What does it mean to see an buttocks in a dream?

Buttocks Dream Meaning: From 9 Different Sources


To dream about buttocks symbolizes your inclinations and compulsions. It might also be indicative of self-doubt or some kind of conflict.

To dream that your buttocks are misshapen symbolizes some immature or damaged aspects of your inner self.

Dream Symbols and Analysis | DreamForth


(See Rump)

Islamic Dream Interpretation | Ibn Seerin


Those who don’t “cover their ass” show how vulnerable they are. Or they don’t have to hide their disadvantage, such as “The Fool” in early Tarot decks. According to Freud, infantile sexual symbol.

Little Giant Encyclopedia | Klaus Vollmar


The meaning of this dream varies according to its details, but it is a generally good omen. Whether the buttocks were your own or someone else’s, you can anticipate happy times ahead.

If they were animal buttocks, the dream forecasts financial luck.

If the dream involved being kicked in the buttocks, you can expect a steady rise in status. However, if you did the kicking, you will have to cope with some jealousy in your immediate circle.

To dream that your buttocks are misshaped or a different size than in real life, suggests undeveloped or wounded aspects of your psyche.

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Dreams of the buttocks can represent issues of support, sexuality or body image.

The details of the dream and the feeling tone will help you find a more decisive message. See Rear End.

Strangest Dream Explanations | Dream Explanations - Anonymous


This part of the body is typically a bad sign. Whether they are beautiful or deformed and drooping, they augur all kinds of nasty remarks and humiliations. In the first case, it warns of a possible cheating partner; in the second, of an embarrassing action. 

The Big Dictionary of Dreams | Martha Clarke


The meaning of this dream varies according to its details, but it is a generally good omen.

Whether the buttocks were your own or someone else’s, you can anticipate happy times ahead.

If they were animal buttocks, the indication is of financial luck.

If the dream involved being kicked in the buttocks, you can be sure of a steady rise in status; but if you did the kicking, you will have to cope with some foolish jealousy in your immediate circle.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams | Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett


Ability to make strong progress, get ahead, or “make strides” in life.

Procrastination or inactivity (as in “just sitting around”).

Resting or taking a break.

“Sitting it out” or refusing to participate.

A person’s foundation, such as their beliefs and values.

See also: Sitting; Hip; Anus; Bottom; Seat; Body Part

The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary | Nancy Wagaman


Stop, sit down and face the problem.

The Dream Books Symbols | Betty Bethards

Body Limbs

In a dream, the head and the brain represent man’s controller, strength, benefits, longevity, wisdom or power. One’s ears in a dream represent his wife, daughter, sister or aunt.

The eyes represent one’s faith, religion or children.

The right eye represents his son and the left eye represents his daughter.

The forehead in a dream represents one’s beauty, son, power, honor, wealth, leadership or the point of prostration in one’s prayers.

A wide forehead in a dream means prosperity, while a narrow forehead means tightness.

The eyebrows represent one’s protection or spiritual guardianship. As for the human nose in a dream, it represents honor, longevity and respect. Whatever comes out of one’s nose in a dream is good and whatever goes into it in a dream may not be beneficial.

A bleeding nose in a dream means receiving or giving money.

If one’s nose is cut off in a dream, it means circumcision, falling in rank, or it could mean his death. Inhaling water and clearing one’s nose in a dream represents someone who deceives his wife.

If a bird or an animal comes out of one’s nose in a dream, it means that a cattle, a pet, or a domesticated animal will give birth to its babies in such a house.

A large nose in a dream represents honor and respect. Smelling a nice fragrance in a dream means begetting a son, or it could mean relief from difficulties. One’s face in a dream represents his happiness or his sorrow. Seeing the forehead and the face in a dream means money, honor and a beautiful woman.

The earlock and the temples represent two noble and blessed daughters.

A bright face in a dream means glad tidings, while a yellowish face in a dream means bad news or miseries. Frowning in a dream means a misfortune. Ifa woman sees herselffrowning in a dream, it means the death of her husband.

The two lips in a dream represent one’s helpers.

The lower lip is stronger in meaning than the upper lip.

It is also said that lips in a dream represent one’s relatives.

The upper lip represents the male relatives and the lower lip represents the female relatives. Sealed lips in a dream mean difficulties or adversities.

The mouth in a dream represents a key, one’s livelihood, the conclusion of one’s life, death, illness, strength, a coffer, a marketplace, a door attendant, a chief minister, or a door.lfone’s mouth is sealed in a dream, it means a scandal. One’s tongue in a dream represents his or her translator.

A long tongued person in a dream may mean winning an argument, or it could mean innocence from allegation.

An elongated tongue of ajudge in a dream means clarity and justice.

A tied-up tongue in a dream means poverty, sickness, depression, a calamity, or it could represent an unworthy person. Having two tongues in a dream means praiseworthiness and acquiring two types of knowledge. Seeing what is inside one’s mouth in a dream means exposing one’s ills. Biting on one’s tongue in a dream means regret. Watching one’s tongue in a dream means protecting oneself from pitfalls. Carrying one’s tongue by hand in a dream means receiving indemnity for bodily injury or receiving blood money.

If one sees his throat blocked in such a way that he could not speak in a dream, it denotes his stinginess toward his own family. Ifone sees one of his limbs speaking against him in a dream, it means that someone will report him to the authorities or become a witness against him in court. Ifone sees himself in a dream riding over the shoulders of his enemy, it means that he will commit a wrongdoing or a shameful act.

