What does a dream about carpe diem symbolize?

Carpe Diem Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

Carpe Diem

Seize the day; focus on one’s life.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin

2 dream interpretations related to the symbols you see in your dreams.


Impermanence; fear of age and death; make use of your life (Carpe diem!—utilize the day). On the other hand, this dream image may also appear because you fear being mortal; you are afraid of things that could have long-standing consequences; you feel overwhelmed by responsibilities and the burden of them. In the end, this dream is asking you to have a productive life and to enjoy it.... calendar dream meaning


Vision: Swimming in a pond: stay away from mysterious com- panv; people may not be quite what they seem. Seeing a pond with clear water: you will find a new friend.

Depth Psychology: The pond is a place where secret hopes and passions reside. You are not yet ready to admit diem to yourself because they are like “forbidden fruit”! Look at the rest of the symbols in the dream. See Lake, Water.... pond dream meaning