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You may dream of carers or being a carer yourself. Perhaps you are ill in your dream and no carer answers your cries for help? Or conversely, are there too many carers surrounding your bed? Does the carer give you the right kind of medicine or TLC? And who is the carer: a stranger, or someone you know and love? If you have dreams of carers or caring, such dreams may simply be reflecting your anxiety about becoming old and vulnerable. As we live longer, it is natural that issues of caring should show up more frequently in our dreams.

If you are a carer yourself, you may have dreams in which you are a terrible carer, and unwilling or unable to tend to your patient’s or loved one’s needs.

If this is the case, don’t take it literally; your dreams are simply letting you know what the repressed part of you feels and suggesting to you that it might be a good idea to find some outlet in waking life to let off steam.

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Abandoned By Parent / Carer

You may have a dream in which you are a child again and are being left at school, in a shop, in the street or park by your mother and running after her, perhaps not being able to reach her or not being heard. To be abandoned by a parent or carer in a dream—or to be separated from them so you feel lost and vulnerable—may represent a sense of not being wanted when you were young. This may not actually have been the case, but you may feel that way.

Alternatively, such a dream might also suggest that you are searching in waking life for the emotional freedom to be yourself and to be independent. On another level it may be pointing to your need to find guidance or help from others; many people have dreams of childhood abandonment after the death of a loved one.

If you are trying to attract your parents’ attention but they cannot hear you, such a dream may be saying that you feel neglected emotionally and you need to express your feelings and be understood by others.... The Element Encyclopedia


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