If there is no enmity between them, and if he sees himself riding over the shoulders of a friend in a dream, it means earning something from him. Carrying something over one’s shoulders in a dream means debts.

If one sees himselfcarrying a hypocrite over his shoulders in a dream, it means that he may work in a lumberyard or carry wood to earn a living. One’s shoulders in a dream also represent his parents, brothers, partners, station, or beauty. Anything that affects them in a dream will manifest in any ofthe above. In a dream, one’s neck represents an embrace, a donation with terms, a legal will, or a conditional endowment.

The neck and the shoulders in a dream represent one’s trust or trustworthiness.

A healthy and strong neck in a dream means trustworthiness and ability to meet one’s obligations. Wounds, festering or purulence in one’s neck in a dream mean betraying God’s trust.

If one sees a nice bird sitting over his neck in a dream it means benefits or an alibi.

If it is not a gentle bird, then it becomes a bad omen, or a rebuke.

If one sees a necklace, a rope, a wire, or a thread around his neck in a dream, it means fulfilling one’s promise, acquiring knowledge and honor.

A long neck in a dream could mean four things, that is justice, leadership, attainment of one’s goals or calling people to prayers.

The left hand represents one’s helper, friend, savings, or a compassionate relative. Longhands in a dream represent a charitable person, or a capable one, and short hands mean the opposite. Long hands also could mean longevity, wealth, helpers, borrowing money, governing, fulfilling one’s commands, profits from one’s business or having business sense.

If one’s hand is cut off in a dream, it means the death of his brother, his father, his partner, or a close friend or his assistant.

If the right hand is cut off in a dream, it means a vow one takes to deprive someone from his rights. It also means loss of one’sjob or cuttingoffone’s blood ties, or it could mean that he has committed a theft.

If a righteous person sees his hand cut off in a dream, it means abstaining from wrongdoing or eschewing evil.

If one’s left hand is cut off in a dream, it means reestablishing his relationship with his family and rediscovering the benefits of good qualities.

If one’s hand is broken in a dream, it means an adversity, illness, loss of business, or loss of a dear person.

The cracking skin of one’s hands in a dream means loss of wealth. Stretched hands in a dream means ill caused by a close friend. Stretching one’s hands in a dream also could mean generosity.

If one’s hands are cut off without causinghim any pain in a dream, it means that he may fall in love.

If one sees his hands joined together in a dream, it means having a family reunion, or a wedding. Ifone’s hands are trembling in a dream, it means weakness, illness, old age or longevity.

If one’s hands feel dry in a dream” it means that such a person does little good in his life. Ifone enters his hand under his arm’s pit in a dream, then brings it out bright and radiant in a dream, it means that he will acquire knowledge and may develop wisdom. Otherwise, it could mean profits.

If he brings forth his hand from under his arm’s pit in the dream, and if it reveal a flame in his dream, it represents a manifestation of divine power and a blessed victory.

If one pulls his hand from under his arm’s pit and it brings forth water in the dream, it means that he will receive great benefits and growth in his life, or perhaps that a long awaited traveller will shortly arrive to his doorsteps.

If a right-handed person sees himself being lefthanded in a dream, it means hardships.

If one sees himself walking with his hands in a dream, it represents his dependence on a relative to provide for his needs.

If one’s hands say something nice to him in a dream, it means financial comfort. Ifone’s hand is cut-offin a dream as punishment for a sin, it could mean marriage, a bad wife, or lack of trustworthiness.

If one washes his hands with soap in a dream, it means that he will abandon something he initiated, or that his intention will not be fulfilled.

If a form of life or a good spirit comes out from one’s hands in a dream, it indicates benefits.

If such a life is a malignant one, then it means the opposite.

If one takes someone by the hand in a dream, it means that he will help him and save his life. Ifsomethingsprouts in one’s hands or if one’s hands turn into iron, or a vegetable in a dream, it means negative that is a brother, a sister, a partner, a son, a compassionate friend, one’s strength, wealth, leadership, money, proof, a craft, or work.

The condition in which the palm of one’s hand looks in a dream indicates the state of one’s health and fitness. Clapping one’s hands in a dream could either mean joy and happiness, or it could mean nothing. Wearing a glove in one’s hand in a dream means ceasing the course of wrongdoing. Slapping one’s own face with both hands means sorrow, sadness or calamities. Hitting the back of one’s hand into the palm of the other hand in a dream means separation. In a dream, the fingers of the right hand represent the daily five time prayers.

The thumb represents the pre-dawn prayer, the index represents the midday prayer, the middle finger represents the mid-afternoon prayer, the ring finger represents the sunset prayer, and the little finger represents the evening prayer. As for the fingers of the left hand in a dream, they are interpreted to represent one’s nephews.

To cross or intertwine one’s fingers in a dream means difficulties and poverty. One’s toes in a dream represent the beauty of his character and denote his straightforwardness. Any defect or crookedness in them in a dream will mirror in wakefulness.

If a toe or a finger is bitten or crushed in a dream, it denotes evil or perhaps an accident. Ifone sees milk coming forth from his thumb and blood coming forth from his index finger in a dream, it means that he will marry a mother, then will he marry her daughter, or it could mean that he will rape the mother, then her daughter. Crackingone’s fingers in a dream means exchanging bad words between relatives or being sarcastic or making fun of other people.

If one’s fingers are paralyzed in a dream, it means that he has committed an awful sin.

If one sees his right hand paralyzed in a dream, it means injustice toward a weak person or inflicting losses upon an innocent person.

