What does a dream about cara symbolize?

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Literal... caravan dream meaning


To dream of caramel suggests there is a situation in your life that is not pleasing you to such a degree that it feels as though your joy is being sucked away. This may be a person, place or thing that is strongly connected to you and that you feel you cannot remove easily.

The message from the unconscious is to find your place of power and soak in it until the offending person or thing falls away naturally.... caramel dream meaning


(Herb) In a dream, caraway represents a profitable investment.... caraway dream meaning

Caravan Or Motor Home

A caravan that is static will represent temporary security on a small scale, being similar in meaning to hotel.

A moveable caravan or motor home will have the same symbolism as that of a snail, in that we are able to carry our security with us, giving us a sense of freedom.... caravan or motor home dream meaning


A caravan is a portable home and something you can take to any location. When it turns up in your dreams it suggests that family is important to you. You could be craving the comfort and love of those who know you best or missing them in some way. You feel disconnected from your nearest and dearest. Whatever is causing the distance between you, this dream is urging you to reconnect and sort out any minor disputes or misunderstandings.... caravans dream meaning