What does it mean to see an caressing in a dream?

Caressing Dream Meaning: From 2 Different Sources


(Tender touch) In a dream, caressing a bird, a dog, a cat, a horse or a cow, etcetera, means having a soft heart, speaking gentle words, ability to draw people to oneself. Caressing someone during the daylight in a dream means slandering and backbiting him. Caressing a woman in a dream means that one will become a translator, or it could represent a frivolous person or someone who appeals to ludicrous people, or it could mean self-adulation or deficiency in one’s craftsmanship.

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin


Dreaming that you caress somebody shows you may not be treating the people around you well, as they deserve.

If you are the one receiving caresses by others then it means you do not have all the affection you need in real life.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke


See Water.

An image of emotional excitement—tenderness, caressing, and sexuality. See Surfing, Ship.... wave dream meaning


By caressing the head for sleep, a pillow may signify the need to rest and stop the mind from thinking so much. It may symbolize something that has brought comfort to the mind.... pillow dream meaning


For a mother to dream that she is Caressing her children is a dream of contrary—she will have anxious days on account of illness.... caress dream meaning


The meaning of a dream featuring a hand, or hands, varies greatly according to the action and other aspects, but as a general guide:

If the hands were dirty and/or their appearance unpleasant, it is a warning to guard against behavior which could bring you into ill-repute.

Beautiful, clean, and well-groomed hands forecast satisfaction in life.

Busy and/or skillful hands predict well-earned rewards.

Bent or gnarled hands signify an easement of financial worries.

Waving hands indicate separations.

Caressing hands are a sign of sincere love.

Bloody hands are an omen of family quarrels.

Washing your hands suggests you should make an effort to rectify some past injustice.

Swollen hands predict an unexpected gain.

Hairy hands forecast a stroke of business luck.

Tied hands indicate frustrating obstacles which in turn suggest a change of plans.

A broken hand or the loss of a hand is a warning that you need to pay closer attention to your own personal affairs.

A bandaged hand signifies temporary setbacks.

The right hand predicts carefree joy.

The left hand predicts irritation and minor difficulties.

Very small hands portend infidelity.

Very large hands are an omen of sexual satisfaction.

Children’s hands are a promise of happiness.

Shaking hands is a sign of reconciliation or renewed friendship.... hand dream meaning


Make-up in dreams signifies the appearance we present to others, as well as the ability to change the impression we make on others.

If you are a woman and you were pleased with your make-up in your dream, your unconscious may be signaling your waking confidence about your appearance. The opposite is true if you disliked your dream make-up. We wear make-up for many reasons to enhance our appearance, to disguise spots and to attract other people.

If you are applying make-up in your dream, what are you trying to hide from others or yourself? If you are painting yourself with body paint in your dream, this is more intimate than wearing a disguise and may relate to your most intimate feelings; the color you are using will be significant.

Your dream may also have focused on one aspect of your face—your lips, for instance.

If so, what are you trying to say in waking life? In Freudian terms, lipstick suggests passionate sexuality, particularly if the dream features a long stick of lipstick caressing lips that represent female genitalia. A woman dreaming of using lipstick signals a desire to attract the attention of a potential lover, but for a man to dream of using lipstick indicates that he might adopt a more feminine approach to a problem in his waking life, perhaps by trusting his instincts more.

If the lipstick appears to be smearing, this may suggest a fear of sexuality or sexual violence. Whether you are a man or woman, if the dream scenario portrayed you as anxiously trying to cover spots and blemishes, are you trying to present a different face to others in waking life?

If you have a suntan in your dream, or are applying suntan cream, your dream may be warning you that you are at risk of getting burned in waking life, or that you are paying too much attention to your appearance. Decorating your body with a tattoo has a similar meaning to body paint, but the important difference is whether or not the tattoo is permanent or temporary.