If one’s left hand is paralyzed in a dream, it means the death of his brother or sister. As for the fingernails in a dream, they denote beauty, courage, strength, a religious covenant, or money.

If one’s fingernails are chipped, extracted, or broken in a dream, they means loss of money and strength.

If they look nicely clipped in a dream, they mean both spiritual and material benefits. Long nails at the point of a near breaking in a dream mean distress, sorrow, fears and depression.

If one’s nail becomes a claw in a dream, it means rising against one’s enemy and opposition.

If one does not have fingernails in a dream, it means bankruptcy. Ifone’s fingernails turn yellow, green or blue or if they are broken in the dream, it means death. Clipping them in a dream means dispelling calamities or distress.

If a thorn or a chip of wooden enters under one’s fingernails in a dream, it means loss of power or money.

If one sees himself in a dream knocking his fingernails against his teeth in a dream, it means committing a despicable and a loathsome act. As for seeing one’s chest in a dream, if one sees himselfhaving a broad and a nice looking chest (See Chest), it means repentance of a sinner, or being eager and willing to follow the truth and to comply with it, or to make easy what was earlier difficult. One’s breasts in a dream (See Breast) represent his daughter. Man’s breast in a dream means a woman, and woman’s breasts in a dream represents a man. Breasts in a dream mean five things a little boy, a little girl, a servant, a friend, or a brother. One’s abdomen in a dream means money, children, relatives or prosperity. Ifone sees his abdomen being cut open and washed, then stitched back to normal in the dream, it means blessings from God Almighty, forgiveness for one’s sins, and it could mean that one will receive spiritual guidance. One’s abdomen in a dream also denotes his good conduct, amiable character, blessed enterprises and protection from the evil of the accursed Satan.

If one sees a newborn son or daughter coming out of his abdomen in a dream, it means that such a child will be born and will grow to govern that household. As for one’s livers in a dream, they represent knowledge, money or children.

If a man of knowledge sees his livers flying away from his body like birds in a dream, it means that he will forget his knowledge, or if one has children, they may die, or perhaps the government may seize his property even if he has nothing.

If one sees himself eating his own livers in a dream, it means earning his livelihood.

If they are cooked in the dream, then they represent a lawful income, or they could mean gobbling the property of one’s own children. Ifa liver is removed in a dream, it means the death of a child. Removing a liver in a dream also could mean injustice. One’s kidney in a dream means having a good business connection, dispelling adversities, distress, trouble, safety from danger, a husband and a wife, one’s parents, or it could represent two lovers. One’s kidneys in a dream also represent a strong, courageous and a hard working man who serves someone in authority, or he may become a personal guard, or an assistant to the governor. As for one’s lungs in a dream, they represent joy, happiness, or sorrow. Donating a lung to someone known or unknown in a dream means receiving happiness in return. Eating a broiled lung of a domesticated animal in a dream means profits. Otherwise, it could mean acquiring unlawful money. Seeing one’s lung torn in a dream means nearing one’s death. One’s spleen in a dream (See Spleen) represents money. As for seeing one’s intestines in a dream, they represent earnings, leadership, a child, unlawful money, intercession, hatred, livelihood, work or they could mean changing one’s mind about doing somethingwhich could cause a disaster. One’s stomach in a dream represents longevity, livelihood or children.

A healthy stomach in a dream means enjoying strength and a long life.

The same interpretation is given to the intestines or the umbilicus or the navel and the three of them represent one’s relationship with his wife. As for the ribs (See Ribs) in a dream, they represent women.

The loins or the spinal column in a dream represent one’s progeny. One’sback in a dream (See Back) represents his strength, wealth, glory, fame, master, destruction, end, poverty, old age and burdens.

If one sees himself carrying a heavy load in a dream, it means that he is carrying his sins.

If he carries merchandise in the dream, it means debt.

If he carries woods in the dream, it means backbiting others.

If one sees himself carrying a dead person on his back in a dream, it means that he takes care of orphans. As for one’s heart (See Heart) in a dream, it means intelligence, vigilance, awareness, guidance, clarity and piety. One’s buttocks and the rear end in a dream represent his earnings,job and profits.lfone sees himselflicking someone’s rear end or buttocks in the dream, it means giving high praises to an unworthy and an impious person or commending him.

The male and female sexual organs in a dream represent a good father or one’s profession. What comes or goes into the male organ or woman’s vagina in a dream of good or bad will reflect in their lives. Seeing one’s penis in a dream means children, money, pride, state, or authority.

The testicles represent one’s livelihood, one’s daughters, protection and maintenance.

The meaning of the penis and the testicles may be transposed in the dream interpretation. One’s anus in a dream means a pouch, a store, a resting place, or a coffer.

The knee represents one’s capital or one’s attendance to his work and earning his livelihood. As for the legs, they too represent one’s capital, paying attention to one’s work and conduct. Man’s leg represents a woman, and a woman’s leg represents a man. Ifone’s leg turns into wood or iron in a dream, it means that he will fail to earn his livelihood. One’s feet represent his parents, his livelihood, a journey or his wealth.

(See Feet; Foot).

If one foot is broken or cut off in a dream, it means either the death of a parent or loss of half of one’s capital.

If one’s feet turn into iron or copper in a dream, it means longevity.

If they turn into glass in the dream, they denote his short life.

The human bones represent his livelihood, religion, glory or money. Collecting bones in a dream means saving money.

The bone marrow in a dream represents hidden money, good awareness, patience and gratitude.

