The meaning of the symbols of collecting, firewood, late, mum seen in a dream.

What does the symbols of collecting, firewood, late and mum mean in a dream?

The keywords of this dream: Collecting Firewood Late Mum


This can be averted if one is shown what made them late... late dream meaning


Something or someone kept in wraps to keep others from knowing the truth... mummy dream meaning

Mummy, Egyptian

The dead, feelings we have buried about a dead person; our mother, a pan of self which might be reborn, attempt to preserve a way of life which is dead— mummification—instead of facing change and the new. ... mummy, egyptian dream meaning


Mentally painful condition caused from being stifled... mumps dream meaning


Firewood in a dream means slander and backbiting. Ifone puts two or three logs to burn in the fire in a dream, it means that an argument will take place or that an exchange of rough words will grow beyond one’s control.

If a religious person sees timber in his dream, it means that he will commits a major sin such as theft, murder, or adultery, he will then be caught and put tojustice.

If anyone kindles a fire in a dream, it means that he will report someone to the authorities. Carrying firewood in a dream means exchanging harsh words, slander, rebuke or calumniation. Seeing timber in one’s house also means profits, fulfilling needs, inheritance or endowments. Ifthe timber needs cutting in the dream, it means earnings that involve great efforts, or earnings that bring about evil.

If the timber is already cut for the fireplace in the dream, it represents a person who is favored by someone in authority, or it could mean business success. Firewood in a dream also means adversities or stinginess. Wrapped firewood in a bundle means mixed profits.

If an unemployed person sees himselfcarrying a bundle of firewood in a dream, it means that he will work for a generous person. Gathering firewood in a dream means bringing medicine for a sick person. Attributing the firewood to its mother tree or distinguishing its fruit in the dream means money of a doubtful source. Offering timber to burn in a religious ceremony in a dream means nearness to one’s Lord, or it could mean offering a gift to one’s teacher, bringing a culpable before a judge, or bringing a sick person to the doctor. In this case, if the timber burns before putting it in the fire, it means that the gift was accepted, or that a guilty person will receive a just verdict. Eating timber in a dream means earning unlawful money.

A tree stump or a log in a dream means a chronic illness or paralysis.

A prepared log for the fire in a dream means profits for those who use it to earn their livelihood.

(Also see Fire; Log) 162... firewood dream meaning


Unwise words... mumble dream meaning

Collecting Fire That Does Not Burn

Collecting fire which neither burns nor gives off light symbolizes knowledge that is futile and worthless.... collecting fire that does not burn dream meaning

Collecting Or Carrying Ashes

Collection or carrying ashes in the dream means that the person doing so is presently engaged in acquiring futile and worthless knowledge.... collecting or carrying ashes dream meaning


Embalming the body of a deceased person in a dream is a cause of happiness for a sad person and repentance of a sinner.

(Also see Shroud)... mummification dream meaning

Mummy Case

(See Sarcophagus)... mummy case dream meaning

Soorah Mumtahinah

Its reader will find himself in some difficulty while he will be rewarded for it.... soorah mumtahinah dream meaning

Timber And Firewood

Hard timber implies hypocrisy in habits or in matters relating to Deen.

The same implies to firewood, small or big, dry or green.... timber and firewood dream meaning


Vision: Seeing white mums in a dream means somebody in your immediate circle has died or wdl die. However, colorfid mums mean success and joy. Red mums: you will be lucky in love. Blue mums: superior intellect and clear decisions. Deep- yellow mums: your well-developed intuitive sense makes a correct decision possible. Light-vellow mums: betrayal, disappointment, even intrigue and jealous)’.

Depth Psychology: See Flowers and the chapter on “Colors in Dreams.”... mums dream meaning

Collect / Collecting

A dream of collecting things (such as stamps, stickers, leaves, etc.) is a sign of making new and interesting friends.

If you dreamed of someone collecting money and you contributed, you can expect some minor but pleasing good luck.

If you were collecting funds, you will take an unexpected short trip.... collect / collecting dream meaning

Stamp Collecting

This indicates recognition of the value of something or someone.

If a specific stamp is highlighted, this refers to the value of communications. Try to recall the image on the stamp.... stamp collecting dream meaning

Being Late For Work

There’s an underlying feeling of frustration with this dream. You want to be somewhere you’re not, and it doesn’t matter how hard you try you can’t seem to get there. Whether you’re stuck in traffic, or simply can’t get to or find your office, this dream suggests you feel like you’re missing out on something. There’s a sense that time is running out in relation to one particular dream or goal, but this is only your perception.... being late for work dream meaning


lucky numbers: 05-11-13-15-25-47

embalming: danger if love is not al owed to move.

of a: a change in life from gossip questioning your uncovered past.

seeing, in company of your sweetheart: wish to preserve lover in that exact minute.

well-preserved: be confident in your ability to grow. ... mummies dream meaning