If the tattoo was temporary, do you need to pay more attention to your image? If the tattoo was a name or a symbol, the reference may not be to the image but to your desire to create a permanent memory in waking life.

If you are having a tattoo removed in your dream, you need to accept that some things in life are difficult and painful to move away from. And what motif is your tattoo in the dream and for which part of the body was it destined? The symbolism of both motif and body part will be significant.... make-up dream meaning


lucky numbers: 16-19-20-22-34-37

calming a: atonement for accidental harm wil prove exceedingly enjoyable.

caressing each other: wil receive dreadful news that only others can assuage.

going bathing with, at sea: current love affair ends; be clear and open for next one.

having a changeable: happiness wil vanish and estrangement wil appear.

old, embracing an: wil receive a gift fol owed by a phone cal . ... sweetheart dream meaning


lucky numbers: 11-13-30-39-48-50

angry: your wrath is difficult to restrain.

another’s: are a mirror of their emotions toward you.

baboons: a fleeting rise in status, try to maintain it.

beast, talking to a: hardship and misfortune come soon.

beating an: your sense of power is fragile at best.

pigs: misinformation damages your own affairs.

to death: get out of the business before you destroy it.

bleating: new concerns wil be pleasant.

bones, gnawing on: wil fal into complete ruin.

buffaloes: perseverance in the launching of your large enterprise.

buttocks of an: wil soon have money.

buying an: are mimicking another, rather than sharing yourself.

carcass of an: long life and good perspectives.

caressing an: a big fortune is ahead.

chasing you: part of your personality is stubbornly demanding expression.

coyote: a trickster wants to pul you into loneliness.

dead: are ridding yourself of instincts no longer needed.

fangs of an, the: leave before you are kicked out.

fat: abundance during the winter.

feeding: someone is endeavoring to destroy you.

on a carcass: gluttony of backbiting hardly fil s the stomach.

furious: a friend is defending your name.

in a cage, many: your offenses are gathering against you.

giraffe, a: keep your nose out of other’s business.

gnu, a: take a walk in fresh air and natural surroundings.

gopher, a: family troubles are eating at your ability to perform in business.

gorilla, a: your actions are misinterpreted and unjustly criticized.

grunting: time to change your occupation.

head in hands, holding a dog, horse, or donkey: you wil be enslaved.

hippopotamus, a: beneath your authority are unsteady legs.

in a zoo: are bored with people from whom you cannot escape.

hoof of an: are in danger of being swindled by a lover.

hungry: greed interferes with your attaining al ies.

hydrophobia, having: to play with sharks you must first learn to swim.

hyena, being chased by a laughing: others are useless, go it alone.

invading your car: others just want to get close to you.

and attacking you: show them your license to proceed.

and you drive off with them: bring your enemies into your fold.

large: your repressed cravings surface with hostility.

mountain, on a: loss of money in business.

octopus, of an: multiple deals that entangle you in an irreversible situation.

orangutan: a ruthless acquaintance wil stop at nothing to make a fool out of you.

passionate: unfulfil ed lust translates to rage.

paws of an: wil be offended by a person’s bad manners.

domestic, a: friends far away are thinking of you.

wild, a: joy of short duration.

poacher, being a: want to steal another’s lifestyle.

polecat, being a: pick up the scent of deception and confront it.

pursued by wild, being: wil be offended by a friend.

and wounded: are opening yourself up to criticism.

pushing away an: wil soon be divorced from your bitchy behavior.

resting in a stable: wil be unfortunate in love, if you don’t pay attention to it.

field: financial gains, if you broaden your scope.

rodent, a: a pest that confounds the exterminator.

selling an: success postponed until more propitious times.

skinny: must endure starvation to get to the bottom of aggressive nature.

small: a younger sibling needs your attention.

standing in front of your car: other’s concern is real and with positive intent.

stroking: fortune is ahead for you; don’t grab.

talking: protect your flanks from vindictiveness.

you, to an: wil benefit by associating with people of society.