The veins and nerves in a dream represent one’s clan, modesty and progeny. As for seeing the human skin in a dream, it means ornaments, presiding over others, a veil, blessings, livelihood, provisions, life and a garment.

Also see Aorta; Face; Finger; Five fingers; Gall bladder; Heel; Jugular vein; Marrow; Nails; Palm; Pluck; Spleen; Teeth; Tongue; Tooth... body limbs dream meaning


See Buttocks.... ass dream meaning


Femininity, mother and woman. In a woman’s dream, it is her own femininity that needs to be accepted. Mood, moodiness, and emotions. In Greek and Roman times: Luck with a beautiful woman.

According to Freud, the symbol of the buttocks (particularly a woman’s buttocks). According to Jung, the moon is the “place of departed souls.” He also sees it as the shadow side or the unconscious, a symbol of the libido. See Cat, Night.... moon dream meaning


See Buttocks and Back.... behind dream meaning


Dreams about your body signify what is personal, essential, natural, sexual, and sensual about you. Dreams of your body also symbolize your -image. See Eyes, Ear, Nose, Neck, Throat, Lips, Arm, Leg, Abdomen, Throat, Buttocks, Penis, Vagina, Head, Toe, Finger, Leg, Back, and Naked.... body dream meaning


This suggests repressed emotion or an aspect of childish behavior, as the child’s first experience of control is when they gain control over bodily functions.

Consider also if you or someone in your life is anal retentive and perhaps need to loosen up a bit. To see buttocks in your dream represents your instincts and urges. It can also indicate feelings of insecurity, especially if the buttocks are misshaped.

If you see your pelvis in a dream, you may be dealing with issues of creativity and self-expression.... anus dream meaning


(Backside; Buttocks; Rump) In a dream, the backside represents the wife’s property and money, or it could mean one’s husband. Dragging oneself over one’s buttocks in a dream means becoming poor and needy. Hair growing over one’s backside in a dream means money or richness. Otherwise, if one sees no hair on his backside in the dream, then it means insolvency or bankruptcy. Shaving off the hair over one’s backside in a dream means fulfilling a promise, repayment of one’s debts or giving back a trust to its rightful owner.

(Also see Back)... backside dream meaning


In a dream, nose relates to the sense of smelling. It represents the element of comfort by taking in needed oxygen for the body to satisfy its needs.

The immediate sense of physical tranquility produced by inhaling through one’s nose in one’s dream represents liveliness and comfort.

If breathing in also includes smelling a sweet fragrance in the dream, then it reflects the immediate results of one’s satisfaction. Nose in a dream also represents an aspect of one’s beauty, or what one adorns himself with, such as wealth, or pride he takes in his father, a son, a brother, a wife, a just partner or an employee.

A beautiful nose in a dream represents the good conditions of one’s life.

A large nose in a dream means oppression or compulsion. Smelling a good fragrance in a dream means rising in station. Ifone sees himself in a dream having many noses, each of them represents the renewal of his comfort.

If one’s nose is transformed into iron or gold in a dream, it means an illness, an adversity, or a crime that one may commit.

A nose in a dream also represents news, spying, buttocks, or the uterus.

If one’s nose shrinks in a dream, it means that he is arrogant.

If it becomes crooked in the dream, it also means stupidity and humiliation.

If it expands in the dream, it means stupidity. One’s nose in a dream also represents his parents. Ifwhat is breathed through the nose is good, the consequences will be good. Otherwise, smelling a bad odor in a dream brings about negative results.

(Also see Body’)... nose dream meaning


It is a sign that you will be left a valuable piece of property if you dream that your buttocks itch.

If one band itches yon will meet a stranger.

If your eye itches you will receive money.... itch dream meaning


See “Buttocks” or “Hobo”... bum dream meaning


(see also Ascent, Height, Ladder, Mountain)

(1) Climbing may be a symbol of ambition or success. Does the climbing fill you with fear; or do you feel giddy when you reach the top? If so, this may symbolize a fear (unconscious) of ‘coming a cropper’. Perhaps you need to sort out an inferiority complex. On the other hand, the dream may be a warning. There is such a thing as climbing too high. ‘Pride comes before a fall.’

(2) Are you climbing (a tree, for instance) to escape from a fierce animal or to save yourself from a river in flood? This would symbolize an attempt to escape from some emotion, some inner disturbance; or from some external situation - at home or at work.

(3) Climbing a mountain may give you a panoramic view. This might mean that you desire - or need - a more detached view of yourself or your situation; that you need to get things in proportion; or that you need to lift yourself above mere material values.

(4) On the other hand, climbing a mountain may be a form of escapism, and the mountain an ivory tower where the world and your problems (external or inner) can be left behind. Needless to say, anxiety, resentment, inner conflict can never be left behind; not, at any rate, until you face them and talk things out with them. Otherwise, wherever you are, they are. (For ‘talking things out’)

(5) Climbing a wall, particularly if it has jutting-out bricks or stones that you can take hold of, may (Freud would say must) represent, for a male dreamer, sexual intercourse. The protuberances are symbols of female buttocks and breasts.

