What does it mean to see an carving in a dream?

Carving Dream Meaning: From 7 Different Sources


By the work of one’s hands, a permanent message of any type or formation, i.E.

A book, song, etc.

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton


To dream about carving wood represents innovative and transcendental energy. You are altering your underlying subconscious energy in waking understanding. Decide whether the carving in the wood was either useful or simply decorative.

To dream that you are carving a cooked animal suggests that you are attempting to dispel particular emotions from within. You may be attempting to create space from your emotions and view them from a impartial perspective. On the contrary, someone or some circumstance could be in violation of certain parts of your life.

Dream Symbols and Analysis | DreamForth


To dream that you are carving a piece of wood, symbolizes positive spiritual and creative energy.

To dream of carving meat, indicates that you are trying to rid yourself of certain emotions, maybe anger or frustration.

To dream of a wood carving or engraving, symbolizes your need to strengthen your spiritual side.

My Dream Interpretation | myjellybean


This omen depends upon the circumstances.

If you are serving yourself, it shows your own prosperity, but if you are Carving for other people, then someone else will benefit by your actions.

Mystic Dream Book | Internet Archive - Anonymous


To dream of carving a fowl, indicates you will be poorly off in a worldly way. Companions will cause you vexation from continued ill temper. Carving meat, denotes bad investments, but, if a change is made, prospects will be brighter.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation | Gustavus Hindman Miller


The meaning of this dream depends on the cir- cumstances.

If you were carving for others, you can expect someone else to get the lion’s share of profits from your current efforts; but if you were being served, you can be sure of reaping your just rewards.

See also Cut, Meat, Eating, etc.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams | Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett


lucky numbers: 01-10-22-24-29-39

cooked meat: are in the grip of deceitful people, so carve a niche for yourself.

doing own: others wil constantly hamper your prosperity.

for others: others wil benefit by own actions; leave your mark on yourself alone.

fowl, a: your continued outbursts of temper wil foil any plans.

others, for you: conceive new methods to improve state of affairs.

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days |


Vision: Watching someone splitting logs: bad news or even a death. Looking for wood: you may experience sorrow and sad conditions. Cutting wood: hard work must come before a reward. Working in a wood shop is a very good sign and means positive changes ahead. Carving a piece of wood: you have hidden artistic talents. Throwing wood in the fire: you tend to be wasteful in several areas in your life. Dragging wood around: be prepared for a downturn in your financial situation. See Beam.

Depth Psychology: Wood is a symbol of the habits, opinions, and ideas that you have been raised with; they are a part of your personality.

A dream about wood is a challenge: think critically about your traits (or they will become “petrified”). Begin now building a new life (like building new furniture from old wood). Is the wood in the dream still green or dried and knotty? Is the wood already decaying”? If it is—it is high time to start building something new!... wood dream meaning


1- Dreaming of stone can suggest stability and durability, but also a loss of feeling.

To be carving stone is to be attempting to create a lasting monument.

2- Stone has many connotations on an emotional level.

For stone to be broken up signifies being badly- hurt. Being turned to stone would suggest that we have had to harden up our attitudes. Being stoned could have two meanings. One is being punished for misdemeanours; the other is being under the influence of drugs.

3- Stone signifies the imperishability and the indestructibility of Supreme Reality.... stone dream meaning


These Indian carvings forecast interesting new friends who will widen your horizons.... totem dream meaning


In a dream, a bow means travels, a brother, a wife, a son or closeness to someone.

A covered bow in a dream means that, one’s wife is pregnant.

If a pregnant woman hands a man a bow in a dream, it means that she will conceive a girl from him.

If a pregnant woman hands her husband a bow in a dream, it means that she will deliver a boy. Stretching the strings of a bow in a dream means longevity. Stretching it without an arrow in a dream means planning to travel.

A broken bow in a dream signifies the death of a brother, a business partner, or a son.

A bow is broken bow in a dream means that an accident may cause the hand of a brother or a business partner to fracture. Holding a broken bow in a dream means losing one’s job or closing one’s business. Seeing a young man attaching a string to a bow in a dream represents one’s enemy. Attaching a string to a bow in a dream also means marriage, while detaching the string of a bow in a dream means divorce. Seeing oneself standing before a ruler with two bows length between them mean receiving an appointment.

