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What does it mean to see an cars in a dream?

Cars Dream Meaning: From 4 Different Sources


Often seen as a status symbol, your choice of car is a personal thing. If you find yourself driving one in your dreams, it shows how you see yourself and how you’d like others to view you. Something sleek red and sporty belies a sassy nature; while something black and powerful suggests a self-assured person who likes to take the lead. Consider what the type of car means to you. If you’re racing the car or speeding in some way, then you’re likely to be impatient about something that’s occurring in your life. You desperately want to move things along and this sense of frustration is coming through in your dreams.

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To dream of seeing cars, denotes journeying and changing in quick succession.

To get on one shows that travel which you held in contemplation will be made under different auspices than had been calculated upon.

To miss one, foretells that you will be foiled in an attempt to forward your prospects.

To get off of one, denotes that you will succeed with some interesting schemes which will fill you with self congratulations.

To dream of sleeping-cars, indicates that your struggles to amass wealth is animated by the desire of gratifying selfish and lewd principles which should be mastered and controlled.

To see street-cars in your dreams, denotes that some person is actively interested in causing you malicious trouble and disquiet.

To ride on a car, foretells that rivalry and jealousy will enthrall your happiness.

To stand on the platform of a street-car while it is running, denotes you will attempt to carry on an affair which will be extremely dangerous, but if you ride without accident you will be successful.

If the platform is up high, your danger will be more apparent, but if low, you will barely accomplish your purpose.

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(See also Motor Cars), Street cars, either seen or ridden on, are an omen of petty annoyances that will come largely from your own fault.

To dream of going to bed in a sleeping-car is an augury of achievement after much difficulty.

Freight cars denote an increase in your possessions without any satisfaction therefrom.

Riding in an ordinary car on a railroad train presages a trip that wiU fail to bring you pleasure.

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Cars represent our journey through life. Always check who’s in the drivers seat. Are you in control of your life or is someone else? Travelling by car shows you’re independent and like to be in control of your destiny.

• If you’re speeding it suggests you need to slow down in life.

If you’ve stalled or are driving very slowly then it means you need to move up a gear.

• Getting lost or being on the wrong road suggests you’ve lost your direction and purpose.

An out of control car indicates events in your life feel similarly out of control.

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