On the other hand, it may express (a need for) liberation - for example, from irrational or neurotic constraints; from a habit of selfdenigration; or from a state of morbid withdrawal from life.... climbing dream meaning


lucky numbers: 11-13-30-39-48-50

angry: your wrath is difficult to restrain.

another’s: are a mirror of their emotions toward you.

baboons: a fleeting rise in status, try to maintain it.

beast, talking to a: hardship and misfortune come soon.

beating an: your sense of power is fragile at best.

pigs: misinformation damages your own affairs.

to death: get out of the business before you destroy it.

bleating: new concerns wil be pleasant.

bones, gnawing on: wil fal into complete ruin.

buffaloes: perseverance in the launching of your large enterprise.

buttocks of an: wil soon have money.

buying an: are mimicking another, rather than sharing yourself.

carcass of an: long life and good perspectives.

caressing an: a big fortune is ahead.

chasing you: part of your personality is stubbornly demanding expression.

coyote: a trickster wants to pul you into loneliness.

dead: are ridding yourself of instincts no longer needed.

fangs of an, the: leave before you are kicked out.

fat: abundance during the winter.

feeding: someone is endeavoring to destroy you.

on a carcass: gluttony of backbiting hardly fil s the stomach.

furious: a friend is defending your name.

in a cage, many: your offenses are gathering against you.

giraffe, a: keep your nose out of other’s business.

gnu, a: take a walk in fresh air and natural surroundings.

gopher, a: family troubles are eating at your ability to perform in business.

gorilla, a: your actions are misinterpreted and unjustly criticized.

grunting: time to change your occupation.

head in hands, holding a dog, horse, or donkey: you wil be enslaved.

hippopotamus, a: beneath your authority are unsteady legs.

in a zoo: are bored with people from whom you cannot escape.

hoof of an: are in danger of being swindled by a lover.

hungry: greed interferes with your attaining al ies.

hydrophobia, having: to play with sharks you must first learn to swim.

hyena, being chased by a laughing: others are useless, go it alone.

invading your car: others just want to get close to you.

and attacking you: show them your license to proceed.

and you drive off with them: bring your enemies into your fold.

large: your repressed cravings surface with hostility.

mountain, on a: loss of money in business.

octopus, of an: multiple deals that entangle you in an irreversible situation.

orangutan: a ruthless acquaintance wil stop at nothing to make a fool out of you.

passionate: unfulfil ed lust translates to rage.

paws of an: wil be offended by a person’s bad manners.

domestic, a: friends far away are thinking of you.

wild, a: joy of short duration.

poacher, being a: want to steal another’s lifestyle.

polecat, being a: pick up the scent of deception and confront it.

pursued by wild, being: wil be offended by a friend.

and wounded: are opening yourself up to criticism.

pushing away an: wil soon be divorced from your bitchy behavior.

resting in a stable: wil be unfortunate in love, if you don’t pay attention to it.

field: financial gains, if you broaden your scope.

rodent, a: a pest that confounds the exterminator.

selling an: success postponed until more propitious times.

skinny: must endure starvation to get to the bottom of aggressive nature.

small: a younger sibling needs your attention.

standing in front of your car: other’s concern is real and with positive intent.

stroking: fortune is ahead for you; don’t grab.

talking: protect your flanks from vindictiveness.

you, to an: wil benefit by associating with people of society.

tame: keep your friends close; you are surrounded by enemies.

veterinarian, a: your basic instincts require remedial elevation.

walrus, a: your simple requirements for work stil need refining.

wild, howling: enemies wil get the best of your bigotry.

young: your parental love wil bring about prosperity. ... animals dream meaning


lucky numbers: 05-13-39-47-51-52

another’s: you have an infantile dependence on someone who does not know.

bald, a: you want to return to when bald was adorable.

beautiful, a: you need nurturing and encouragement.

buttocks of a: you are exhausted by constant failure to reunite your family.

carriage, being in a: your responsibilities wil hamper your socializing.

with others: jealous of a sibling; pay attention to your inner child.

crying, hearing a: disputes in the family wil be remedied by an outsider.

diapers, changing: new growth opens to untapped potential.

refusing to change: husband’s job wil take him from home for long periods.

drooling: party with your peers.

feeding a: you wil eventual y reap the rewards of your labor.

first steps, taking: your reluctance to act causes difficulties with associates.

foundling, finding a: take care of al children within your reach.

giving birth to a: start new, more productive direction now.

helpless, a: that of least account proves to be of great value.

many: your friend’s refusal to grow up shouldn’t stop you.

newborn, a: a union at the physical, mental and spiritual levels.

in diapers: become open and not fearful of events.

nursery, being in a: things wil not run quietly.

bringing a baby home to a: disturbed love.

nursing, a: concern for your helplessness and wish to be loved.

rocking a cradle: forget selfishness to keep the peace.

sick, being a: your failure to overcome your basic instincts.

and crying: feeling neglected but must take care of business problem.

sitter, a: be wary of your own security; you wil be blamed for another’s anger.

sleeping, a: your future looks bright if you accept your responsibilities.

smart, a very: struggle for the perfection of the higher self.

sucking milk from mother’s breast, a: are too dependent on parental guidance.

wet nurse’s, a: are too reliant upon others who have no loyalty to you.

swaddling clothes, a, in: your ideas are squelched in early development.

toddling, a: sudden independence is intoxicating.

ugly, an: misfortune ahead from someone you trust.

your: a rebirth of self in a state of innocence. ... baby dream meaning


lucky numbers: 04-21-26-31-34-45

attacked by a, being: feel threatened, your own animal urges wil overpower you.

chased by a: are being distracted by those you feel are your inferior.

barking, a: beware of quarrels, make friends of your enemies.

at you in a tree: a person who shouts, threatens you with rage.

friends, at: expect agreeable happenings from friend’s action.

hearing: instinctive advice of friends should be taken.

several: risks of going with the pack must be essential to the outcome.

