediate actions could have far-reaching effects.

If the computers screen is blank, then it signifies frustration.

If someone else is working at the computer, then you should be wary of giving out information you would rather keep to yourself.

See also Internet.

Dream Source: Gypsy Dream Dictionary
Author: Raymond Buckland

A symbol of mental discipline and the ability to coordinate. Help at work, impersonal perfection, indifferent precision; what is missing is the soul and the emotions. Warning: too career-oriented.
Dream Source: Little Giant Encyclopedia
Author: Klaus Vollmar

If you dream of a computer, pay careful attention to the other symbols in your dream.

The computer is saying “put the pieces together to understand the overall meaning.” Also, if you use a computer a lot during your waking life for work or play, your dream could be telling you to get outside more and take a break from the screen.

If you dream of someone hacking into your computer, there is a sense that your privacy is being invaded. You may be overwhelmed and have the feeling that you are at the mercy of another. Also see “Computer Game”, “Computer Virus” and “Computer Mouse”, below.

Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation
Author: myjellybean

Dreams of a computer represent your unique access to the universal mind. Throughout all eastern religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, the Goddess Religions, even Masonry, there is the belief in the one supreme mind and being that interconnects us all.

The computer is often used as a symbol of the one mind and your desire to connect and express yourself to others.

See Internet.

Dream Source: Strangest Dream Explanations
Author: Dream Explanations - Anonymous

1- The computer and other high technology images are now such a part of people’s lives that it very much depends on other circumstances in the dream as to the correct interpretation of this image.

If one works with computers, it may simply be a means to an end whereas in other cases it will be a reminder of personal potential or abilities.

2- We are making a link with past memories or stored information which we may need to access in order to progress.

3- The computer can symbolise spiritual records and the past, present and future.

Dream Source: Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary
Author: Pamela Ball

The ability to accomplish things or figure things out.


You or your mind, brain, or mental ability.

Communicating with others by computer can represent actual or imagined communications with those people.

Your computer crashing can represent: feeling challenged, unable to get things done, or out of touch with others; experiencing a loss of self or of some aspect of your life.

See also: Communication; Login; Internet; Typing

Dream Source: The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary
Author: Nancy Wagaman

Your mind is a computer. Your thoughts words and actions create your reality. Watch what you program, this will determine your life.
Dream Source: The Dream Books Symbols
Author: Betty Bethards

The logical, analytical, rational, conscious self (see Calculator).

Technology and how much of a role it plays in your life.

Problems with: Disorientation, confusion, or communication difficulties.

Blank computer screen: The need to exercise your mind and get some “brain food.” Alternatively, hitting a dry period in the creative process in which your mind feels blank.

Dream Source: The Language of Dreams
Author: Patrica Telesco

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comes apart and breaks down: a state of depression with little outlet.

condenses two or more programs: someone plots against you.

crashing: your action has not been properly planned.

distorts: take time to do it right.

doesn’t respond to command: goals you have set are unrealistic.

explodes: slow down; you are overextended.

goes out of control: time to take back your power.

internet: have unlimited knowledge at your fingertips.

keyboard: a misunderstanding with a loved one.

malfunction: don’t be put off with minor failure at work.

melts: a secret enemy plots against you.

monitor: your plans need to be reexamined.

mouse: create and manipulate your reality.

mutates: be careful that you are not cheated by business partner.

not enough memory: demoting someone brings a period of emotional difficulty.

odd shape or appearance: make sure you back up your hard drive.

operator can’t see screen: the skil s of associates are underestimated.

parts are missing: your accountant is failing you.

software: decide what you want and you can have it.

is not compatible: expect difficulties in your relationship or marriage.

something loose inside: choosing a job below your capabilities thwarts your career.

speakers order you around: are not cal ing your own shots.

won’t boot up: nothing wil happen unless you make it so.

won’t shut down: are so insecure about your job you won’t leave work.

won’t work properly: give credit to others where it is due.

fingers don’t work: a vacation is long overdue.

lacks vital operating information: computers are not a substitute for wisdom.



being at a, as a participant: your entrepreneurial personality is stubborn.

singing: your presence in the public eye wil be short-lived.

invited to a, being: others hold you in high regard.

listening to a: a new atmosphere wil enrich your independence.

others at a: an inheritance wil support your entrepreneurial ventures.

sick person dreaming of a: wil soon recover through your obstinate inaction.

14 dream interpretation about computer related.

Computer Mouse

Difficulty in controlling the mouse on your personal computer may suggest that you are losing control of the direction of your thinking. It may signify confusion. It may also indicate that you are acting like a mouse rather than a lion, a little too timid for your own good.... computer mouse dream meaning

Computers And Dreams

Because of the ease with which computers can file, son, cross reference and present informa­tion, a great deal of work has been done in analysing the content of thousands of dreams (The Content Analysis oj Dreams, Hall and Van De Castle). As computers are an every­day pan of many homes, we can easily use them to gain insight into our own dreams. Two areas of help are as follows.

We can enter many dreams, then with a program such as Seeker or Masterfile, easily scan through them to see the fre­quency of dream themes. This approach to dreams—self in­sight through a series of dreams—is explained by Hall in The Meaning of Dreams. Important issues in our life and develop­ment occur as frequent dream themes, and are easily seen using a computer.