The two bows in a dream also represent one’s eye-brows. Shooting arrows with a bow in a dream means speaking wrong about something or backbiting someone. Carving a bow in a dream means preparing to get married or begetting a son. Shooting an arrow and hitting one’s target in a dream means fulfilling one’s needs, or attaining one’s goal. Selling one’s bow and arrows in a dream means giving priority to one’s religious life over that of his mundane one. Shooting hazelnuts in a town in a dream means backbiting people, while shooting hazelnuts in the forest means earning lawful money from hunting. Shooting arrows in front of the city hall in a dream means backbiting or slandering others. Shooting a pigeon in a dream means slandering one’s own wife. Bending an arch in a dream means preparing for war.

(Also see Eye-brow)... bow dream meaning


(Cutting stones; Stone carving; Sculpturing) Building a structure in a dream from masonry rather than baked brick represents elevation of one’s status, success, or stretching one’s hopes. It also could denote concerns about protecting one’s wife, adopting what is beneficial, conducting scientific research, or preserving one’s heritage. Building the base, the foundation, or the pillars from uncut stones rather than marble in a dream connotes humiliation and poverty.

If one sees that the gravestones were changed from marble into unfinished stones in a dream, it means alteration of a will left by the deceased.

(Also see Building)... stonemasonry dream meaning


(see Animals, Weapons)

A desire for conquest.

For what are you currently hunting, and is it truly something over which you should try 7 to take dominion?

Is the creature used as food, or is it being hunted in sport? If for food, this may be a type of hunger dream, or representative of your need for fulfillment.

If being hunted in sport, the animal may symbolize a coveted object or person that remains elusive.

(see Snow)

A potentially hazardous situation. Watch your footing.

The cooling of emotions or a relationship. Frigidity. Halted movement, feeling frozen and unable to act. Being frozen in ice: A type of death or cage dream.

An icicle: The masculine nature.

Making an ice carving: Chipping away at the walls that disguise the true self. Alternatively, a subliminal wish that the object portrayed (or its symbolic meaning) would either manifest or halt completely.

Hail: This ice falls from the sky and barrages the dreamers landscape, symbolizing a torrent of personal, social, political, or religious dogma that seems to overshadow simple, straightforward faith.... hunting dream meaning


Dreams of carving are about shaping life to your liking. You may be carving out a niche so that you can leave your mark on the world.

If you are carving meat, then you are dividing up your power and energy and preparing to share it with others. Carving something can also reflect criticism, as in cutting something or someone down to size. See Knife.... carve dream meaning

Engrave / Engraving

An engraving is a carving of special meaning, either because of its content or its craftsmanship. In dreams the spiritual relevance will be particularly highlighted.... engrave / engraving dream meaning


This talisman in a dream represents a decision hanging over the dreamer.

Its interpretation varies greatly according to the details of the dream.

See also Stone(s), Jewelry, Carving, Colors, etc.... amulet dream meaning


See Metal, Stone(s), Carving, etc.... artisan dream meaning


True hieroglyphics in dreams are symbols and pictorial representations with hidden meanings, which connect us with a particular stream of knowledge that belongs to the egyptians. Egyptian magic is a system of belief that gave access to the will of the divine and, once the symbology is understood, can greatly enhance our knowledge.

The name originally meant sacred carvings.... hieroglyphics dream meaning


An apple tree in a dream represents a good man who serves and cares about his community.

A crack in a tree in a dream represents members of one’s family who will brace against him.

A palmyra tree in a dream represents a wise man, a poet, or an astronomer. Seeing one, or sitting under it in a dream means meeting such a person.

An oak tree in a dream means profits, prosperity, honor, associating with heedless people who live in the mountains, or perhaps it could’ mean visiting righteous people or a renunciate who lives in the wilderness or in uninhabited ruins.

A mimosa tree in a dream represents stinginess, evil, or pursuing the actions of the dwellers of hell-fire.

A buckthorn tree that grows datelike fruit in a dream represents a noble and a generous woman, or it could represent a noble and a generous man.