your: think hard and long before you act on your angry aggression.

bastard, a: faithfulness between lovers; doggedness in a relationship.

beaten, a, being: fidelity surrounds you; concentrate your energies and be true to them.

belonging to others, a: warning of trouble from those who bare their teeth.

big: an inopportune time to do business with wise and humane partners.

birddog: an old lover stil stalks you with exposure of your il icit connections.

biting others, a: are at the end of your resources; take your dog for obedience training.

bitten by a, being: wil be double-crossed by someone you trust, injuring your reputation.

poodle: look past another’s appearance before you act.

black: beware of friends who cannot necessarily be trusted.

brown: are mistrusted by someone.

bulldog: wil express hostility with girlfriends; it’s better left unsaid.

buttocks of a: wil soon be visited by thieves, part of a desperate effort to overthrow you.

castrating a: your obstinate nature is making your life difficult.

cat, playing with a: sickness spread among children causes big love disputes.

fighting with a: expect to quarrel with a neighbor.

causing destruction, a: your arduous efforts wil force strained al iances.

courageous, a: a guide to your unconscious, personal and col ective.

ears of a: honesty between husband and wife or a deplorable tragedy wil occur.

English: wil receive an invitation to a party of those possessing solid wealth.

German: wil be deeply in love.

fighting, a: beware of thieves having a sudden burst of temper.

foam coming out of a dog’s mouth: are not fitted to fil your position.

French poodle, a: are overdressed and overlymade up for the occasion.

friendly, a: al wil be wel if you take care of basic needs.

frightened by a savage, being: wil have an affair with someone with a ferocious mind.

frothing, a: prosperity to the limit of your endurance; fortune and various favors.

gray: a faithful friend is constantly nearby.

greyhound: wil be seduced.

growling at you, a: encounter with one you dislike for reasons unknown.

guard: a disconcerting situation wil turn to your advantage.

guarding a wounded person, a: affairs wil be useless if you are total y exhausted.

happy, a: are at the mercy of designing foes; take your dog to the vet.

harness for a, a: an introduction wil lead to friendship, profitable dealings and pleasure.

head of a, the: a falsehood unmasked wil ruin your contented future.

howling: wil receive a message of another’s misery and pain.

hunting: a stranger wil tempt you with what could cause your downfal .

hydrophobia, having: guard your treasures; your friends stop short of ful protection.

kennel, a full: do not go it alone to avoid quarrels; go where you are invited.

leash breaks: unpredictable events in your love life; unusual briskness in business.

litter of: many talents are yours, but you must choose one and run with it.

runt of the: must work harder than others to prove yourself.

lost, a: loyalty must be earned; if not, it wil be tempted away.

mad, being bitten by a: destroy your enemies’ threat before it can be activated.

killing a: are on the verge of insanity and don’t wish it pointed out to you.

male, playing with a female: appetites are sated with unrestrained, exaggerated pleasure.

loving a: realization of al desires; lovers are cheating on each other.

mange, having: environmental issues foil physical ones.

mountain: wil have trustworthy friends.

muzzle on a, putting a: a safety precaution to save him from basic survival instincts.

police: aggression redirected to positive actions.

pretty little: wil be visited by an unwelcome guest carrying il icit goods.

owning: an unfair accusation wil be used to implicate you in a scandal.

Pekingese, a: your neighbors complain of your constant chatter.

petting a: are repressing sexual urges, transferring them to an unconditional lover.

small: your sweetheart is unworthy of the love you give.

playing together: are reverting to childhood, with staunch friends and adventures.

pug, a plump asthmatic: wil be accepted by an angry medical miracle of unknown age.

rabies, with: wil succeed in overcoming evil tendencies.

attacking you: an unexpected foe is redressing you behind your back.

racing: loss of a lawsuit when you manage too many branches of business at once.

sad: fear of persecution and abuse.

seeing-eye: sudden loss of freedom is in the offing in a long separation from friends.

several: are going along with the pack despite your misgivings.

shaggy: a meager inheritance and a drudging life.

sheep: wil encounter deceitfulness leading to your uncovering fraud.

single person dreaming of a: wil be seduced and become selfish and narrow-minded.

sleeping with a: need have no fears; he wil awaken at the first scent of attack.

small: are high-strung and frivolous with your constant need to be pleased.

spaniel getting his ears in his food, a: a liaison at work is il -advised.

spoken of in Dante’s book, the: wil experience a journey and rise above mediocrity.

talking to a: are sniffling out your quarry with sociable means.

tearing clothes: gossip among your own family wil ensure unalterable misfortune.

unfriendly, an: wil receive help from a good friend over a quarrelsome companion.

untying a: a marriage wil take place.

watch: innocent lambs wil suffer from others insinuating themselves into their life.

white: your fortune is soon to be realized.

yelping: imminent danger, as someone is subduing him to gain access to you. ... dog dream meaning

Problems With Clothing

Clothing that is incongruous to the situation might be a comment on your view of your position in society. Have you found your proper place? Are you comfortable with it? Inadequate, untidy or inappropriate clothing that makes you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed indicates that you feel uncomfortable or ill prepared to fit in with people’s expectations. Are you deliberately not conforming to what is expected of you, or are you trying too hard to adopt a certain role?

Clothing that is too tight, too small or dating back to childhood suggests that something about your current attitude or approach is holding you back. It may also suggest that you are aiming for more than you can achieve in the present circumstances. For Freudians, tight clothing may indicate a preoccupation with the breasts and buttocks whose shape they reveal. The dreamer wearing loose clothing may be attempting to conceal their true self, but it may also represent a yearning to be free of inhibitions.