tame: keep your friends close; you are surrounded by enemies.

veterinarian, a: your basic instincts require remedial elevation.

walrus, a: your simple requirements for work stil need refining.

wild, howling: enemies wil get the best of your bigotry.

young: your parental love wil bring about prosperity. ... animals dream meaning


lucky numbers: 12-13-19-21-22-38

beating his wife: are laying yourself open for criticism with your behavior.

caressing: wil be advantageously married within a year.

divorcing: if you can relieve the bitterness, a reconciliation is possible.

calming one’s: wil have a violent family quarrel.

checking on: unfitted for position of loyal married person.

good, having a: a meaningful relationship wil develop and last.

losing a, by death: important and very beneficial events to come.

love with another, is in: be prepared for the worst by taking care of your needs.

marrying a second: mistreatment; the foibles of first marriage tarnish the second.

nagging his wife: events occur over which you have no control; al ow her that.

neglecting your: you are not being supported by your husband.

of a, when unmarried: are not ready to commit to marriage; or no one wil commit to you?

others flirting with your: wil live together al your life, yet he seeks pleasure elsewhere.

someone else’s, liking: immediate congeniality impossible with emotional baggage.

wanting to divorce your: must control your passions until harmony is reinstated.

wife nagging her: circumstances wil improve after a visit with the doctor. ... husband dream meaning


lucky numbers: 06-18-22-31-45-54

allowing, to be cut up to your ears: unhappiness.

another’s: own affairs wil need careful attention.

beautiful long, having: want a sexual y vibrant lover.

black: in a car accident an old acquaintance wil be renewed.

blonde: get on with the onerous task of proving you are not dumb.

brown: wil be a voluptuous person; whatever it takes.

crew cut style, a: your liberality with your money, once exploited, leads to frugality.

handful of, a: wil become poor by being overgenerous to annoying friends.

long: wil receive something important.

as her body, as: are being deceived by mate’s cowardice and effeminacy.

conductor’s, a: wil be cheated by those with a lot of hair.

red: are tel ing an untruth for the right to act according to your own morality or immorality.

white: dignity as your physique weakens.

very long: high hopes, but your lover is married.

woman dreaming of: an inappropriate overevaluation of your personality.

bleaching your: despite the hype to the contrary, gentlemen stil prefer blondes.

blonde women, men dreaming of: reversals of inattention to the whole person.

braiding your: have overromanticized your affair.

unbraiding your: begin your new adventure into womanhood.

brushing your: are recharging your energy and centering your growth.

bun, wearing in a tight: restrained from interrelationships.

burning: death of someone you know wil cast a pal over your aspirations.

caressing: wil earn love and trust of mate despite yourself.

combing lover’s hair: any sex problems wil be solved.

another’s: warning to those who would be unfriendly to that person.

curly, of: wil be antagonistic and surly until you are with the right mate.

black: wil deceive with your charm to gain trust; then wil betray it.

cutting: fear losing your spotless reputation.

off your braids: reevaluate your habits; expect an explanation.

dandruff, having: wipe out past offenses before approaching another.

falling out: loss of friendship wil solve some annoying problems.

golden, woman with: an audacious predator in the chase; a true woman’s woman.

gray, turning: must endure difficulty in choosing a partner.

being in the company of a person with: love after many rebuffs.

comparing dark to: to keep youth you must choose a path; one wil age you faster.

groomed, carefully: fear sex as contaminating.

growing from the edge of the mouth: accept advice in the spirit given.

on the back of the hands: wil offend discriminating society with your indiscretion.

on the face of a woman: danger of losing fortune; wil have to support yourself.

man having lost all of his: fear your impotence wil be bared to the public.

forcibly shaven: wil lose your love from a sudden change to a pledge of celibacy.

long: false dignity leads to weakness of character.

short white: the wisdom that comes only with age.

very little: want independence from moral taboos.

woman, her: are mental y and physical y overextended.