The greener is its color, the greater is the person. Seeing this tree in a dream means that one will rise in station, acquire knowledge, and grow in piety. Eating its fruit in a dream means an illness. Climbing this tree in a dream means stress and difficulties.

If one acknowledges the condition of a specific tree in wakefulness then sees the same in his dream, it means that such condition will last. In general, trees in a dream represent women or men of different tempers or personalities. Trees in a dream also represent fights. Unknown trees mean distress, worries, adversities and fears, particularly if one sees them in the dark in his dream. Sitting under the shade of a tree in a dream means profits and money, or it could mean dependence on people in authority, or befriending rich people for their money. As for one who is pursuing the path of innovation, it means that he will repent and follow the path of righteousness ifit is a fruit-bearing tree. Takingshelter under a tree that bears no fruit in the dream means pursuing something that will bear no comfort or benefits. Fragrant trees, flowering trees, a Moringa tree, or a henna plant in a dream represent people of knowledge, religious scholars, teachers or preachers who teach what they do not practice. As for citrus trees in a dream, they represent righteous people, wise men and people of inner and outer awareness who practice what they preach. Palm trees, walnut trees, or the like trees in a dream represent people of the upper social class from whom no one can get anything, or no one will even attempts to ask them for anything. As for the poplar trees, the evergreen cypress trees, or the saint trees in a dream, they represent stinginess and avariciousness. In a dream, any kind of maple or other trees that renew their leaves annually represent poverty, richness, memorizing things, forgetfulness, celebrations, or sadness. In a dream, any kind of large trees that do not shed their leaves in the winter represent longevity, richness, jealousy, or steadfastness in one’s religion. Climbing a tree in a dream means escaping from danger, or carefully avoiding something worrisome. Seeing an unknown tree inside one’s house in a dream means that fire may consume such a house, or that a fight may break the family apart. Common types of trees and city trees in a dream represent enemies, or men seeking lawful earnings. Planting a seedling in a dream means getting married to a girI from a renowned family and gaining rank.

A plane tree, a sycamore, or the like trees in a dream represent great, strong and famous men who have no wealth, nor do they benefit anyone.

A thorny tree in a dream represents a perplexed man. Ifone cuts a tree in a dream, it may mean the death of his wife, or that he will infringe upon a contract, or break a covenant.

If a tree dries out in a dream, it means that a traveller may die in an accident, or that a sick person may die from his illness.

If one sees a king or a man in authority carving some emblems on the trunk of a tree in a dream, it means that he is designing a plan to destroy someone.

If he cuts it down with a scythe or a sickle in the dream, it means that he is demanding something, the other party cannot deliver. Ifone takes money from a tree in his dream, it means that he will earn lawful and blessed money from people who deal with the same type of trees, or that he will live in their vicinity. Planting trees in one’s garden in a dream means bearing children.

A plane tree represents longevity. Peach or plum trees in a dream represent a short life. Seeing a group of trees surrounded with aromatic plants in a dream means that a group of men will gather to mourn someone, or to lament a loss. Tree leaves in a dream represent money.

A tree outside one’s house in a dream represents one’s clan or servants.

A female tree inside a house represents a woman, and a male tree represents a man.

It is a bad omen to see the forbidden tree in a dream. In a dream, to see the tree near which God Almighty spoke to Moses, upon whom be peace, means nearness to God Almighty.

A dead tree in a dream represents guidance and wealth, for it is a source offuel. Sittingunder the shade of a tree along with a group of people, praising and glorifying God’s attributes in a dream means receiving God’s blessings in this world and in the hereafter. Seeing the heavenly TUba tree in a dream means a good end, or living an ascetic life, or it could mean helping others. Seeing mountain trees in a dream means performing supererogatory devotion, work, or receiving unexpected profits.

A palm tree in a dream represents a good word and a true one. It also represents... tree dream meaning


Carving a ham in dreams may represent slicing into a rich and meaty experience such as a feast with friends or enjoying a special occasion with family. It may mention that someone is acting like a ham or being a show-off As a pig is a symbol of fertility, a ham may represent the feast of fertility.... ham dream meaning


Carving pumpkins at Halloween began as a Celtic tradition on All Souls’ Day to ward off evil spirits.

