What does it mean to see an caretaker in a dream?

Caretaker Dream Meaning: From 3 Different Sources


1. God;

2. Pastor/leader; Ps. 23:1;

3. Concern for God, people; 1 Cor. 7:32-33;1 Pet. 5:7; Acts 20:38.

Dream Dictionary The Biblical Model | Vincent Wienand


See security personnel in people

Dream Meanings of Versatile | Versatile - Anonymous


Feeling that in a romantic relationship he/she is the caretaker.

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin


A nurse is the bringer of care when illness or injury is present. As a character aspect in a dream, it is the part of your personality that can be called upon when a great deal of nurturance is necessary.

If you dream of a nurse, you need to cultivate a stronger relationship with your inner caretaker.... nurse dream meaning


The caretaker of a garden could symbolize a spiritual protector, a guardian angel, “spirit guide,” or God.

If the dreamer is the gardener, then one’s own higher self is tending to their needs.... gardener dream meaning


Caretaker who loves all creatures, divinely led... calvert dream meaning


Caretaker of the garden of life... garth dream meaning


Revealing one who is or has the necessary qualifications to be a caretaker, formally or informally... nanny dream meaning


Caretaker. ... grocer dream meaning


1. A “custodian” or caretaker who cleans up the messes of other people.

2. Waste or problems of laziness in business matters (to see a janitor not cleaning). ... janitor dream meaning


In a dream, a water cistern represents a pouch, a safe, a box, a coffer, a partner, one’s wife, a son, or knowing people’s personal secrets. Ifthe oil cistern is filled with water in the dream, it means stagnation of any of the above. Ifone sees a water cistern filled with oil in a dream, then it means prosperity.

The cistern of a fellowship house, a khanakah or a mosque in a dream represents its Imam or its supervising spiritual teacher or the caretaker and guard of the property. Ifone sees the water cistern of the house sitting in an unsuitable place in that house in a dream, it represents the spirit of a jinni who pursues such a person or who may haunt his house.

If one sees a well being used as a cistern in his house in a dream, it denotes that the dwellers of that house are of the middle class, or it could mean that the water of that house is salty or nonpotable.

If one sees the cistern filled with butter or honey or milk in a dream, it means that one’s wife is pregnant, or it could mean prosperity for that family.

If the family of such a house is thirsty in the dream, and if the cistern is filled with other than water, then it means that they owe alms tax and must pay the necessary charity on their assets, or it could mean that such a family has turned its back to God’s path and preferred worldly gains instead, or that they have a knowledge that they do not practice, or it could mean shortage of rain in that locality that necessitates spending money on God’s path.

A cistern in a dream also could represent a protective shield or a pocket, one’s dignity, blessings or attaining a respectable rank or dispelling difficulties. However, this interpretation can only apply for those who use a cistern or a similar water container or a water dispenser and in their case, it also could mean peace and protection from any fears.

(See Urn)... cistern dream meaning


(Cistern; Container; Storing; Waterskin) In a dream, each type of urn is interpreted differently.

A large urn represents a prostitute. In a dream, a cistern or any large conical jar made of porous clay and used in storing water represents a caretaker, a custodian or a curator, the head of the household, his safe, or his shop. Ifthe urn is seen inside a house in a dream, it represents a rich woman who is always in grief.

If it is connected to a water wheel in the dream, it represents a rich man who carries heavy responsibilities and who spends his money on God’s path.

A waterskin in a dream represents a chaste woman. Drinking from a waterskin in a dream means receiving money or benefits from such a woman.

If one sees himself drawing water from a storage tank then pouring it into an urn in the dream, it means that he will take advantage of such a woman.

A wine pitcher in a dream means discovering a treasure.

If one sees an urn containing vinegar in a dream, it represents a pious and a God-fearing person.

If it stores butter or ghee for cooking in the dream, it represents a rich man who hides his wealth.

If it stores pickles in the dream, it denotes a sick person.

If an urn falls from one’s hands and breaks in the dream, it means a divorce.

(Also see Pitcher)... urn dream meaning


Old dream interpretation books say that frogs are a good omens and represent happiness and great friendships. From a more modern point of view, frogs may be considered symbols of the unconscious because they live in the water. Frogs also represent transformation of the positive kind.

