What does a dream about cardboard symbolize?

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If you dream about cardboard, this is a sign that you should accept a positive new opportunity which is coming your way.

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Psychological / emotional perspective: Various types of boxes perceived in a dream may represent different aspects of the feminine personality. Thus a decorated box can represent a flamboyant personality, whereas a plain cardboard box might suggest ordinary everyday concerns.... box dream meaning


Your dream is reflecting disturbing thoughts and hidden fears. Insects and bugs are generally found to be repulsive by most people. For some, they can evoke great fears that are often wildly irrational. As any animal is symbolic of some element of thought, any dream insect represents some small but frightening unconscious thought. To arrive at an accurate interpretation, you may need to do a little research about the insect in question. Once you know a bit about it, you can come to an interpretation of what it might represent. As an example, bees exhibit sophisticated forms of communication and a communal production of honey that represents enormous industriousness and the power of collective thoughts gathered for a common purpose. Cockroaches are famous for being hearty enough to survive a nuclear blast. They can therefore be said to represent the staying power of the creepy thoughts that live in the shadow. Certain beetles manufacture a substance similar to paper or cardboard, embodying the powerful transformation that is available by attending to small details.

The silk made by any number of different insects connects to the amazing power of creativity and strength that actually has its origin in the shadow. Flying insects connect to the great mobility of our darker thoughts. Slimy ground dwellers point to the ever-present underbelly of our psyche.

If you have an insect show up in a dream, take a moment to look up some details about it. What you discover may trigger an important message that your unconscious is trying to give you.... insects dream meaning