Ceremony Dream Meanings

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Ceremony Dream Meaning: From 16 Different Sources

You witness a welcome ceremony with colourful flags: a rise of social status and wealth level is pronounced
Dream Source: Chine Dream Interpretation
Author: Duke Zhou

also see Dream Dictionary: Religious Imagery and Ritual

Any dream incorporating a form of ceremony is symbolic of preparation for a life change. Ritualism in ceremonies implies a need to become organised.

Dream Source: Dream Meanings and Dream Interpretation
Author: Dream Meanings Anonymous

Ceremonies and rituals are used for initiation – to be accepted by a group – to achieve deeper awareness and to establish new order.
Dream Source: Dream Meanings of Versatile
Author: Versatile - Anonymous

Psychological / emotional perspective: Any major life change has a profound effect on the dreamer and this is very often shown in dream form as a ceremony or some kind of rite of passage.
Dream Source: Dream Meanings of Versatile
Author: Versatile - Anonymous

Material aspects: When we dream of taking part in a ceremony or religious ritual we are conscious of a new attitude or skill that is needed or an important change which is taking place in our lives, perhaps a promotion at work or acceptance by our peer group.
Dream Source: Dream Meanings of Versatile
Author: Versatile - Anonymous

You might like to consult the entries for altar and rite / ritual as well as the information on spiritual imagery in the introduction for further clarification.
Dream Source: Dream Meanings of Versatile
Author: Versatile - Anonymous

To dream that you are attending a ceremony implies that you have given up much time and energy in order to achieve your goals. You have an important decision to make regarding obligations and duties in your life. You must ensure that you are prepared to dedicate yourself to a certain task, issue, or relationship. You need to sit back and reflect on your life and decide if a transformation is required.
Dream Source: Dream Symbols and Analysis
Author: DreamForth

Ceremonies can be simple celebrations, but often they mark an important transition in life, such as a graduation ceremony or a marriage ceremony. In the dream, ceremonies can represent that one has acquired new skills or moved into a new phase of one’s life.
Dream Source: Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia
Author: James R. Lewis and Evelyn Dorothy Oliver

Vision: Taking part in a ceremony: you are taking your professional responsibilities seriously.

See Ritual.

Depth Psychology: A ceremony is a mirror of behaviors and attitudes that give your life structure. Rituals sustain you.

Dream Source: Dreamers Dictionary
Author: Garuda

If you’re going through a wedding ceremony in your dream, then there’s something you want to reaffirm in your life. In general, this is a positive and harmonious sign. You’re satisfied and feeling in control. Everything is in balance. Even if you’re not quite at this stage yet, you will be soon, so relax and enjoy this peaceful period.
Dream Source: Dreams Interpretations Hidden Meanings Symbols
Author: Alison Davies

To dream that you are attending a ceremony symbolizes the sacrifice and devotion necessary for success. You may be going through a crucial moment in your waking life that requires your commitment.

It is a time for introspection, self-discovery and inner changes.

Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation
Author: myjellybean

Dreams of a ceremony represent an initiation or completion of a chapter of your life. Perhaps you are celebrating or honoring a rite of passage from one incarnation to the next.

To ceremonialize something in waking life or in your dream is to make it sacred and to evoke your higher nature. Dreams of a ceremony also represent that you are bringing your focus to a particular commitment.

See Ritual, Wedding and Graduation.

Dream Source: Strangest Dream Explanations
Author: Dream Explanations - Anonymous

lucky numbers: 02-13-33-34-35-49

government, a: have ability to react quickly to complex high-level situations.

military parade, a: feel pride for one’s homeland.

participating in a: are a consummate professional.

religious, a: wish-fulfil ing expression of inner values.

2 dream interpretation about ceremony related.

Ceremony, Ritual

Example: ‘A ritual began whereby a laige knife was drawn and a few deep cuts were made to both our faces. I put my hands to my face and saw them covered with blood, crying and crying’ (OS). Similar to initiation. In the example the girl is with her boyfriend; she may thus have been ‘initiated’ into sexual activity, sex with her boyfriend has changed her image of herself.

A ritual depicts important change, such as entrance into puberty; deeper levels of oneself; new attitudes or skills; just as marnage is an entrance into a new type of life and social situation. From the wider sense of self our unconscious has, things are seen as important which consciously we feel are trivial.

A ceremony in a dream brings such things to our atten­tion. ... ceremony, ritual dream meaning

Baptism And Naming Ceremony

To dream of being baptized suggests a new influence is entering your life. You are leaving old attitudes behind and opening yourself up to new possibilities. Is there an idea or a concept that is about to be presented to an appreciative audience? Or perhaps your unconscious is urging you to transform your mindset radically and make positive changes to your lifestyle? If godparents appeared in your dream, were they people you knew? If they were, perhaps your unconscious is suggesting that they are the ones you should turn to for help.

If you didn’t know who they were, you should seek out the necessary help and support.... baptism and naming ceremony dream meaning