A visitor and intended caretaker of your emotions.The frog, unless deformed negatively, removes the little irritations that interfere with your intuition and responses or reactions.Is the frog doing his job properly and acting in accordance with his duties?Are the patterns overcoming the frog? ... frog dream meaning

Pot / Kettle

interpreted upon 5 sides: woman, caretaker of the house. [missing others..?]... pot / kettle dream meaning


Your real-life father.

An authority or caretaker figure (such as your employer).

A masculine role model or inspiration.

The idea of fatherhood, fatherly qualities, or parenthood in general.

Your spiritual parent (God).

See also: Family; Person You Know... father dream meaning


A dream of a Goddess is prophetic, powerful, and filled with wonderful insights relating to the divine feminine, the maiden, maid, crone and sacred sisterhood. Dreams of a Goddess represents your desire to connect with a higher aspect of yourself, your greatest potential. You are evoking divine assistance or a higher view into your life. Each Goddess archetype will evoke within you a distinct power and energy.

The following are primary dream symbols in relation to the seven primary Greek and Roman Goddesses and the gifts they offer you if you are fortunate enough to be visited by them in the dreamtime: Aphrodite/Venus: Goddess of love, sensuality, beauty, sexuality and freedom. She is the muse of creativity and inspiration. Symbols: Scallop shell, sweet fruit, nectar, dolphin, gold coins, swan, and myrrh. Artemis/Diana: Goddess of the hunt, wildlife, and independence. She is a humanitarian and caretaker of those less fortunate. Symbols: Bow and arrow, bear, hound, moon, stag Athena/Minerva: Goddess of wisdom, discernment, competition, success and leadership. Symbols: Olive tree, owl, shield, lightening bolt, loom, Parthenon Demeter/Ceres: Goddess of harvest and fertility. She is the mother and nurturer of children. Symbols: Cornucopia, poppy, sickle, wheat Hera/Juno: Goddess of marriage; primarily identified with the role of wife and partnership. She is know for being the woman behind the man. Symbols: Peacock, throne of gold and ivory, cuckoo, temple, two gold rings, wind Hesia/Vesta: Goddess of the hearth and home. She makes a house a home and her qualities include domesticity, introversion, meditation, mindfulness and nest maker. Symbols: Flaming hearth, globe, altar, vest, locked box, shelter Persephone: Goddess of death, the underworld, renewal, and transformation. Symbols: Pomegranate seeds, narcissus flower, gates, chariot, two faces, spring... goddess dream meaning


Your real-life grandparent.

An authority or caretaker figure.

Unconditional love and support, wisdom, understanding, maturity, or something else you associate with a grandparent.

A spiritual authority figure or wise elder in your life.

See also: Family; Person You Know; Authority Figure... grandparent dream meaning


Your real-life mother.

An authority or caretaker figure (such as your employer).

A feminine role model or inspiration.

The idea of motherhood, motherly qualities, or parenthood in general.

Your spiritual parent (God).

See also: Family; Person You Know... mother dream meaning


Universal Landscape: Reward and pleasure; nurturing.

Dreaming Lens: Were you eating the cookies or was someone else? Were they uneaten? Were there limits or obstacles to getting the cookies? Were you being generous with the cookies and giving them away? Did they taste good? Were they homemade, or a favorite brand? Were the dream cookies in a plausible environment (kitchen, school, store), or in a strange setting?

Personal Focus: Cookies take their universal meaning from the child’s perspective, for it is as children that most of us were introduced to these potentially irresistible sweets. Cookies are intrinsically bound to the nurturing energy of mother, grandmother, or female caretaker. And while not all mothers bake cookies for their children, this notion is reinforced through literature and the media. Mother and child baking cookies together is a television staple for representing healthy bonding in the home.

Cookies connect to early lessons of reward and punishment. They might be offered as a prize for good behavior, or a prescription for lifting the spirits in a sad moment. However, they are to be limited before meals for fear of spoiling the appetite. And beware the wrath that might befall the child who got his or her hand “caught in the cookie jar.” This construct of a highly sought after object under the firm control of the adult imbues cookies with a combination of desire and guilt, as well as the meaning associated with reward and pleasure.

