What does it mean to see an carmen in a dream?

Carmen Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources


Joyful singer

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton


1. Busy place

2. Caged in;

3. Being displayed;

4. Out of your habitat;

5. Out of control;

6. The world; 1 John 2:16.


In a dream I was resting in our lounge with my wife behind my back on the carpet. Next to my head was a fire place , (we don`t have a fireplace in our lounge) my face was very near to the fire place which was not burning at the moment, the outline of the fireplace was dark brown in color, wavy shaped. sudden I felt something touching my face, and it looked liked two legs of an insect, this brownish color thing in the fireplace that was dormant, just came alive. I got up and followed this insect that looked like a blown up flea. it walked down the passage to our bedroom. This blown up flea entered our main bed room, my granddaughters who don`t live with us was in the bed room, normally they are afraid of insects but they just stared at this funny looking creature that looks like a blown up flea. they were not scared at all.

I remember that I went to sit on our bed and this creature tried to climbed on our bed,. . . end of dream

Dream Symbols

See Lounge; Fire place; Face; Flea; bedroom insect.


My dream

Your house represent your body, see house in Room and accessories metaphors) myself and my wife Barbs was lying on the carpet next to the fire place, the fire place also have a chimney, this represents your lungs (my lungs) SEE FIREPLACE ROOMS/HOUSE/ACCESSORIES METAPHORS That which was dormant in my lungs became active. The creature that came alive and looks like a blown up flea, was the cause of my problem,

The Children was not afraid of this creature explained to me that I don`t need to be afraid of this.

I developed high fever (HAD THIS FOR A MONTH) which the doctors could not explain, (fireplace very hot). They took a scan and found that all my glands in the lungs were swollen. The doctors diagnosed me with all the fatal diseases. One specialist told me your glands was swollen and ask me, do I know what that mean. This means that the cancer already spread throughout my body. I said to him that I am not interested in his speculation , that the Lord already warned me in a dream.

The results came back and they diagnosed Sarcoidosis, no RX for it and in most cases the body heals itself.

The blown up flea speaks of just a nuisance and being insignificant, (SEE FLEA in animal metaphors) Fire place (high fever) my lungs, God is good He always speaks to us , He Cares and I give Him all glory.

Just one thing when I received the dream I never rebuked the negative aspect of the dream. when you receive a dream always pray about it, pray against negativity and ask the lord to fulfil that what He promised.

In Isaiah it reminds us that once a year we will visit satan to remind us of the person who caused all our trouble, when I read that portion I said it with such hatred that I AM GOING TO SEEE! YOU BURN IN AGONY!!!! He returned the favour to me with high fever.


Carmen`s dream The Whale and the Eagle

I dreamed I was on a ship and there was a huge whale swimming right next to the ship and it had a fin slightly raised and the water was making a bend, flowing over its fin, almost like a tunnel, or the way air passes over a plane`s wings. Then right above the whale was an eagle, unusually large, flying right above this whale and its wing was directly aligned to the whales fin, right next to the this ship and I was standing right underneath and between the two animals on the ship, they were moving at the same speed of this ship and I was enjoying the ride not feeling scared by the size or closeness of them.

Dream symbols

See Whale Ship Eagle


This is an awesome dream; God is going to use you in a powerful way. These symbols speak of great influence. Ships speak of mega churches and this may represents the entire Body of Christ. Whales represent the Prophetic as well as the eagle. Interesting that the whale swallowed Jonah and he was also a prophet. I see you travelling to the USA and I keep on seeing 700 club. (the eagle is symbolic of America!) . I believe your job description is the media. whales is extremely sensitive animal communicating over long distances, (Airways) and in this manner you will reach the body of Christ (the ship) “I was standing right underneath and between the two animals on the ship,” this prophetic anointing and gifts overshadow you, rest on you AND WILL MOVE IN HARMONY wherever you go, (the whale and eagle moving with the ship) Under his wings you will find cover, the eagles wing aligning it with the fin of the whale reminds me of the stabilizer on a ship that resembles the fin of this whale. The Holy Spirit will give YOU utterance to speak without fear his holy oracles that WILL greatly impacts your audience, blessings.... zoo dream meaning