The program Brainstonn (Brainstorm Software Ltd) makes cross referencing dream symbols and associated comments easy. Using this program, if one dreamt of a tree and wrote one s associations, then six months later dreamt of a tree and entered this, the program instantly reminds you of the past reference to tree and can display it. Gradually a reference base of your own dreams and comments can be built up and quickly scanned. Such comparisons help to form a personality profile of yourself or others. ... computers and dreams dream meaning

Dream Process As Computer

The brain is not a computer, but it has the power to compute.

The word computare is Latin, and comes from putare, to think. Neither is a computer any­thing like a human brain. But there are parallels. Christopher Evans, a psychologist, computer scientist and world authority on microprocessors, says the brain and computers are both information handling devices, taking impulses which in them­selves mean nothing, like sound waves, and processing them.

It is also his theory that both computers and the waking-brain function are taken off-line to re-program. Our behaviour re­sponses and information bases need bringing up to date with any new experience and information that is relevant. In the case of the computer, off-line means having modifications made to programs, in the human it means sleeping and dreaming, the dream being the powerful activity of review, sifting and reprogramming. Thirdly, the brain and computer use programs. In humans, a program means a learnt set of responses, values or activities, such as walking or talking, but including more subtle activities such as judging social or busi­ness situations.

If, as Christopher Evans believes, dreaming is partly a pe­riod of revising and updating responses, insights and skills, then by working with the process one can make it more effi­cient.

The background for this statement is that many people have recurring dreams which change very little. Looking at this from the programming’ view, the attempt to revise is thwarted. But individuals can free such ‘stuck’ dreams by us­ing dream processing.

Also, as some dreams are obviously a synthesis of experi­ence and information gathered over a lifetime, the dream pro­cess is much more than a computing function which sorts new information and updates.

It is also capable of creative leaps through synthesis and conjecture. J.B. Priestley’s dream of the birds (see religion and dreams) appears to be a mas­sive synthesis of things observed over a lifetime. It also depicts a brain function like computer simulation, which takes infor­mation and forms it into an expenmental view of possibilities arising from the thousands of millions of separate bits of gath­ered data.

See ESP in dreams; creative and problem solving dreams. ... dream process as computer dream meaning

Record, Cassette, Cd, Computer Disc

Can simply be the son of pleasure we feel on listening to music; the impressions left on us by events, people, and therefore memory, but often memory integrated by the unconscious into insights; the im­pression we might leave behind at death—what remains of us; the impression we would like to give others. Idioms: for the record; track record. ... record, cassette, cd, computer disc dream meaning

Apple Computer

Apple computers are known for being user- friendly and are preferred by most artists. One may appear in a dream to spark your creative side. As the apple represents wisdom. this symbol may indicate that it is time to go ahead and use your wisdom to create something beautiful.... apple computer dream meaning

Computer Station

A desk with compartments that houses your computer this station may represent the human skull. It may also remark on concerns about organization at work.... computer station dream meaning

Ram - Computer Memory

Insufficient RAM in your personal computer in a dream may signal that you have forgotten something important. It may reflect absentmindedness or forgetful- ness.... ram - computer memory dream meaning

Computer Game

To dream that you are playing a computer game, represents your ability to manipulate others into doing what you want them to do. Sometimes this dream also is suggesting that you are trying to escape from problems in your real life.

If you dream of being a character inside a video game, it means you are feeling controlled by others.... computer game dream meaning

Computer Virus

To dream that your computer has a virus, suggests that something in your life that is out of control.

If you dream of sending a virus from your computer to others, you are insecure about how other people see you.... computer virus dream meaning

Mouse (computer Mouse)

A dream involving a computer mouse may symbolize your difficulty expressing certain feelings or views.

If you dream that your mouse has a mind of its own, you may feel a lack of control in your own life. Perhaps you are feeling overprotected, overwhelmed by stress, or both.... mouse (computer mouse) dream meaning

Computer And Peripherals

Computers are symbols of the brain and your thinking processes, therefore computer malfunctions or problems suggest errors in thinking, faulty logic or distortions in the way you are approaching a current issue. Pay attention to your response in this dream, as it may provide a clue to how you can tackle real-life problems that are frustrating you. The hard drive of your computer may be associated with the functional, driven part of your personality, the screen with the image you have of yourself and the world, the printer with the manifestation of your plans and the software as your creativity. Blank sheets of paper in your dream may be a symbol of either hope or despair; the opportunity to create or the sense that you have no fresh ideas. Paper that is crumbled up or torn can suggest the rejection of outdated ideas.... computer and peripherals dream meaning

Computer / Computer Disc

A computer is a symbol of the rational unemotional part of your mind, but it can also suggest your personal potential or abilities, your memories and stored information, and even your unexplored potential. The computer and other high- tech gadgetry are such a part of our lives now that their meaning depends very much on the other images in your dream.

If you work a lot with computers, they may simply be a means to an end but they may also be a reminder of your potential or abilities. Keyboards have replaced typewriters and are—along with slots for floppy disks, CD-ROMs and DVDs—Freudian symbols of female sexuality. Computer screens or monitors are associated by Jungians with the search for knowledge in cyberspace, whilst computer hackers are associated with Jung’s trickster archetype in their ability to bring chaos to order. The computer hard drive can represent conscious, physical and material side of you, with the software representing your inner self and the curser and mouse the direction your life needs to take.

If a cursor is frozen or a hard drive crashes in your dream, this could suggest obstacles and blockages that stop you progressing in waking life.

See also EVERYDAY THINGS.... computer / computer disc dream meaning

Desktop Computer

See Computer, Hardware, Laptop, and Software.... desktop computer dream meaning

Computer/ Program

1. Programmed;

2. Way of thinking; Rom. 12:2.... computer/ program dream meaning