Your own life experience around this brand of nurturing should play a large part in your interpretation. The type of cookie in your dream and your personal tastes should be factored in as well. A disagreeable taste might indicate something askew in your sense of personal reward. Eating too many or feeling sick might represent a pattern of overdoing the reward in life and the refusal of responsibility. Baking them yourself may suggest a regressive need to be comforted in some way.... cookie dream meaning

Security Personnel

(Including caretakers) in performing a dual function, that of authority figures and guardians of property, security personnel appearing in dreams tend to represent a curb on enjoyment.... security personnel dream meaning


lucky numbers: 11-21-28-29-40-42

aviary, at an: warning to stop leaving work for social events.

beak, seeing a: voice your solutions; you need some form of relief.

being bitten by a: keep your opinions to yourself.

bluebird, a: the spirit is in limbo, deciding which life to live next.

blue jay, catching a: immediate marriage.

buzzard flying above: an unusual scandal wil make you vulnerable to loss.

away: decayed attitudes have been cleared; the solution is within your reach.

cackle at dawn, hearing: warning that care is needed.

evening, in the: big peril prowls around you.

noon, at: fights between relatives.

cage, putting in a: business wil not live up to your lofty goals.

catching a: immediate marriage for the unmarried.

crane, a flying: a momentous occasion wil alter the best-laid plans.

wading: bound to deal constructively, to crack open the energy within.

eaten, that can be: form a corporation.

emu in your back yard, an: wil meet a fool with foolish proposals.

feet of: you have faithful friends who don’t understand you.

fighting: you wil change employment.

flamingo, pink: distant travel, exciting chance events.

flock of, a: wil be part of those heard.

flying: your soul wil be saved by a wave of prosperity.

away: freedom to aspire to greatness.

like a: any attempt at the impossible wil meet with the probable.

greenfinch, killing a: you are confronted with insurmountable obstacles.

owning a Texas sparrow: stick to your work and undertakings.

head of a, the: change within own position.

herons, of: career wil move faster with greater gains than losses.

hummingbird: rapid hovering over affair in multiple locales.

killing a, for sport: disaster.

ladybird, killing a: be cautious at a postponement in business ventures.

of a, others having a: postponement of happiness in love affairs.

macaw hopping around the cage, a: any excuse to avoid a long-winded conference.

many: big family reunion and gain of a suit.

migrating: visit your childhood home, pay homage, then be free of material ties.

mockingbird singing in the night: an extended period of calm contentment.

molting: inhuman treatment of those not up to your financial standard.

night, at: lasting joy of spiritual freedom.

oriole, being an: wil move up in business in altitude and in stature.

pelican, a: thwart an enemy before he establishes a foothold.

catching a: you wil be invited to a dinner by a fisherman with a ful net.

penguin, strutting like a: are overdressed for an occasion.

phoenix rising above the ashes: spiritual rebirth.

flying: freedom from unpleasantness with a caretaker and nurturer.

on the branch of a tree: an overview to put others in their place.

plumage, with beautiful: a wealthy and loving partner.

poor people dreaming of: improve own circumstances with a caretaker and nurturer.

single girl, beautiful: are loved but do not control your fate.

unmarried woman: wil be unable to escape marrying a wealthy man.

wealthy people: reverse of luck in business, with you dependent on another’s money.

predatory: your enemies are perched for attack.

seabirds: freedom of intel ect if you leave present situation.

seeing: are attempting to evade duties you find it impossible to perform.

during business negotiations: a foe wil cheat you by demanding a judge rule in his favor.

singing, hearing: great joy is in store for you as you are pardoned for past offenses.

many: wil be cal ed upon to perform complex important tasks.

sleeping: important information has been overlooked.

tanager, a: a pleasant house party where you wil meet many interesting people.

waddling, a: wil conclude affairs satisfactorily.

injured, an: persecution by an enemy.

on land: uncertain affairs wil turn out wel .

wild: wil be oppressed by people with obscure demands.

wings, of a: freedom may be your desire, but not of the one in control.

broken, a: you have lost your balance.

woman seeing, with brilliant plumage: see yourself or your husband being reborn.

wounded, a: deep grief caused by malfeasance of children.

wrens, watching: be certain your plans are wel grounded.

hearing, singing: keep your happiness to yourself.



animal eating a: a change in surroundings soon.

bird’s eggs in a: excel ent engagement results in huge dowry.

broken, a: loss of balance.

chicks coming out of: good news wil be received.

destroying a: a family member wil commit an egregious act.

destroying birds in a: a youthful fol y wil continue to cause distress.

empty, an: termination of affairs.

finding several birds in a: a task near at hand requires caution.

one bird in a: a package with a gift wil be received.

several: happiness within the family. ... birds dream meaning