What does a dream about class reunion symbolize?

Class Reunion Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

Class Reunion

To dream of a class reunion suggests that you will have outside help in achieving your ambitions.

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Educational group; a learning experience of any nature... class dream meaning


1. A need to revisit, better understand past events, possibly relationships.

2. To reacquaint oneself with various aspects of personality.

3. Goals will be realized with a little outside help. ... reunion dream meaning

Dance Class

A dance class in your dream implies the imminent release from a discouraging emotional situation. It suggests rapid growth based on prior personal development and inner fortitude, in other words, you may be about to reap the harvest of seeds sown in the past.

To dream that you are watching a dance class in progress can indicate movement into a pleasurable period of creativity. Dreaming that you are late for a dance class belies an unconscious fear that life may be passing you by.... dance class dream meaning


Dreams of high-class represent that you are living up to your potential, realizing that you deserve the best.... high-class dream meaning


Dreams of someone or something that is what you would label as ‘low class’ reflects low-esteem. Keep in mind that there is a seed of greatness within you and everyone, and this may be your wake-up call to re-connect to your passion, purpose and magnificence.... low-class dream meaning

Middle Class

Dreams of the middle class signify that you are either connecting with or rebelling against the collective consciousness and the status quo.... middle class dream meaning

Art Class

To dream about art class suggests that you may be putting on a front. You must learn to let the “real you” shine, instead of trying to act like who you think everyone wants you to be. This dream can also mean you are not being honest with a love partner.... art class dream meaning

Class Schedule

To dream of your class schedule is positive, suggesting that your worries (and the reasons for them) will gradually disappear.... class schedule dream meaning

History / History Class

Dreams of the past, or a dream about being in History class, are usually about learning from experience. Your mind could be trying to show you what worked or didn’t in the past, so you can learn a lesson, change your behavior and be happier in the present.... history / history class dream meaning

Math / Math Class

If your dream involves you or someone else doing math, or you dream about in math class, it symbolizes unsettled conditions in your life, possibly related to money, school or social worries. You are dissatisfied with the way things are now.... math / math class dream meaning

Phys Ed Class

To dream that you are in gym clas suggests you need to apply things that you have recently learned in a situation, into the rest of your daily life.... phys ed class dream meaning