What does it mean to see an carried in a dream?

Carried Dream Meaning: From 3 Different Sources


An ability being used; what one is ‘carrying’ in life, such as carrying a grudge. Being carried: a desire to drop responsibility; a return to childhood relationship. Carrying a person: treating someone else, or some part of yourself, as a child or invalid; feeling you are carrying the load’ in life, work or a relationship; over zealous, as depicted by idiom ‘carrying things too far’. Idioms: carried away; carry a torch; carry the can.

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If you are being carried in a dream it symbolizes protection, shepherding, or covering by God or the person carrying you, Ps. 28:9

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anyone, being, by: your personality that others rely on has an uncertain future.

man, a: anxious days because of il ness.

poor person, a: burden you are carrying is someone else’s.

woman, a: new love affair after problem is solved.

child: wil be charitable with your failure to complete the project.

load: wil begin before sunrise and rest after sunset.

woman, carrying a: are overzealous in carrying the relationship.

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2 dream interpretations related to the symbols you see in your dreams.

Carried / Carrying

1- To be aware of carrying an object suggests we need to look at what is being accepted as a burden or difficulty.

If we dream of being carried, we may feci that we are in need of support.

To dream of carrying someone registers the fact that we may be accepting responsibility for someone else and that this responsibility is a burden.

When we are prepared to ‘carry’ something we are taking Spiritual Responsibility.... carried / carrying dream meaning

Carried, Being

Support, responsibility, or delivery.

You being carried by someone else can represent: receiving help or assistance; someone else taking responsibility for you or taking on your responsibilities; the idea of being a burden to someone else.

See also: Carrying; Supporting; Traveling... carried, being dream meaning