What does it mean to see an caroling in a dream?

Caroling Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources


Speaking forth joyful commendations

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton


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banquet, attending a: fulfil ing relationship with those you love.

caroling, going: after your financial gains your situation becomes precarious.

church on, attending: wil receive God’s blessings and give love.

family reunion during: giving and receiving spiritual awareness.

of: wil have happy family affairs and openings for new members.

party, being at a: are too cautious in your relations with new friends.

present, receiving; wil have a pleasant reunion of friends.

several: beware of person from whom you received them.

reindeer pulling a sled, a: prestige from the community.

many: an investment you thought worthless wil climb in value.

tree, a: after a long wait, the angel wil light up your life.

decorations dismantled, with: an emptiness fol owed by clarity of message. ... christmas dream meaning