What does a dream about cartwheels symbolize?

Cartwheels Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources


To dream that you or someone else is doing cartwheel, represents the need to regain balance in your life. You need to learn to handle obstacles and stress with more poise.

If you dream that you have trouble doing cartwheels, you do not have confidence in your own abilities. You may also lack discipline.

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attracting objects to you with a: your greed is alienating others.

being attracted by a: your heart is doing cartwheels over another.

man dreaming of using a: loss of honorable life through a woman.

woman: wealth wil be hers through power games, which must continue to be won.

of a: security in business if you are not reckless with important connections.

using a: an elevated trend in your affairs to come.

professional people, for work: exert control; persuade one to bow to your wil . ... magnet dream meaning