If you are wearing formal clothes when everyone else is dressed casually, perhaps you have ideas above your station; alternatively, the dream may be a warning against snobbery. On the other hand, being sloppily dressed in a formal setting may be suggesting that your behavior is damaging your prospects. It is also common to dream about being unable to find a suitable outfit or searching frantically for appropriate clothes; such dreams reflect anxiety about being adequately prepared to meet the obligations and demands placed upon you.

Dreamers dressed in shabby clothes, rags or clothes that have rips and tears may be projecting an image of inferiority or low self- esteem, and the dream may be a warning to build their confidence. A dream of a jumper, cardigan or other woolen garment unraveling may indicate a growing sense of disillusionment with some aspect of your waking life. The unraveling may be a sign that it is time to look to a new direction for inspiration.

If you are aware in your dream of a problem with your clothing, this is a positive sign as it suggests that you are already aware of tensions that are affecting you in waking life.

If you are unaware that you are dressed inappropriately and only notice this on waking, your unconscious is pointing to the source of feelings you have not yet understood. Finally, if you dream that you are wearing clothes remarkably different from your normal wardrobe, the implication is that you are ill at ease with your self-image. The color, style and texture of your clothes may be able to tell you which area of your life needs to be remolded.... problems with clothing dream meaning


Freud associated eating with sexuality insisting, for example, that dreams about fruit were always about women’s breasts or buttocks. But it is true to say that dreams about eating do often have a sexual implication. The ancients believed that, because of their shapes, certain types of fruit and vegetable were aphrodisiacs; these associations linger to this day. Your physical actions in the dream may also be significant; sucking and licking food, for example, probably have a sexual reference. Biting and chewing food can also have a sexual reference, but they may also refer to your ability to absorb new information.

Eating might, in addition, represent a need to be more body conscious or grounded in material reality.

To dream that you are eating alone signifies loss, loneliness and depression. Alternatively, eating alone may reflect your independent nature. Also consider the pun, ‘what’s eating you up?’ in reference to any anxiety that you may be feeling. To dream that you are eating with others denotes prosperous undertakings, personal gain and joyous spirits. To dream that you are overeating suggests that you have an indulgent sexuality or lifestyle, or that you have been expending too much emotion and effort recently; dreams of not eating enough, on the other hand, signify a denial of sexual needs or a lack of fulfillment in your waking life.

Dreaming of eating in uncomfortable or frightening surroundings may represent unhappiness with your relationships. Dreams of desperately seeking food or even becoming food yourself may underline the message that you have voracious appetites in waking life that are not being satisfied. Your hunger may be a symbolic cry for more attention, love, power or status. An alternative explanation is that eating suggests qualities you are assimilating or making part of yourself. This may refer to nourishment of the emotions, senses or the mind. Hunger sharpens the appetite, so ask yourself what it is you are hungry for.

Could it be the comfort of a fulfilling relationship, a stimulating job or is it food for thought, such as intellectual stimulation? What is currently missing from your real life that is important for your emotional well-being? What wets your appetite for life?

The type of food you are eating is important, as is its quality.

If you were eating leftovers in your dream, are you losing out in some way in waking life? If you enjoy a dream dinner with friends, are you feeding off other people’s ideas? If you were attending a banquet or feast, are you feeling comfortable with yourself and your lifestyle right now? Were you being forcefed or was the food taken away? All these details will help you relate the particular type of food or drink to an appetite or desire in waking life.... eating dream meaning


Getting to the root or origin of something, such as a problem or personal issue.

Discovering the truth about something.

Reaching the end of a process.

A limit or an extreme somewhere in your life (such as “the slowest” or “the fewest problems”).

Down-to-earth, grounded, or practical.

See also: Failure; Low; Under; Inferior; Ground; Valley; Descending; Limit or Boundary; Basement; Buttocks... bottom dream meaning


A hip (the body part) can represent: Balance (or lack of it) in your life.

Physical, emotional, or mental flexibility.

The ability to move forward through your life or some aspect of it, maneuvering well and maintaining balance as you go.

See also: Buttocks; Joint; Pivoting; Rotating; Leg; Sitting; Body Part... hip dream meaning


A place to rest (mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually).

Your place in the world, a community, group, family, workplace, or otherwise (since a seat can represent your place in a room).

Not being able to find a place to sit can represent: feeling like there’s no opportunity to rest or take a break in real life; feeling challenged in figuring out where you “fit in” right now.

See also: Sitting; Sofa; Bench; Buttocks; Stolen Item... seat dream meaning

Breast, Buttock And Genital Injuries

Dreams about breasts are likely to be sexual. Swollen breasts may be connected with the desire to have children, although you need to consider who or what the baby you’d like to have represents. A dream of being kicked or hit on the buttocks is a clear symbol of some kind of disapproval in waking life—perhaps self-disapproval. Dreams in which you are beaten or whipped may have a straightforward sexual meaning, but they could also refer to an overambitious friend or colleague.

