What does it mean to see an career in a dream?

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Career dreams often indicate the importance of work in daily life. Such dreams either imply that we take our careers too seriously, or that we should pay more attention to them. In any case, career dreams appear only when tension exists in this area. Less often, the career itself can be seen as a general symbol of wanting to get ahead.

Little Giant Encyclopedia | Klaus Vollmar

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Changing Careers

To dream of a career change can be indicative of how you really feel about your current role. Deep down, you may have a desire to do something completely different, and this is surfacing in your dreams. If you’re happy in your job and this dream pops up then the change you seek might not be career-related. It could be that you need to reinvent yourself in some way; this could be as simple as a rejuvenating makeover, or something more in depth, such as rethinking your belief system, behaviour and attitude. This dream often arises out of boredom, so look to your current situation and be honest about how you feel, then look at the things you can change to make you feel better.... changing careers dream meaning