The appearance of a jack-o’-lantern in a dream may suggest a need to scare away those ghostly past relationships that arc still haunting you. It may symbolize the need for protecting your harvest from evil influences that could steal your prosperity, or it may welcome little visitors who want a treat.... jack-o’-lantern dream meaning

Stone / Rock

If a rock or stone featured in your dream, it is important to take into account the context of your dream and your emotions when trying to understand the message from your dreaming mind. Bearing in mind that dream stones can represent your very heart and soul, pay attention to what the rock looked like and what attracted you to it. For example, if you admired the stone, this suggests emotional strength; but if you picked up a pebble at random and flung it at someone or something, the stone could represent your coldness of heart, the hard feelings you are harboring against someone or your attempts to keep others at an emotional distance.

Dreaming of stone or a stone floor or path can suggest emotional inhibition or coldness as well as stability and durability.

If you are carving stone in your dream, you may be trying to make a lasting impression on the world.

If stone is broken up in your dream, you may be experiencing extreme emotional hurt. Being turned into stone means hardening your approach or attitude, and if stones are thrown at you, this could suggest feelings of guilt for a misdemeanor. There is also the drug association to consider, as in being ‘stoned’.

To dream of a rock or rocky landscape suggests security, reliability and stability in real life. You need to stand rock-like and not be dissuaded from your purpose. Seaside rock may remind you of childhood or of carefree times.

Alternatively, like stones, rocks are associated with coldness, rigidity, barriers and stubbornness; your dream may be highlighting these qualities within yourself. Consider also whether you have found yourself between a rock and a hard place in waking life?... stone / rock dream meaning


lucky numbers: 17-21-24-26-36-48

bones taken from: wil be busy with projects for a long time; give what’s left to others.

breaking bones of: wil have al kinds of losses beyond what you have to lose.

butchering raw: a friend would like to become a lover.

buying: wil gain money in gambling on a wise stock.

carving cooked: must join forces with a rival on your ambitious quest and share success.

cooking, for yourself: minor difference of opinion over unrequited love.

but not being allowed to eat: your “daily bread” is always provided.

others: a bold and hearty grasp of your needs in love affairs.

eating beef: wil have an easy life like the carnivorous mammal you are.

boiled: melancholy from disagreements leads you to overanalyze your problems.

broiled: are getting to the heart of the matter, one side at a time.

fried: wil be paid wel to kil someone’s spirit; others wil be the spoils.

raw: wil receive discouraging news of the death of a friend.

roasted: wil receive God’s blessings and affection from a friend.

rotten: your luck has turned on you and left you at risk.

sausage: are in a combative mood toward your career.

veal: wil cheat someone, when they unexpectedly change plans on you.

frozen: falsehood and deception frozen out of your consciousness.

throwing, to a dog: danger is very close to you; who has it in for you? ... meat dream meaning


lucky numbers: 03-05-11-22-23-36

buying beef: pleasure and profitable undertakings.

eating: wil receive affectionate greetings that wil detract from your real merit.

serving: are sharing a wealth of opportunity with friends.

slicing: wil win at gambling, a bet with each cut of the cards.

carving a: a celebration amongst those closest to you.

roasting beef: minimal danger to your comfortable living.

lamb: blessings and nutritious support.

on a spit: wil be invited to a meeting that wil last for days.

pork: losses from gambling.

veal: desires wil be accomplished in proportion to your effort. ... roast dream meaning


lucky numbers: 01-11-13-17-35-37

being a Turk: beautiful women wil seek after you.

buying a: can expect something good to come to you.

carving a: quarrels over an unwise but common method of procedure.

eating a: dissent within communal fel owship.

killing a: your vivid imagination leads to infidelity.

making, sandwiches: wil be visited by hungry people.

of a: abundant harvest for the farmer.

people of, the: wil be subjected to the wil of others.

plucking a: wil have a nervous breakdown.

roasting a: with your inconsistency and unfaithfulness you wil lose those who matter most. ... turkey dream meaning

Totem Pole

These Native Indian carvings forecast interesting new friends who will widen your horizons.... totem pole dream meaning