If you are the person doing the beating, is the dream referring to your ambition? If a man dreams of injury to his genitals, it may be highlighting his fear of impotence; for a woman, such dreams may highlight her anxiety about reproduction or sexuality. A dream of castration can be terrifying for a man as it alludes to his whole sense of power and virility.... breast, buttock and genital injuries dream meaning

Orange / Peach

Symbols of health and prosperity, oranges in dreams recall the sunny times in your life. To see orange trees in your dream signifies health and prosperity. In dreams, peaches indicate pleasure and joy—as suggested by the idiom ’life is peachy’—but they can also indicate lust and sensuality, as well as a tendency to be easily bruised. They may also suggest bisexuality, with the leaf being a phallic symbol and the fruit being the vulva. The poets of Arabia compared the peach’s dimpled appearance to a pair of young, pert buttocks. In Chinese and Japanese tradition, the peach is a symbol of immortality, so perhaps you are feeling invincible at the moment?... orange / peach dream meaning


Resting or taking a break.

Physical, emotional, or mental tiredness or exhaustion.

The action of sitting down can represent taking a break, taking a less central role, quitting, or giving up.

A seated position can represent watching or “sitting it out” rather than participating.

See also: Buttocks; Watching; Standing Up; Seat; Bench; Setting Down... sitting dream meaning


lucky numbers: 10-12-19-24-36-45

bray, hearing a: disgrace and loss of friend caused by a lewd unscrupulous foe.

castrating a: a big affliction is to come from a dispute with one’s best friend.

chasing a jackass: scandal is being spread about you.

children sitting on a: flattery wil gain you healthy obedient children.

dead, seeing a: wil be haunted by fear of a stubborn betrayal.

ears of a: a great scandal confronts your stubbornness.

feeding a: people are laughing at your stupidity in helping them.

hitting a: unpleasant news is received by a kick in the buttocks.

kicked by a, being: misfortune as clandestine affair is disclosed.

killing a: your fortune is gained, if you stop your stupidity.

leading a: your good nature is being exploited by evil women.

loaded: have a foolish attitude toward hard work.

loading a: determination does not equate to money.

many: save your effort for several friends, not the universe.

many: your meekness wil not prevent a lover from jilting you.

moving very slowly: much security is forthcoming before bad news is received.

others, belonging to: your whimsy wil be gratified at the expense of another’s duties.

owning a: your lack of humility is no benefit within quarrels.

pulled by a, being: are being used for other’s goals, not yours.

purchasing a: are slow moving through unexpected difficulties.

riding on a: though sturdy, you wil fal into disgrace.

selling a: buyer wil be humble, but you wil sustain a major business loss.

shoes on a, putting: future hard work wil not be futile, but you wil be dishonored by it.

stable, in a: your intemperance and greedy disregard for others wil ruin your business.

thrown from a, being: quarrel with sweetheart over your hiding a personal matter.

wild: are not operating your business rational y. ... donkey dream meaning


lucky numbers: 14-25-33-34-36-40

accosted by a, being: envy destroys honor.

amorous, being: you demand too much with your confidence and decisiveness.

approached by a, being: wil be humiliated.

bachelor to marry her, getting a: a rich woman is found for you to marry.

bald, going: difficult love affairs.

beating her suitor: great triumph in love.

beautiful naked, a: symbolizes your feelings and your opinion about her.

birth to a child, divorced giving: wil inherit a large legacy.

buttocks of a: happiness and love

carrying a: difficulties wil soon be overcome.

conquest of a beautiful: must rely upon your own good judgment.

dancing, a: il ness.

desiring to have children: unfriendliness of others.

dreaming of being a man, a: birth of son who brings honor to family.

Cain: wil be highly considered by others.

dead, a: wil be abandoned.

divorcing husband: wil marry a very wealthy man.

Greek god Bacchus, the: are preoccupied with appearances.

handsome, a: love wil not last long.

having a baby: pregnancy.

flirting with a man: that woman is competing with you.

your: your lover is having an affair with your best friend.

gambling: wil be deprived.

hair, with black: your envy destroys any chance of a relationship.

beautiful blond: wil enjoy a happy life.

long: are preoccupied with appearances.

brunette: seduction without success.

red: acknowledge your temper and work with it.

white: dignity and distinction.

hearing the voice of a: permanent change of residence.

ill repute, of: wil suffer humiliation.

laughing, a: be wary of a confidante with a loose tongue.

lying on a bed: security.

making advances to your man: jealousy.

man dreaming of a beautiful: are insincere and bitter that he did not approach you

committing adultery with a: the hurt never goes away, nor does the need for revenge.

dead: wil soon be loved by a wealthy lady.

delivering a baby: prosperity.

ill repute, of: serious disaster as an unscrupulous person is stealing your reputation.

talking to him: big gossip.

with hair as long as she is tall: have an adulterous wife.

man being with a: pastimes wil be agreeable after earlier misunderstandings are righted.

married, dreaming of being pregnant: your envy destroys any chance of a relationship.

baking: unlucky events to come.

delivering a fish: very smart children.

slapping a man on the face: complete faithfulness to her husband.

wearing an apron: wil have ups and downs.

when pregnant dreaming of having a baby: big success in love.

when not: happiness.

naked, a: recognize the object of your passions and act on it.

nursing a baby: wil be deceived by a trusted friend and nurtured by a perfidious foe.

of a: the more emotional, intuitive and irrational part of yourself.

receiving services from a: wil have a bad reputation.

several at a maternity ward: much happiness.

strong, a: speculating on an undervalued gamble.

turning her back on you, a: opposition in love from one for whom your desires are intense.

unknown, an: wil entertain an unwelcome guest.

unmarried, wearing an apron: wil soon be engaged.

dreaming of being pregnant: trouble and injury through scandal.

the Greek god Bacchus: wil receive a marriage proposal.

having a small beard,: gambling losses.

visiting your house, a: good hopes. ... woman dream meaning