The meaning of the symbols of buying, kerosi and returning seen in a dream.

As you may already know, dreams are a deeply personal experience, and the meaning of seeing an can vary greatly from person to person. That being said, it's important to trust your instincts and confidently interpret the in your dreams in your own unique way.

Buying of kerosi e and returning means

What does the symbols of buying, kerosi and returning mean in a dream?

The keywords of this dream: Buying Kerosi Returning

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In a dream, buying something means selling it.

(Also see Sale)... buying dream meaning


Someone returning (to you, to a place, etc.) can represent a real or imagined: Reunion.

Returning to the past, or situation similar to a past one.

Restoring, recreating, or revisiting something from the past.

Resuming a process that’s been interrupted.

A feeling of missing someone or something, or of wanting them back.

The idea of going home again or of feeling the security of “home.” Revisiting a place can represent: a desire for familiar surroundings; a need or desire to repeat a past activity (perhaps due to unfinished business).

Returning an item you’ve purchased can represent: dissatisfaction; rejection; judgment, criticism, or the feeling of “not good enough”; getting rid of things (such as relationships or beliefs) that you feel don’t work for you.

Returning an item someone gave you can represent an ending, a refusal, or discontinuing a commitment.

See also: Backward; Repeating; Rejoining; Reuniting; Joining Together; Finances; Visiting... returning dream meaning

Buying (purchase)

1. Acceptance of a situation, how it is presented.

2. Financial caution is needed (purchases for self ).

3. Good fortune ahead (purchases for others). ... buying (purchase) dream meaning

Buying An Ass

If a person sees himself as buying a donkey, paying hard cash for it and handling such cash with his hands it means he will speak words of wisdom in the presence of people. And if he does not see himself as handling the cash although the price for the donkey is paid in full it means one good will come his way for which he will express his gratitude.

For paying the price for anything is in reality expressing one’s gratitude.... buying an ass dream meaning

Buying Meat From The Butcher

If a person dreams that he has purchased meat from the butcher who delivers it to his house it means he will experience ailment in that portion of his body which is linked to the meat.

If he pays for the meat it means he will be compensated for his difficulties.

If not, he will not be compensated and will experience shock.... buying meat from the butcher dream meaning

Buying Or Selling A Slave

Selling a slave means he will find relief from his grief and sorrows. Buying him means he will be afflicted with grief and sorrow.

It is said that buying a slave girls is better than selling her.... buying or selling a slave dream meaning

Returning A Merchandise

(Business) Returning a merchandise to the merchant in a dream represents a highway robber, a thief, obstructing the trade, delaying a traveller, failing to observe the laws, or being careless about violating the law.... returning a merchandise dream meaning

Returning From A Journey

(See Debt; Return)... returning from a journey dream meaning

Buying And Selling

Buy a house, and a short but pleasant love is on its way. Sell a house, and you will soon be released from some current responsibility.

If you get a receipt for your purchases in your dream, better times are waiting for you around the corner. Go to a sale in your dream, and you’ll soon see a valuable gift.

If you see yourself on a spending spree, however, it’s a warning that you should be very careful with your money.... buying and selling dream meaning

House, Buying

New soul-personality characteristics. ... house, buying dream meaning

Commerce (buying, Selling, Renting)

Universal Landscape: Equitable contribution.

Dreaming Lens: Were you the buyer or the seller? What was being purchased? Was the transaction a final sale or an agreement to rent or lease? Were you comfortable with the details of the transaction? Were you in control?

Personal Focus: Commerce and the concept of fair trade are the feminine principle in action. While the masculine principle demands that we simply take what we want or need, the balancing energy of giving something in order to get something in return relates to the feminine. In this way, a commitment to integrity is established and the character trait of fairness is created.

Because buying implies permanence, purchasing holds more weight than renting. You will also have to consider which of the two sides of the transaction you are on. If you are selling, you are letting go. If buying, you are choosing to pick something up or discovering a need. If you feel that you are being fairly treated, then a balance is likely being struck. If you are unhappy with the settlement, then there may be a message that equity is lacking in some area of your life. And finally, what price are you paying or getting? The dream transaction is inviting you to look at how much you value or undervalue yourself in your waking life.... commerce (buying, selling, renting) dream meaning