of own: continued prosperity in a new sphere of life.

cutting, with scissors: wil be cal ed upon to help someone.

getting thin or falling out: tend to split hairs; your disdain wil lose a worthy lover.

mussing up: family quarrels wil be minor squabbles on close inspection.

putting up: invigorate your soul with patience; engender your trials with fortitude.

satisfied with the way, looks, being: wil be pleasant in your life journey; thus fortunate.

washing: sorrow in dire happenings.

worrying because, is turning gray: separation from family; displacement of lover.

ponytail, in a: your vain desires are tempered with liveliness and enthusiasm.

prisoners, of: wil be victorious over enemy’s shame, but indiscrete in yours.

putting a net over own: wil have a terrible headache, which wil signify an unworthy al y.

short, very: your emotions are too control ed; it wil not lessen the depth of your grief.

snarled: a long legal action wil be the end to bad business and a burdensome marriage.

someone pulling your: enemies are trying to harm you.

tidying, at neck: get rid of characteristics that can’t handle the danger.

trouble taking your, down, having: you emphasize your intel ect to hide your emotions.

unkempt: are practicing unsafe sex; have lost or wil lose control of your future.

washing your: deliverance from overwhelming misfortune.

well-combed: your advancement wil be neglected through your loss of mental fortitude.

wild, of an assailant: disdain for society’s reaction to your image embroils you in issues. ... hair dream meaning


lucky numbers: 02-11-15-18-28-32

altercation with: wil take patience and an apology to quel animosity.

anxiously watching her child: are over-involved in another’s misfortune.

being dead: danger to property and you, personal y.

and speaking with her: are fol owing the wrong path and need to correct direction.

crazy: your business holdings are in danger; seek aid only from the family.

healthy: a family gathering gives you guidance; care wil take place.

in danger: your careless words are regretful; do better with your actions.

caressing her children: need comfort and protection from anxious days of il ness.

crying, your: must not let problems last past your childhood.

embracing own: expect good fortune and support from home.

hitting own: a catastrophe is ahead;must turn back to heritage for emotional security.

holding you in her bosom: sexual y insecure men can relate more easily.

homage to your, paying: peace and tranquility with pleasant memories.

in-law: an argumentative environment precipitated by you.

killing your: an inevitable death in the family, keep your anxieties quiet until then.

lap, sitting on: are hiding from the responsibility of ending an estrangement with her.

living with own: a security ful of compromises and limited functions.

of own: need someone to tel you it wil be al right.

seeing own, while far away: wil return to shelter, love and nurture your children.

step: the flexibility and adaptability of situational comedy. ... mother dream meaning


lucky numbers: 04-19-25-29-35-37

afflicted, being: rapid success in business, to your detriment.

arguing with your: wil have a quarrel lasting several days.

beating her husband: a long-lasting marriage.

being beautifully dressed: whom are you trying to impress with her?

being called by your: wil be tormented by internal grieving for your love.

calming one’s: wil have a violent family quarrel.

caressing her husband: her suspicion is magnified, as is your resistance to defeat.

checking on your: are doing wrong to an innocent person.

house, being a: wil marry a professional who is always traveling.

lying in the sun at the beach: avoid present peril by developing the quality of selfishness.

man being with his beautiful: pleasing time in love if you can extricate her from mother.

in a bathtub: misfortune in love affairs until you create your home.

married to another: sudden separation or death of husband.

man dreaming of beating his: great happiness in marriage.

his, betraying him: she has cause to suspect foul play, he does not.

nagging: your frivolous wife, who is too fond of amusements, is echoing your actions.

neglecting your: events are going against you.

of your own: must control your passions and jealousy; be patient and caring.

being naked: she is cheating on you.

undressing: must mend your ways and commit yourself to one woman.

swimming at a pool: a rival wil steal her affections.

taking a: the accomplishment of your desires and of your confinement. ... wife dream meaning